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Jennifer Giffen
YRDSB, Canada
YRDSB, Canada


Hi! I set up docAppender, setup went as usual, but responses aren't appending?! Here's my user key: AAG9FIHfpJEYPFpwD0lDdmPtX7G4Z21lsLelfDEHPv0BQfR0n52xWYpx/vJI+WnucYzOpQit+ich

Is there a way to send rubric made through Goobric in a batch after all marking is done? Right now, It seems I have to individually click submit on each entry to send the rubrics to students.

I am getting about 7 "Autocrat could not run" emails a day on different jobs for the last month. The latest one said "You have no access to template or it is an invalid template type. Must be a Google spreadsheet, document or slides". I own the file and it is a Google Doc. Is there an end in sight? +Danieta Morgan

Is anyone else having problems with tagging?

When I click a tag from the blue pull-out menu it copies the first tag I select fine; however, when I click any subsequent tags to add in a field, it pastes the first tag I copied, almost although I never select another. I need to manually enter subsequent tags.

Is this a glitch anyone else is experiencing?

Looking for a person/group to connect with on Tue. Feb. 14 between 9:15-10:45 EST (any half hour in there). I have a group of new teachers in Newmarket, ON Canada to whom I want to introduce the Mystery GHO concept.

Just did a fun mystery GHO with a class but one of our clever kids googled the teacher name and easily found her twitter handle and location. Any ideas on how to get around this? I thought about covering the names on the bottom but wondering if anyone has any other ways to avoid this?

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Looking for a class to Mystery Hangout with a 7/8 class in Markham, Ontario, Canada on Feb. 7 between 10:30am-12pm.

Is anyone available to do a Mystery Hangout with a group of teachers on Wed Jan 18? 30min sessions - one at 1:30pm, another at 2:45pm EST? Can be a class or a single person.

I am helping a teacher set up Doctopus to ingest a class from Google Classroom. We ingest the class fine but it cannot find the assignment in the class. The assignment is clearly in the Google Classroom...any ideas?

I have created an assignment for my students. They will be working it all month and the students have started the first 2 of 7 steps. As we move through the steps of the assignment I will be adding more docs they will need to use. I now realise I cannot make a copy for each of them once the original post. I have seen a work around saying to reuse the post, select make a copy, and then delete the original....BUT if I do this, will the work on the first 2 steps the students have been working on thus far be lost/gone/erased?
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