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Jennifer Elizabeth Masters
Self-Actualized, Loving, the path to love is within you.
Self-Actualized, Loving, the path to love is within you.

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By Guest Blogger Astrologer Cheney Hall HAPPY NEW MOON - 8 DEGREES 12 MINUTES PISCES ... ANNULAR SOLAR ECLIPSE ... 2/26... 9:58 AM EST ... an Annular Eclipse occurs when there is a narrow ring of the Sun visible beyond the dark mask of the Moon ... this is ...

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3 Daily Practices To Keep You Youthful, Sexy And Able To Get It On
By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters Christie Brinkley courtesy of Sports Illustrated Age 63! Whether you are young or old, we know one thing is for sure we will age. We don't, however, have to become debilitated or decrepit. We can stay youthful, vibrant and sexu...

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How Using Intuition Can Save Your Life
By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters "Can I just say thank you so much for saving my life!" Michael H. Chicago Il This morning I received an e-mail from a man named Michael. Michael was born in Guyana. Michael came to me over a year ago requesting a reading about ...

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Increase Vitality Health and Spirituality Through The 5 Tibetan Rites
By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters People come into our lives for all different reasons. When someone offers me a solution to living a long vital life, I embrace it willingly. I recently met a beautiful man who looked  twenty years younger and more vibrant than ...

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7 Powerful Tips To Bring Love To Your Bedroom
By Kathryn Weber Bachelor's looking for a loving woman to marry and a delicious home-cooked meal or single women who would love to lean against a strong man on her couch at night watching Netflix can both benefit from Feng Shui.  Dating can be a challenge. ...

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Feeling Contrarian This Valentine's Day? You Are Not Alone
By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters I don't know about you, but I don't like being told what to do. I don't like being told what day I should love my mother, my kids, their grandparents or my lover. I prefer to show love every day of the year. If you must celebra...

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Why We Need To Say I Love You Now More Than Ever
By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters No matter where we live, whether within the United States,  Canada, The Netherlands, France, the UK, Belgium, South Africa, India or Canada, the uncertainty of the safety of our world is in question.  Whether you loved Trump or...

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Full Moon On Steroids In Leo and Lunar Eclipse
By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters A full moon can interrupt sleep patterns, affect emotions and births. An eclipse creates a much more powerful lunation with a more potent effect. This particular eclipse with the Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Leo. This particular...

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What Do You Think About My New Book Cover? I Want To Hear From You
By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters You are my valued readers.  Stop the presses! Though not set in stone, I want your honest opinion. What do you think and feel about my new book cover?I have a survey so you can respond anonymously. I want your honest opinion. Y...

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I Have Money Why AM I Not Happy?
Beyond Money, the root of all Happiness My life has been one of huge contrasts. From wealth and extravagance to modest and simplistic.   Living a luxurious lifestyle with all the trappings on a private estate in England, I could not have been more miserable...
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