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Okay holy crap I've spent all morning here doing nothing but having fun with Google+ and it's awesome people. Music and chatting and, I really should have been painting. (I am painting my Google+ profile banner) AUGH!

I leave you with these cute Pomeranians. I am pondering very seriously getting one to be a completely spoiled rotten (but well trained!!) carry around dog.
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They are adorable!
and I'm getting offa here in 5 minutes to get stuff done! I swear! LOL!
SO CUTE!!!!!
like polar bears. :)))////
I seen you like some of my music posts. Google Plus will kill some productivity buddy level 85 elite productivity....Plus slays it everytime ;)
They really are adorable, but I'd rather have a medium-sized to dog than a miniature one.
are really lovely and tender........♥♥ =)
Love em, get tired of them being underfoot, I'll take my pit
Freaking cute, no good for Florida though lol.
Oh my -- are they cute or what? Just beautiful!
there not cuter than me im a beast unlike u im to cool for school
्बहुत प्यारी
If you decide to buy a pom , please please do not get sucked in by the handbag/teacup puppy sites. What they do to dogs to get them that small is nothing short of horrific. A healthy pom will love to walk. They're gregarious and adorable, but not handbag dogs. I used to be around poms a lot as we were friends with a breeder, and they're lively little buggers. We had papillons at the time (also a lovely, intelligent breed).
i will remember that but i do not carry a purse so i think that i am in the clear
awwwwwwwwwwwwww they r so cute i have a dog its a westie but its ears are flopy but those 2 dog r cuters awww i want it
so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
Thanks for the concern +Sarah Mills I would never just flagrantly buy a puppy from a disreputable breeder and a teacup variety doesn't interest me in the slightest.

I was browsing around and even the "AKC" registered breeders are a little suspect. Their adults in pictures don't look very good or healthy... perhaps a little overused.

I'm exceptionally picky. A dog is a special animal that joins your family. It's ridiculous to just 'impluse buy' an important choice like that.
either one would be good + theyre sooooo cute
I immediately +1 the photo you posted without reading what you'd to say because those two pups look so clean and adorable. Then, I went back and read what you wrote. :) Sorry.
I usually dont like poms... but these two pups are way to cute to refuse. :)
Like all puppies, they're very cute. BUT you should check for what they're going to look like when they're grown (as well as their personalities, etc.). Just a suggestion.
they both look stoned...... are you sure you kept the dope in the other container n not the 1 which says DOG food??
omg I sooo want one !! tooo cute
Adorable! I don't have a pet anymore so I appreciate even more seeing photos of other people's dogs or cats or birds. I imagine running my fingers through the soft fur of the ones with fur. Those furless cats don't inspire me. No, I don't think I am speaking metaphorically, but with a psych and music combination in school previously, I tend to analyze all my emotional reactions.
+Jennifer Bailey Sure, didn't mean to offend so apologies if it seemed that way. Is AKC the American Kennel Club? The UK KC isn't exactly a shining monument to dog health, I have to admit. They had their 'assured breeders' scheme, but I'm not sure whether or not that's always a guarantee. At least the KC is starting to try and rein in the excesses of show ring breeding I suppose, but it's a long road.
It's the same here Sarah. There are reputable breeders of course but you have to sort the wheat from the chaff.

There is quite a lot of chaff. 
their awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
they're soooooooooooo cccccuuuuuuuttttttte adorble!!!!!!
This is too much cuteness, a person could overdose on it. :)
this is so cute i would love these dogs
awwwh the puppies are hella cute!!
so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I went and got pictures for my banner this past weekend! Took me all of 24hrs to love the new layout!
What a sorry world to have sick people like marq kel in it. I love the picture of f the little ones it is great.
awww we have a pomerian there lovely littel creatures
The dogs look cute ,but don't drag them around ,let them be dogs.There was an interesting program on BBC (I think) ,but the poor dog had aggression problems due to being treated like a toy not a dog
I want to steal one!!!! Their so cute!!!!
We had a pom when I was a kid. Yes, they are SO cute, but they're not always as sweet as they look. There are other cute dogs that have sweeter personalities, so I recommend doing some breed research before getting too serious. :-)
no comment, just this, GIMMIE ONEZ!
so cute!!!! do they grow really big or just small in size even if they're adults?
they're both cute, but i like the one on da right
Pictures like this represent an almost paradoxical implosion of nothing circling around itself. First there is the fact that there are ten billion pictures of puppies and kittens posted on the internet every scond. Then there are all the people pointing out that there are ten billion pictures of puppies and kittens posted every second like they are cool for knocking all the pictures of puppies and kittens... stop the bus, I'm getting off.
My Sis has 2 of these hee hee
They stay lil, mine is an angel lyk, no way wud i b wivout my lil man :) x x x
mini polar bears, by gum! (I want a flock of them... :) )
cool just don't buy from a pet store, adopt if at all possible. :)
oh, how loveley, ,,, i want to eat them both
ooooooooooooooooooooo sooooooooooooooooooo .......................... sweeeeeeet .... ........ n cuuuuuuuuuuteeeeeee
hahahhahahah y'all say they're cute.. i however have a funny and different opinion/story to say about this :).. You walk up to the persons house and want to pet the dogs and they bite your hand off hahahahahahahahahah
my dog is a goldendoodle, its a cross between a poodle and a golden retrever, its only 9 weeks!
I wish I had a dog like that.
I agree too Richard, we have rescued every animal that we already have in our house. I think it's ok to buy a puppy if you want one, too, and take the job seriously.
awwww they are really cute u should get one :)
Just exploring Google+, like your photos, thanks
haha, slippers. they would probably be really soft
I have one Pomeranian with 2 Great Pyreneese , he walks with us doesn't want to be carried, he's too big he thinks.
aww they r soo dang cute i want one! u wanna give me one of them lol!
These dogs are soo cute!! Best for if you want a little dog for yourself, or also a chihuahua is good. =) Love them, coolio!
We had an aunt that had a pomeranian. It was as mean and yappy as she was. My dad used to call her "Aunty Pomeranian" to us kids. It of course stuck. Needless to say she was NOT happy when she heard us. But looking back, I must say it was definitely appropriate.
Forgot to say they have to stay with my ex'husband I can't have them at my home. :(
I have dogs too, but they are very roudy
idk if i spelled thgt right
I find it sort of troubling how I cannot find any breeders in the general region where I am that have healthy looking pups and adults.
For those of you commented, worrying that I was going to put the dog in my purse let me illuminate a few things for you.

I don't have one yet, I'm only thinking about it. I also said it would be well trained, despite being spoiled. Since I handled and trained myself a Border Collie I think a Pomeranian will be fine.

I actually know quite well how to train dogs and never had any intention of being one of those blithering nitwits you see on the television shows.
omm thy r sooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nothing could be cuter
If you can get rid of the annoying yapping, these dogs would be really cute, but after listening to one yap on for hours, the appeal is diminished quite a bit.
o m gosh thy r sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cutte
I had one that did not yap and was very sweet! I will get another Pom someday!!
Those r the CUTEST puppies that I've ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you really do consider getting one, you must consider how annoying their attitudes usually can be. They're little shrieking barks echo throughout the house and keep you up hours. It's like having a persistently unsatisfied toddler in your house. That shits on the floor, and chews up your furniture.
But maybe you'll be lucky and get one that is actually just adorable.
Omg They Are The Cutest Things I've EVER Seen !! Awwwwwww
lol yeah Nicole, that's bad owner behavior, having no clue whatsoever how to actually raise a dog.

Like I said, I raised a Border Collie - who was not neurotic, nippy, rude, crazy, OCD or any such thing. She was rigidly trained and knew her place in the house. She was perfectly behaved.

It's not hard to raise a dog and train them, but you must be consistent and they must know their place. A lot of humans have a difficult time with that. I don't.
Jennifer u r very rite there, if u train a dog correctly then it'll b just fine, mine is completely spoilt bur is a lil angel 2 go with it, i defo think u shud get 1 :) x
cute!!!! I want those plz give me one. no not one i want two..........
very cute, my favorite kindof dogs they are beautiful
ADORABLE!!! post ur painting wen ur done k?
hi doris my name is rick from indiana
Awwwe. They're adorable when they're not friggin yapping...
awwww so cute i want one for my fiancee
me encantan esos perros los adorooo
there so freakin cuteeeeee can i have them
Okay, how can you look at this photo and NOT already HAVE one?? Look at them, Jennifer. They are begging you to take them home. AAAGGGH! The sweetness! ♥
I know right, Kelli??

I've gotten in contact with a breeder and am waiting to hear if the puppy I want is going to be show quality or pet quality. :D
R u selling these puppies
there are so damn cute
*freakin ugly my dogs would kill those
So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
heeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy fnd r u
I have one, named him Rooster, there are 2 Pyrs also, he thinks he's the alpha.
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