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There will be more of these. I think they'll likely get their own album.

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My brilliance er, stupidity at its finest! ;-)
Awwwww love this!!! so much fun!!!
Oh, sure, it's all fun and games until someone has to move their luggage.
It's great to see that all 5 of you were so diligent in getting that back to the lobby promptly!
BAHAHAHAH!!!! We look crazy. Oh wait... HAHAHA!! Awesome, Jen.
Obviously a bunch of cart-rassling, renegade crazies, that I'm rushing to NEVER uncircle now that I know the truth about y'all!
I was just ribbin you mate. I went to neither. LOL
WTS WTP WTR??? Is this the result of #biscuitsandfreedom .... that is some powerfull stuff!!
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