Join us for another Ingress FS Event! First Saturdays are offical, Niantic -sanctioned, cross faction events run by your local agents. The point is to meet up with fellow ingress players of all levels, learn things about the game you may not have known and have a light-hearted & friendly competition while gaining easy AP and stats. Meet up between 1PM and 1:30PM to check in your starting; play until 3:30PM when all agents meet back up to check in their Ending Stats. Winners will be announced, then Margaritas and Tacos at Wahoo's for all!

Meet up for both the start and end points is at 32nd and Chestnut at the "Pennsylvania Railroad Freight Building" Portal (,-75.187209&z=18&pll=39.953632,-75.187439) . This happens to also be our after-party, Wahoos, a Mexican, Asian and Brazilian inspired Casual restaurant.

Official Points of Contact are +Colleen Coffey (CoffeyChild; ENL) and +Jennifer Carson (5erendipity; RES). Once we get closer to the date, we will pull those interested into a temporary hangout for the day.

Check back often for new details regarding Missions, etc :)
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