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This Pay It Forward Circle idea is interesting to me. Don't know if I completely understand the logistics of it, but what the hell! :P

3. Please copy and paste instructions into your Circle Description when sharing, including this sentence.

ENJOY & PAY IT FORWARD, everybody gets in.
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This... is going viral... it has given me at least 1000 new followers in less than 16 hours!
Trey Dd
thanks! great inspiring female photographers
Yeah, I'm with you on the not-understanding-the-logistics part. Shared circles are static content, it's not like everyone's circle is growing as this floats around.

e.g. the guy who was added third is getting added to a bunch of people's circles, but is only following two new people. The gal who's added as person 4000 is now following 3999 new people, but probably won't see many new followers since the thing's probably petering out.
I tried to share it yesterday, and it didn't really go anywhere. I am not disappointed though, because I have discovered several new talented photographers to add to my circles through the various versions of this that keep popping up in my stream. Finding talented people to follow is way more important than gaining a few followers anyway.
+Toby Smith exactly my thought! Unless I follow the ripples made by this, and update constantly, I am only going to have whatever percentage of the original 80 people in this circle when I added it. And, following the ripples of my own post would only be a small percentage of the over-all traveling and growth of this circle. I dunno... but like I said, what the hell?
hahaha... just saw another version of this same circle with 488 people! Mine only has 82. Yeah... becoming ever more confused! Guess I'll just keep adding... :P
My thing is that people will get added by other people that have no idea about the first person, they just add the circle. Then it just adds to the noise and clutter in their stream because they now have people who's content they're not interested in and have to mute or remove them. This really doesn't make any sense to me.
Exactly +Levi Moore. I have been browsing through the circles and only adding the photographers whose work really interests me. That takes time though.
+Levi Moore I added this to its own circle. I have been slowly trying to ween myself off of my main stream (because even if every single person in the nearly 2000 i have circled was producing incredible content all the time, it would still be overwhelming). So, I have several smaller circles that I migrate to. And of course, you're in like 10 of them :P
I did it yesterday. It was fun and silly. I haven't seen a huge change to my stream but maybe I'll have found a few new people I really like following, and I can check that specific circle for some goodies. I don't really see much of a downside. If all else fails, I delete the circle. I already had some of them circled anyway.
+Shannon Jennings true enough. It's certainly not the end of the world. My stream is just really crazy, but yeah, finding new and awesome talent is always well worth the insanity of my stream. I can always clean it up.
+Jennifer Eden I use my independent circles to catch up on what I may have missed but once I'm ready to continue on with the day I just let the stream flow...
It's kind of a chain-letter meets circling-pyramid-scheme: as it branches out, not everyone else gets the other branches included in their circle. And because the new posts are a new shared circle, there are no ripples to see. I took a bunch of the circles via search and made a circle because all the ones I saw yesterday were about 25-30 people. I'm surprised that one got to 400+!
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