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I didn't think this would happen, but I've now turned to g+ several times to post something that I wanted to only go out to a specific group. Does that make me a FB traitor? ;-)
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I don't see my FB presence lasting more than another few days. I got dragged onto it kicking and screaming, as it was the only forum to interact with some people and orgs… who have now established Google+ presence. Add that to a major privacy-control fiasco on Facebook ('Notes' is the one app you have no control over), and… I'm glad I'm finally here :)
Hi Jenni...... This is Ahmad from Pakistan. I had signed up for your news letters on But sorry to say, I found your lessons and lectures very very complicated and difficult to learn. I had received more than 100 news letters and lessons from you, but unfortunately I couldn't find them easy and helping. May be I found them difficult for being a starter of HTML and other Web Designing related issues. Anyway I can subscribe again, if you can try to send me some initial and easy lessons about HTML and other Web Designing related issues. Thanks. Bye
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