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She's almost at her goal. +Catherine Morgan is going to shave her head for charity! The hair going to Locks of Love (they make wigs for children with cancer who have lost their hair because of Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy).

Very selfless thing to do - but she's not at her goal yet. Let's make it happen and #fckcancer
So, +Denise Schwartz has talked me into doing something good with my crazy idea. On May 28th, I'm going to shave my head in support of St Baldrick's. But that's not all, Denise is going to cut my rather long hair in a pony tail for Locks for Love (

What do I need from you? Spread the word and donate! Every little bit helps and with my 3000+ Circlers I have set the modest goal of raising $5000... that's a little more than $1.50 each!!

Together we can make a difference
I've answered the call to be a hero! I'm having my head shaved to stand in solidarity with kids fighting cancer, but more importantly, to raise money to find cures. I may be a one-shavee show, but I'l...
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Well done. My Son had his locks chopped off recently for charity, he had been growing it for about 13 years so it was very, very long. He raised a heck of a lot of cash in doing it.
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But I have A crop, close to a number one, what am i to doooo
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