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Too funny.

(via Little White Lion on Facebook)
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It's already real. Yesterday somebody posted an article about a system deployed in bars in San Francisco and New York that scan patrons faces and let people know the ratio of men women and other details such as ages etc.
shit man,, is this the future?
lulz. totally thought that was a microscope instead of a beer in front of him. damn my nerdiness.
Just think, in a few months, it will happen automatically for you when you are wearing your Google Glasses.
At least this means girls will start looking towards the nice guys now. Hooray for...! Wait...
What the hell is that? An Android or an iPhone? Dear god, please tell me it's an iPhone... all the girls I know have weird pink-mesh-covered iPhone's...
chen x
a good app
This is based off of that sci-fi novel right? I can't remember the name but it's the one where everyone was rated and had comments on their wireless profile that everyone near could see. This would be the end of dating and relationships.
user rating?.....nice punch..^ ^
well posted by an exdperienced girl..who never decided "what actually she wants to tell"
this is why FB doesn't have an "DISLIKE" option
Haha. Superb. The punchline is "Users"!!
Sm G
Except real life works just the opposite. THAT's the guy who gets dragged home to a different lady's bed every night.
app of the year..... hahahahaha!!!!! LolzzzZZZZZ.....
Very funny, and I wonder how long it will take for Facebook to bring out something like that seeing as they already have such a large database!!
Honestly what ever happened to courting and the mystery of getting to know someone and the fun and excitement of dating. Now people meet someone and Google/FB them to try and find out as much as possible.....
in the pic it took 3 seconds when in real life it'll probably be more proactive than that. #YOYLW
hahaha.. Oh My Goodness.. What i can say about that.. lol, But after some time the scheme will be changed .. hehe
Looks like that I have to use make-up to hide myself

If that's the future, we should quote from "Mission Impossible" too. We could just wear a mask. LOL!
Is that the result of user feedback?
Does it work for women too? In all fairness, I mean. 
hahahahaha LOLSSSSSSSS
This day is coming.. lol
Cannot believe that shit...

"tl; dr"? The world really is filled to the brim with dumbasses.

As far as the comic...yeah, Japan has almost perfected this. I can totally see this mixed in with the movie Idiocracy in the future.
sooooooo untrue but still funny.....:))))))
hehehee ,, O.o" that could happen some day
She's got my phone!
But will we really laugh in a short while?
And the dude said: 'da fuq did just happened ? ¨ ' XD
OK ladies, once this app gets in full distribution, & everyone finds out how wonderful I am, I'll be in high demand. You have a limited time to go out with me before the word gets out & I'm off the market. Hurry, before the competition beats you to me.
hahaa, then easy to make decision!
I wish that all the women I want to have would do that with other men, not me! ;-)
As, some have allready said;
And the reverse?
Modern World.............Techno Advancements
girl must be an android user... u have it all...
To be honest, I don't think people would use it in a helpful way. Women should just think "I can change him" and guys would just think that the problem was with the other guys. :-)

That is, until they have been burden a couple of times. But then they don't need the application and can choose for themselves.
Yeah... don't you women just wish that existed! :D
Jennifer, nice post. Think about it, they are both in a bar. If the feedback was positive, he would not be there, neither her too. ;-) Kind regards, Ben (in Tokyo) & (ex-barman as well)
that will soon to be happen .. . lol
and those are my good points;-j
well spoken Regebro. No man is perfect and no one should pay for their past mistakes forever. you can't judge me with ma past life if i never knew i would ever meet you in possibly the nearest future.
this is awesome, whoever created it. :)
kashmir the place where u have to come at once.
OK, it's a joke, but I would welcome such technology levelling up the playing field for decent men.
moral value of this story..."Guys..WATCH OUT..!!!"
If this is in the Future, then a-lot of guys are SO SCREWED!
Could be the next feature on FB!
hahahaha, nice one... all girl need that
Ya,gd n fnny,its bttr in realty...nice tech...may be gd ...4 users.
That's the way it is!
The awkward moment when you got 0.5 stars in a 1 to 5 stars rating system.
It really?
How can i buy this application?
If this is true I will buy this shit then destroy everything
big data, awesome
How is that much different than her friends telling her the same stuff. Women will always do what they will. They will complain about it and drive whatever man that settled for her into an early death.
ssh ... sudo ...
sqlplus / as sysdba
update user_ratings set rating=5 where name=@WHOAMI
delete from user_comments where name=@WHOAMI


Can I buy you a drink?..

(Problems, geekwomen?) :-D
no one knows what exactly a woman wants...not even themselves.what if the guy on the strip turned the technology to her?
ratings: 1
:-) Always check the sample size before believing a rating, that's what I always say!
just believe in yourself you will see what happen
Spiteful ex's will always post bad reviews :D No one will ever have a good rating. Unless he/she will have no rating at all.
Toni H
That's awesome!
that's what we are going throught in near future!
Min Wu
Liar testing.
Ahahahaha, funny 4 a minute at least, 5 mins at most.
wow. i wish there is something like that
I would really like this app too. It would be worth millions.
Oh man.. the birthrate would plummet.
Waiting for this technology, so nobody can cheat with me... lol
If such an App invented it should be banned from bars :/
Oh god, I hope I get good reviews. :)
ha he ha ha he, where can I find this app? its just too good to pass up!!!
what a funny, contribute to high technology.
It is already used in China a camera sensors can detect any wanted while he is walking in the street by face recognition technology
Till That time I would finish my drink and go for another girl... :P beeep beep beep...:D
can't stop myself to commenting on this ...lolz
I see this happening in reality relatively sooner that most would think - anyone?
Sorry, you 're not good enough for me to drink. you 's hit by high tech device. Bye ,Bye
that is pretty funny
is this app comes in real life? i want it!
security gone a notch higher.
No link love for comic origin?
I LOVE THIS.......................LOL
Lol , It's a great way of entertaining if they actually produce it . Imagine people walking around with their profile hanging around Their head . Hahaha
You wouldn't need a scanner to read the signs ladies. The signs of a loser are always very obvious and staring right at you 5 minutes into the conversation. You just have to be willing to look for them and not make excuses.
Hahahaha... Nice one..!
Technological Updates..! :P
there's an app for that? D:
Bored at work but this made my day...funny and i hope this technology is here soon :)
+Daniel Pickett no, you can't always tell by talking. Ladies, do you agree - some guys who "womanize" seem very nice. Bottom line in life - be nice to people and honest. Makes life better for everyone. my world become if this would happen in reality, I'd never married +_+. p/s: I'm not that guy.
+Jennifer Barr there are certain things a nice guy would not say or do that a "womanizer" absolutely would say and do. That's simply because the two men have two very different goals. So the way they approach a woman will be fundamentally different. Especially at a bar... "Womanizer" or not, the signs are always there
Its scary to imagine what google eye can do
Hahaha! Hey they need one of these for scanning women as well.
Where can I get that app? ;-) 
thats retarded...its easyer just to talk to the guy rather than scan his face and get feedback from jellose guys
People saying "is this the future" and so on, if it was like that no one would have real confidence, on the plus side hardly any relationships will break down :p 
Sounds like the guy is a bit of an asshole, she must have left to freshen up in the restroom.
I wonder how many people ignored objectification of men in this one. Imagine a similar app for guys. Would you be laughing at that too?
how i wish such technology comes up... it would be great.. im sure all the guys in the world will be left all single if ever such detector is invented
then it would work for women and everyone would be single
LOLZ Thanx alot.. that is def where things are headed.
they should have gave him atleast 1 star
lmao!!! hope this doesnt come true for some people lol!
I wonder if Google Goggles will let you do this in the future.
Of, course, since the highest rated men will all be tagged as "can commit," they're already taken. :P
Technology: Now able to tell if your closest guy friend will rape you in the near future.
I hope they can never develop that technology. It might put Monte out of business. I mean, not that Monte is a womanizer or anything. Monte loves, cherishes and respects women. I'm just thinking of all the other poor womanizing men out there.
Sarah M
thats why you shouldnt tell EVERYONE your information!
face recognition tech lol
awesome never get caught in bed with a cheater again my friends aunt would say.
If girls have this system? we have no chance boys ...... LOL
Damn my dating chances are shot! Lol
+John Poteet yes! You are so right. If you've ever been hurt and connived by a relationship this would be golden! 
+Bill G wireless see?! The beauty is all the weasels will be shifted easily through and the awesome good humans will prevail!

Definitely good on shallow womanizing men and self centered golddigging females! 
If one needs external help to identify these trends, date REAL card punching nerds!!!
1) First thing he says "Can I buy you a drink". Unless she is his personal assistant, how would she know if he Can. He should be asking permission, ie MAY I buy you a drink.
2) How about. How are you. You look ........ Are you waiting for someone...
Remember, she is a highly intellegent and animated, lively member of a different sub-speceis, hence the differences in bilogy, biochemistry, anatomy and topology. Also remember she does NOT just want to a lab rat but a partner in interspecies exploration. While topologically significant differences may hold your interest, studies have proven that interest in the psychsocial aspects is what these creatures crave
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