Manhattan Bridge view from Brooklyn - 1909

I did a google image search with this image to try and find proper credit (though of course since it's so old it's in the public domain anyway) but I actually only found one tiny thumbnail of it on Pinterest.   This was sent to me in an email from my Mom, who can totally be the kind of old lady who sends along those silly emails - lol so really I don't know the origin of all the photos she sent.  It was not a forwarded email so I'll have to ask her.  Maybe she just cut and paste it all (lordy I hope not, there were dozens and dozens of photos).

In any event, this one struck me particularly.  Not because I'm from New York or anything like that -- but because this is a view we often don't get to see.  A monument of human endeavor whilst it's being built.  I rather like the feeling I get looking at it.

I also observed the absolutely shoddy neighborhood where the photographer sat (look at all the broken windows in the buildings) and wonder what that looks like now.  
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