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A post earlier in my stream made me think of this comedy clip.

George Carlin.

There are so many bits of this that crack me up, but I really like his perfectly apt observations of the real motivations of people wanting to "Save the Planet." lol
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LOVE this... LOVE George! We so need his voice today!
I so love this SO FUCKING TRUE!!!!
This is one of my all time favorites by George. I do miss him and his eloquent straight forward analysis of the human condition.
Love effing hilarious!! Love his commentary on how we don't need to bathe as often as we do :)
He's funny, but completely wrong, human impact on the planet is huge there is no denying it. sure many Animals are extinct from "natural" reasons, but many are because of our abuse of forrests and the seas.
When people say save the planet, they don't mean save the planet from natural things, they mean save it from stupid humans destoying huge amounts of nature to produce palm oil, because it's cheaper that way.
+Hassan Dibani yeah the human impact on the planet is huge, but all the guy is saying is that impact will only damage us, and in no way the earth. We fuck up our own life necessary resources. It's not that I agree with him 100%, but he is not wrong, either. It's another point of view.
he is right. If you ever watch "Life After People" or similar shows, the earth will reclaim what we did if/when humans go extinct.
George Carlin was the man... he is missed much!
Funny, I guess... and "grand scheme" is fair enough... but it doesn't mean that we are free to do whatever we want right now. His whole idea is based on an assumption that humans are somehow superior to EVERYTHING else that LIVES on earth, and everything that humans do (including hunting other species to extinction, destroying their habitats and food chains, polluting their water and air) is OK, since humans only hurt themselves. Really? If we keep acting like pests, then the planet will shake us off sooner than we would like it to and in ways that we might not enjoy. I might have totally agreed with the guy a couple of months ago, but now I look at my innocent baby daughter lying in here crib and I can't help thinking that maybe her, or her children will suffer the consequences of human pride. Enjoy your earth!
my least fave Carlin bit by a longshot and it should be everyone's..unless you dont care about future generations that is.....
Wish we could have him back. That said, this is a comedy bit, its supposed to be funny, and of course it is, but that doesn't mean that caring about the environment is a joke. He is obviously right that its a selfish motive, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't care and that certainly doesn't mean you should just feel free to destroy something that we all have to share.
P.S. Never thought I'd have to debate a late George Carlin and couldn't feel more out of my league. :)
He always told it how it is, the truth, it's just some people have a hard time accepting it!

I hope your warm enough down there, your greatly missed :)
It was awesome then and it's awesome now!!!
D Io
Damn I miss that guy!!
No one tells it like "it is" or the "truth". Everyone tells like they "think it is" or they "think is true". George Carlin's or my opinion is no different. The nice thing about being human is having an ability to think for yourself and make sense of all the contradicting truths out there. Think for yourself, question authority!
How did he get his rate of species extinction at 25 per day? And he is ignoring the relationship between humans and "the planet." That would beg the important question he never raises, "What effect are industrialized humans having on the 'nominal' state of nature?"
George might be gone but he's still funnier than most comedians out there these days. Excuse me while I go pray to Joe Pesci...
listen with your ears open, Darth Azimuth...
the ears that let you hear the actual sounds, not what you imagine? :) proper ears. for example a hippy would've said entirely different things. he actually made fun of hippies at some point, but, again, you need to actually hear what's he saying...
The problem is, he is a comedian. While hilarious, many of the 'points' he makes are wrong and based on ignorance. It's not their job to be accurate, and I wish people would realize that.
Oh he's not stupid or ignorant. Not even close.
Seriously. Comedians afford a different level of genius. Eddie Izzard is a prime example. He's making smart things approachable in a funny way. Claiming something is "ignorant" because it's different than your beliefs in and of itself is "ignorant"
I thought of this bit when I heard that scientists had recently discovered a fungus in... South America, I think, that could eat plastic. PVC, to be exact. "Earth... plus plastic!" indeed!

Hell, he was right about how dangerous it was that parents are sanitizing their kids lives... "I was tempered in raw sewage!"

(I was blessed to see his show in SF a few years before he left us. I think his head would have exploded at the latest republican primaries.)
Things got a bit worse for the environment after he died, I wonder if he'd change this rant if he were to do a show tonight. Of course, I think he was suggesting that we'll eventually make the planet uninhabitable for humans but that the planet will live on and recover after we're gone. FTW!
I never said stupid. This is a guy who thinks swimming in filth somehow create an immune response against Polio. so, yes very ignorant. He complete ignore why something is done. Lets take his endangered species example. Clearly we talk about species we are destroying. But he takes it to an ignorant degree. He uses Argument from Personal Incredulity, Confusing association with causation, Reductio ad absurdium, and several other logical fallacy. He's funny, but should not be used to support an argument.
I see more and more of this "logical fallacies" argument on the internet. You do realize this isn't high school debate club lol said the man was ignorant. I say you're too literal. We could go for days and days about "exposure" leading to autoimmune reponse (i have 3 year old and a wife with MS, I am practically an expert). Take the shot for what you laid out there. You said he was ignorant. We said he's not.

If you can't understand over exaggeration to make a point, then that is just lack of sense of humor on your part. Do try and smile today for no reason, it will go far :)

after that is Yoga.....i hear that does wonders.
Lot of people don't seem to realize that Carlin was a comedian, not a primary source for debate topics.
George Carlin was one hell of an entertainer. Often times I wonder what he would say about various social issues and news events.
Everyone has a WikiDegree nowadays. It's so easy. ;)
Never seen this guy before and thanks to this clip spent the last 2 hours watching youtube clips. Have been LMAO! Thx
Yeah, because I wasn't making the same point in the 70s and 80s. rollseyes
Here is a whole page of CARLIN & IRVING BERLIN's best stuff, believe it or not. Thanks for sharing +Jennifer Bailey !!!

Much of what Carlin says in this video is apt, yet not all. He really would have hit the nail on the head more firmly had he said that PEAK OIL is but a most foul 120 year old HOAX.

Carlin's irreverent attitude about FAUX-ENVIRO is spot on, yet there is a TRUE-ENVIRO aspect he is missing. see here for the undeniable NEXUS betwixt FAUX-ENVIRO-BIG-PIG-OIL-STATE-SPONSORED T-ERRORISM-MIL-INT-IND-COMPLEX
One of my favorite bits. George will be missed.
No loss from my point of view, it's easy to pander to those who can't be arsed.
Only man I ever heard that could make me laugh out loud at the subject of tomatoes...guy was a comic genius.
Love the people who are so willing to dismiss Carlin yet have nothing substantial in turn to offer. Think you could really win a debate against Carlin Garrett? You haven't been one tenth of an iota as clever and would probably appear intellectually miniscule in his presence. The comedy is levity. It makes us laugh about certain issues which befall our society. But the inner beauty of Carlin is the elevation of a social consciousness that we should all somehow possess or go out and find. You cant see it for the very fact that you resemble your own comment. Ignorant. And its okay to be ignorant sometimes, but not at the expense of those who are trying to make this world a better place by raising some type, any type of consciousness; environmental, political, or spiritual. Anyone can sit in a library and dissect accurate information, and regurgitate it to the masses, but Carlin was clever enough to somehow guide you there with laughter through comedy. Ignorant? I think not.
George Carlin is a great philosopher who I quote often. The clip you shared has always been on of my favorites.
i feel smarter when i listen to Carlin
A moderated debate? depending on subject matter, yes. A debate where he is allowed to control argument flow? no likely.
Do you know what ignorant mean? you should probably look it up. If I had said 'Stupid', you're post would have been relevant.
fill d.
We miss you George :( one of the best of all time!
anyone ever stop to think that humans are natrual and any of our effects on the environment is normal and acceptable? Mistletoe fucks up trees and no one is up in arms about that.
One of the smartest people ever!!!! I love him....
I think that's what Carlin was hinting at when he said the Earth didn't judge plastic, it came from the Earth, after all 8)
Yeah, Elmo don't want no fuckin on his page so get that off of there. He hates fuckin, I can tell by that look in his eyes. Does anything in his face resemble "I like Fuck?" No it does not, so get the Fuck off his page!
He's better now that he's dead... Why I bet he's up there now "smiling down on us"
I'm not being rude to Elmo, Elmo said: "Get the Fuck Off My Page." I am simply expanding upon this. How can you claim yourself a fan of GC and not get that simple humor?
As a Brit, I only discovered George Carlin after he died. Thanks to YouTube we have a great legacy of a comic genius bar none.

I've seen this video (and many others) but one of the cleverest ones I have ever seen is called "Modern Man", a sort of impossibly clever comic rap. As a feat of memory and verbal dexterity is is simply astounding. It's not funny, but just brilliant and clever.

Here's the link to the YouTube video:

George Carlin - A Modern Man.wmv
That'd have to be written in past tense. Unless you think there is a really smart zombie George Carlin running around.
George Carlin proves that you can make an argument for anything.
Once again, I suppose you folks have not heard the news? George Carlin no longer walks this earth. Unless he's been uploaded to a AI server with advanced biomimetrics.
He's really funny,never heard of him.
Do it Stanly! He was one hella comic. Probably one of the greatest of all time.
It is not about saving the is about saving the planet from human impacts. The current rate of consumption is unsustainable for humans to live in harmony with our environment.
...The Earth Has Been Around 22,500 TIMES Longer Than Us
There are a lot of things that I agree with Mr. Carlin about, but this is definitely not one of them.. With the advent of industrialization and exponential population growth, we have it in our power to ruin our environment.. so we definitely need people to be concerned with "saving the earth".
The Immortal George Carlin! Fantastic clip, thanks for sharing. Telling the truth through humor seem to be a lost art in stand-up today. He was always able to be poignant without being preachy.
It wasn't funny the first time I saw it, it still isn't funny today, or rather, I'm still looking for the cue to start laughing...
This man was the master of stand up comedy- nobody like him since..
"The planet's fine. It's people that are fucked!"
Holy crap! I've never looked at my hand before!! Am I a hippie now?
I love this guy because not only is he very funny he is also very clever :)
there is some facts but still there is some threat to our life not the earth hah .......... he is noticeable guy ..
my greets..
When you accept what he says as true, you do feel a sense of calm. In the same breath everything which makes us human is blown away, which is a problem for me. But I tend to agree with everything he says.
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