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Please vote for @RobertWalport!

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"Atherosclerosis is an inflammatory process brought on by eating too many carbohydrates and omega-6 vegetable oils."

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Magellan Introduces Wireless Back-up Camera:

If I already have all my music uploaded to Amazon Cloud Player, is there any reason to also use Google Music?

Garmin adds Darth Vader's voice to its automotive GPS devices:

Is Facebook trying to drive me to Google+? I always have my news feed in Facebook set to "Most Recent", and apparently they've removed that option for "a small subset of users." So now there is no way to view my complete news feed. Um, Facebook? Removing options is not usually the best way to delight your customers.

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All great ideas...
My top suggestions for improving Google+ (specifically the web interface):
1) Ability to mute entire circles as well as individual contacts (not just single posts)
2) Full logic operations on circles (e.g., union, intersection, complement, etc.) to enable more targeted communications
3) Collapsed comments by default
4) Integration with Gmail Contacts for complete friend info management
5) More efficient UI for selecting targets of a post
6) De-duping of the same shared content multiple times (collapse additional shares under the first share to appear in my stream)
7) Better circles/friends management (e.g., more filtering & sorting options, management of friends via tables or grids (e.g., showing which circles each belongs to via checkboxes), etc.)
8) Full-resolution photo-sharing
9) More consistent updating of notification status (read/unread)

My top suggestions for improving the Google+ mobile app for Android:
1) Make hangouts available via the mobile Android app
2) Make my posts and comments editable within the mobile app
3) Better syncing of notification status (read/unread) between mobile app & desktop

What am I missing?

The lists of comments really need to be compressed by default (or at least have that as an option). When going from oldest to newest posts, it takes too long to scroll through pages of comment to even see whether the original posting is something I care enough about to read all the comments.
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