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Jennifer L. Oliver
Author of dark fiction and paranormal thrillers. For more information, check out my website at
Author of dark fiction and paranormal thrillers. For more information, check out my website at
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YAY! Book Lover's Heaven is featuring my book today!
Swing by and check out their other offers too!

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#Authors , you're website is one of the most important marketing tools you have, so make sure it rocks! I recommend Memphis McKay for a custom website design! Amazingly talented and so easy to work with! She's worked with authors in all levels of their career - from soon-to-be published to New York Times and USA Today best-sellers!
Check out her site at!

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"This whole time I’ve always told everyone that I didn’t need anything, and there was nothing they could do. That. Was. A. Lie."
A powerful and emotional post on the #Caylastrong  blog today! A recommended MUST READ!

#Childhoodcancerawareness   #gogold   #morethanfour  

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*Tissue Warning!*
"Guilt... one of the most conflicting emotions you’ll ever feel as the parent of a child with cancer."

This is a powerful post written by my daughter. It offers a small, heartfelt view of what she -and so many other parents of cancer children - deal with. 
Please read, and share. We need more awareness for childhood cancer. We need more than 4% funding for childhood cancer research. 
Our children deserve #morethanfour

#Caylastrong   #gogold   #childhoodcancerawareness  

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This past week has been very hard one for my family. My four-year-old granddaughter, Cayla, was diagnosed with Pre B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. 
This is the most common form of childhood cancer and treatment results tend to be good. Cayla will continue treatment for the next three years in her fight against this disease.
My daughter is a single mom, and even with full insurance, it will not be enough to cover the medical bills. I've created a +GoFundMe  campaign to help offset the medical bills and all the unknown and surprise expenses that will be incurred. 
I'd be so very grateful if you could help me share this campaign, and if you could keep her in your thoughts and prayers!

#cancersucks   #GoFundMe   #beatchildhoodleukemia  

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Greg is reading to his Pups again! Here's what they have to say about +Mark Tufo's THE BOOK OF RILEY

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Know any college students making films?
Check out this offer by TW BROWN!!

#filmmaking   #filmmaker  
Set in +Portland, Oregon ​, this is an offer open to any film maker...student, indie or otherwise. Just think, the story is ready and waiting. All you need is the equipment and the desire. And no limits. More than one group is welcome. Horror Film​ and Zombie lovers...Perhaps Portland Zombie Walk​ participants could be used as doubles or extras. +The Portlandian 

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Take a look at this great book promotion site run by dogs!! :D
Originally shared by ****
Jake's been very busy sniffing out more New Releases to share with readers! Take a look at the books he found today!

#books   #amreading   #animallovers  

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Hey you author-types
Barking about your own books can be tiresome. The Pups at will do it for you. Tell them about your book, and let them do the howling while you sit and wag your tail... Maybe not at the same time, though.

Oh, and it won't cost you a thing. Just share the links to your books on B4H to help spread the word!

While you are there, share some pics of your furry friends! 

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