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2016 State of Link Building Survey results @Moz

Moz has published the results of its 2016 State of Link Building Survey.

While a lot of the questions pertained to link building as an industry (link building budgets, link builders' salaries, etc), a couple of them might be interesting for the rest of us to know.

Which link building tactics do you feel are the most effective?

The audience of this survey appears to believe Content Publication/Promotion or Guest Posting is worth pursuing and effective, and that diversification is important… But they’re not quite sure how valuable the rest of the tactics really are.

Every other white-hat link building tactic received half of the respondents’ votes, but only a quarter of the audience feels those other tactics are the most effective. It seems that the third of the audience which responded as using Old School are also diversifying with other tactics they feel are more effective.

Which SEO tools do you use in your campaigns?

Tools which received at least 40% of respondents’ votes:

Google Analytics/Search Console (WMT)
Screaming Frog

Again, you can read the results at Moz


More marketing news:
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2015 Google On-page SEO Ranking Factors List 

There's an interesting post at forum about 2015 on-page SEO ranking factors - what matters now and what doesn't that much.

(thanks to +Barry Schwartz for digging it out:

There are quite a few comments on that thread, lots of opinions, as you can imagine.

I'd love to get yours as well.

I've put together the following list based on the original forum post plus the commentators' opinions.

Let me hear what you think, what you'd add, what you don't think matters that much in the comments.

On-page SEO Ranking Factors List

1. Never forget your bare-bone On-Page SEO - H1, H2 and title tags

2. Shorter title tags 

3. User experience metrics (page loading speed, navigation, ease of use, conversion, About and Contact pages, etc)

4. Original content that provides an answer, teaches, informs, is useful, delights 

5. Relevant images 

6. Quality site design - the looks per se are very subjective. It's more about up-to-date code: Html5, CSS 3, not JS heavy, no flash.

7. Descriptive meta description - it does not affect rankings, but it does affect your CTR.

8. Responsive/mobile friendly Design

9. Microdata

Microdata is a set of tags that allows you to add information to the code of your web pages that says, “Hey search engine, this information describes this specific movie, or place, or person, or video, or blog post“, encouraging them to better understand your content and, more importantly, display it in a useful, relevant way. (

10. Keywords - DO implement your focus keywords and semantic alternatives, but do it in a natural manner.

11. Supplementary content: create complementary content for your pages on other pages and vice versa.

12. Interlinking

I'd add:

13. Linking out to relevant resources

Deprecated On-page SEO Ranking Factors List

Keyword stuffing
Focus on longtail phrases 
Focus on ranking for specific keyword phrases 

Addition from +Brian Jensen to the list above:

I'd also include the following:

☞ Include Bounce Rate in the user experience metrics for important landing pages. SERP bounce can be a strong signal that you're site isn't a great result for a query you're getting impressions for (you hint at this by listing conversions :)

(note from Ana:

☞ External linking to relevant resources using target keywords. In cases where it makes sense and provides value to visitors, linking out using target keywords as the anchor text in a way that's natural can help strengthen relevancy for those terms. 

Would love to hear from +Eric Enge +Mark Traphagen +Brian Jensen +AJ Kohn +Brian Dean +Rand Fishkin _ I am sure some names are escaping me at the moment..._


More marketing news:
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Yikes, glad I don't smoke.
Lung capacity of a smoker v. non-smoker.

I honestly, 100% do not understand frequent smokers. I haven't heard a single explanation from a smoker that satisfies me. 
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Rest in Peace
Oh Captain, Our Captain
Tonight, we're all standing on our desks saluting our Captain Robin. Long before he became our teacher of life, laughter and poetry he was a student and college classmate alongside my mama...

My mama went to school with Robin Williams. Growing up she'd tell my brothers and I stories about the wild-eyed boy she'd see skipping through the Juilliard hallways. As a classical flutist, she shouldn't have run into him, but all the lockers in the classical wing were taken, so she was assigned a spot in the drama wing where she'd bear witness to daily scenes of silliness and the strange beauty of a star forming, with the same miraculous (and not-so-slightly manic) energy that whips celestial dust around to make something bright and new in the universe.  

Tonight I asked my mama what she remembers of Robin, she told me these four specific scenes are captured perfectly in her memory: 

She remembers the rainbow suspenders that would become his signature, holding up pants too big for his trim waist.

She remembers an elevator ride stopped short, stuck between floors, with the dashing and delirious boy who treated the whole ordeal like an improv exercise - at one moment heroic, declaring that he'd save them all, the next a fearful mouse cowering in the corner - all the while, a famous acting coach, arms folded, scowled unimpressed and my future-mom tried desperately to suppress her giggles.

She remembers every morning seeing snippets of action seen through the little rectangular window in his am-acting class' closed door. He'd fly through the frame, leaping like he was already peter pan. He'd sashay and flourish a french accent, twirling an invisible mustache. Then embracing his inner-caveman, he'd lumber by dragging a girl by her ponytail back and forth across the rehearsal floor.

She remembers the same boy sitting on the lunch table with his food on he chair below him, turned backwards and upside-down flipping the world and reshaping it to his own desire, every moment an opportunity to wreak delightful havoc, break form and reveal the joy of the ridiculous. 

So, in honor of her long-lost classmate, of our teacher, our genie, our peter pan, our therapist, our nanny... Let's remember to seize the day, every day. Oh me, oh life, Robin Williams and Walt Whitman got it right:

"Oh me! Oh life! of the questions of these recurring,
Of the endless trains of the faithless, of cities fill’d with the foolish,
Of myself forever reproaching myself, (for who more foolish than I, and who more faithless?)
Of eyes that vainly crave the light, of the objects mean, of the struggle ever renew’d,
Of the poor results of all, of the plodding and sordid crowds I see around me,
Of the empty and useless years of the rest, with the rest me intertwined,
The question, O me! so sad, recurring—What good amid these, O me, O life?

That you are here—that life exists and identity,
That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.

Bangarang, Daria

#RobinWilliams   #RIP   #MakeGodLaugh   #OhCaptain  
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