Just got back from seeing Prometheus Ridley Scott's new excellent prequel to the Alien franchise.

I totally loved this film in every possible way.  I understood going in that some people said it was "Ok" so I had very little expectation.  I didn't read anything prior to seeing the film.  I went with a blank slate.

I loved it.  I also am a very big fan of Scott's 1979 original and all the iterations since.  I am not stuck up about any of them.  I appreciated them all.  This isn't some hallowed brand.  It's just your typical story like any other with a Sci-Fi flavor.  I suppose that's why I find it delectable.

Scott really knows his stuff.  It's beautifully phrased, beautifully shot and wonderfully acted by all involved.  I especially liked Noomi Rapace and she did a wonderful job standing in Ripley's very large shoes... or since this was a prequel, creating a spot for Ripley to shine.

I love that the females are the heroes in these tales, and this installment is no different.  Fassbender is wonderful as David and even the smaller roles fill their trope niches well.

Since I give spoiler free reviews I cannot really go into what I thought with a lot of specifics - but this is a visually stunning film with a fantastic pre-story to an incredible film franchise.  

I can't wait for the sequel that I am sure is in the works. ;)
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