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I apologize for not being more interesting.
I apologize for not being more interesting.

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Dee spoke about this at the GAFE Summit back in January. I definitely want to train my own Google Ninjas this fall! 

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Find out how +Kevin Brookhouser's 20Time teaching method allows students the freedom to work on projects of their own choosing: Inspired by teachers and innovative companies like Google, Kevin shares his perspective in his new book, The 20Time Project, and will be speaking at #GoogleEduOnAir on May 9th. Register here for the free online conference today: 

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But wait! There's more!
Statement from Harriet

This morning  brought startling news. A “pilot” for a Wheel of Time series, the "pilot"  being called Winter Dragon, had appeared at 1:30 in the morning, East Coast time, on Fxx TV, a channel somewhere in the 700s (founded to concentrate on comedy, according to the Washington Post).

It was made without my knowledge or cooperation. I never saw the script. No one associated with Bandersnatch Group, the successor-in-interest to James O. Rigney,  was aware of this.

Bandersnatch has an existing contract with Universal Pictures that grants television rights to them until this Wednesday, February 11 – at which point these rights revert to Bandersnatch.

I see no mention of Universal in the “pilot”. Nor, I repeat, was Bandersnatch, or Robert Jordan’s estate, informed of this in any way.

I am dumbfounded by this occurrence, and am taking steps to prevent its reoccurrence. 

Harriet P McDougal
President and CEO
Bandersnatch Group, Inc.
February 9, 2015

I love Ed tech conferences. The only place I don't feel guilty about checking social media while working. #gafesummit. 

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Ten years ago, we started bringing Google’s technology to enterprise IT, but it quickly became more than that. It became about work, and about redefining the way that people do it. Then, with whole cities and schools using Google products to transform the way they work, it became even bigger than our name. To celebrate the holidays, we’re highlighting some of the many 2014 moments that have gotten us to where we are – Google for Work. #googleforwork  
Google for Work 2014 Retrospective
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Great search tips for students. 
Make sure your AP students aren't getting elementary school results. 

Teach your students how to filter their search results by reading level with these 4 simple steps.
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Avendesora is real!
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