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Hi Makers! Hope your year is going well. I wanted to share a posting in Bronxville:

ES Tech:

Makey Makeys are 15% off right now in case you want to order for your classes (or for fun) - 15OFF is the code.


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Just wanted to pass this along.....hope you are all well!

Do you know anyone who may be interested in teaching after-school classes for us?
I just lost 2 instructors who got full-time job offers.
Please forward this link to them:

Update: Sorry for the emails ! My meeting ends by 4:15 so 5pm should be fine. Let's plan on 5pm. Leinhart 23, Pleasantvile

Hello! We have a room! Leinhart 23

Please meet us and we will get started at 5:30 to allow for travel. I have a mandatory meeting with no end time that starts at 3:00 so I hope to be there 5pm. But please be ready by 5:30 so we can get started! Thanks so much!

Happy Friday! Reminder we are meeting F2F Monday at 5pm. Room TBD (I reached out to Pace for a room).

Ensure that you have all of your work up to date as outlined in the doc each week. We did not meet in person last week for 3 hours and we did add in a screencast assignment as a final Finch one in lieu of. If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to email either of us!

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Please text anyone you know in the class to let them know we are online at 5:30 instead.


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