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Just got back from seeing Prometheus Ridley Scott's new excellent prequel to the Alien franchise.

I totally loved this film in every possible way.  I understood going in that some people said it was "Ok" so I had very little expectation.  I didn't read anything prior to seeing the film.  I went with a blank slate.

I loved it.  I also am a very big fan of Scott's 1979 original and all the iterations since.  I am not stuck up about any of them.  I appreciated them all.  This isn't some hallowed brand.  It's just your typical story like any other with a Sci-Fi flavor.  I suppose that's why I find it delectable.

Scott really knows his stuff.  It's beautifully phrased, beautifully shot and wonderfully acted by all involved.  I especially liked Noomi Rapace and she did a wonderful job standing in Ripley's very large shoes... or since this was a prequel, creating a spot for Ripley to shine.

I love that the females are the heroes in these tales, and this installment is no different.  Fassbender is wonderful as David and even the smaller roles fill their trope niches well.

Since I give spoiler free reviews I cannot really go into what I thought with a lot of specifics - but this is a visually stunning film with a fantastic pre-story to an incredible film franchise.  

I can't wait for the sequel that I am sure is in the works. ;)
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I just saw it too and paid no attention previous to going. I liked it, it had a lot of similarity to the original Alien, but I was glad i saw it.
As someone into the original films, I can't wait to see how that alien ship is explained. That has confused me for three decades. Please tell me they laid it out.
Agree! Was very impressed with the Prometheus. Sci fi at its best with stunning visuals and such an interesting world and story to follow.
This was a terrible movie. I'm a huge fan of the Alien universe and mythology, but this really left me feeling unfulfilled. I'd give it 2.5 stars out of 5, but that's solely for scenery/effects and Fassbender.
Agree re the two actors sterling performances although I thought it was too similar to Alien - the famous Sigourney scene for example. I also thought it stretched the bounds of credibility in places.
Personally I prefer Avatar to this.
I'm off to see this tomorrow and I can't wait! I've been waiting avidly for a very long time.
thought it was visually stunning,but the sense of drama for me was sadly lacking,fassbender was the star of the film though.
Can't wait til it comes out on DVD. Mr. Scott is probably our most favorite director! We rarely care what critics or others say about a movie until we see it. We have a collection of a lot of movies and series that the critics snubbed.
I just got back from the film, and I found it decent, but not great.  It was gorgeous, and one of the better entries in the Alien franchise, however.  (I love the original Alien film dearly, and find that each subsequent iteration has garnered a bit less goodwill.)  I'm still in a seat for a Prometheus sequel on day one, though.
Yeah I'm sorry but straight up any of you who just thought it was "okay" are just...  I don't even know what to say and I can't even fathom why you don't get it.

But that's just me.  I fucking loved it
I agree - see the movie for yourself and then judge for yourself. Ignore what the critics say. Sometimes they're wrong, right?
Ok... I love Ridley's work...but the first Aliens movie? I slept with the freaking light on for 3 days.  Yes. I am a complete dork.  I don't like being scared.  Soooo, without being a complete give away..... how scary is it? (I am the girl that will not go to Saw, Halloween, or any of that shit)
+Lynne Dykins It's not like Alien.  It isn't a regular ol' fright night scary movie like the first one was - a horror flick.

It's a real story with a real background and kind of a way to say "hey, this is how it might possibly happen.."

It's really good.   There are a couple squickie moments, but..  I watched it all with eyes wide open -- and generally a "holy CRAP!" look on my face :D
Must see. This weekend. The one task I don't need to do that I really WANT to do.
First film... I spent much of it with my face pressed against my date's chest.  Sigh.  I'm a wuss. Thanks though, maybe I'll drag the guy off to see this.
pa wee
hahaha u juz remind me of my sister Lynne Dykins,she'll scared to death evrtime watch that kind a movies..for me i luv all horor freak awsme :)
Now I really can't wait to watch it. I think it's the whole 'messages left thousands of years ago' bit that intrigues me, along with the possibility of advanced alien life, with culture and structures that are comparable to our own; like the giant face we see so often in Prometheus' ad campaign. Those sorts of things have always been a draw to me; add in aliens, horror aspects, futuristic space ships, guns, massive FX budget.. it's gotta be good.
awesome film.....there doing 2 more in this trilogy so cannot wait :)
I agree loved it as well, and I'm a huge Alien fan. Fassbender was excellent.
role on the bluray release and my next 50" plasma tv :)
+Ian Watson I am so glad I just peeked at your profile - you're really cool and I am glad I added you!
the 3D did not impress me really but the passion to find our maker totally blowed me away :)
Not as cool as you! How'd you get nearly 2m people to circle you?
Well - I am on the Suggested User List, which helps!

Umm other than that I... umm..  talk back to people? :D  I dunno :P
Yep... you interact.  You have things posted that are YOURS, not just a re-share.  There's real shit in your profile.  DING!
Hahahaha +Lynne Dykins because I can't tell if you're being facetious or not, and that made me giggle, I had to add you :P
I was bloody serious.  Lol, I still say there should be a sarcasm font.  Thanks for the add.
Thanks, I sort of take it seriously - I was given this sort of voice that I never had before. :)
Kent Li
Didn't they say it wasn't a Alien prequel, more like a movie that resembles Alien?
If you are an X-file fan there is a scene in this movie that will make Agent Mulder proud!!!!!!
I had issues with a couple things, but mostly just continuity stuff :P The actual movie was awesome and I like the story they told.
"I didn't read anything prior to seeing the film.  I went with a blank slate" I think if  a lot of people do this more often then they'd like more movies.
Part of me wants to run out and watch the movie right now and the other feels I need to wear a diaper before doing so. :)

I think I'll wait until it comes out on DVD/Blu-ray. That way I can watch it with a bathroom nearby and with the lights on.
I love scott's film. especially when he works with great composers like hans zimmer and vangelis. 
I just came back from seeing the film and I must applaud Ridley Scott. I really like the direction he took with this film. That's all I will say
+Rene Ramos If you go with expectations you would definitely be disappointed. The movie hits you like the alien seed. You are initially a little underwhelmed, then slowly when you are least expecting, with your guard down, just like our adventurers who are lulled into taking off their helmets, the movies slowly crawls under the skin and gives you visions, awakening questions that you pondered all your life, that humanity pondered over its millenia of existence, questions that will never have simple answers, at least not in our lifetimes, which movies can pretend to give but are best asked and left your own imagination so that every one can have their own meanings which makes best sense to them depending on how much you can take. 
+xolani ntuli I am most intrigued by the David (android) character). I am sure you will see more of him in the sequel. I get the feeling the movie is more about him as anything else. The best way to answer questions about ourselves is to look at them from the perspective of our offspring
I am seeing it Sunday.... It better be good :)
+Ray Garcia The film has the feel of 2001 A Space Odyssey. by Kubrick. [I have not seen the original Alien films. May be that is a good thing]
+Able Lawrence  nah it'll depend on Kubrick and if he lived up to the original Alien and Blade Runner :)
Fassbender stole the show for me. And it looked and sounded amazing.
I am a total Alien freak. Have watched the first two movies at least 50 times each. Can't wait to see this flick. Did anyone see this in 3D and if so how effective was it. 
I saw it in 3-D and the effects were stunning, the story line was in sync with the alien movie and the music score was excellent !! 
Thanks for that info. Now I really, really can't wait to see it.
no dude, this is a bogus movie. nothing in comprision of origional
I have alien quadrilogy DVD,avp's,predators,all brilliant,hope I get to watch this soon?watch this SPACE (SORRY FOR PUN) HEHE, :-)
waoo m gana see it today every one is talking about it, it must be worth watching
Noomi Rapace's performance was utterly intense. 
The music in the trailer is driving me nuts.
i am gagging for this to come out on blu ray so i can add it to my collection. Really enjoyed it in 3d. One of those films that made use of the 3d really well. 
They'll have to start another box set now,lol.:-D
lol & i'll end up buying it all AGAIN. i think i've bought the aliens movie on vhs, dvd & blu ray. <3 these movies. 
awsome i cant wait to see that movie
No I haven't +Edward Woods because before I saw the film I don't like to read anything -- and afterwards, I prefer to keep the curtain fully closed.

When I started watching the making of Blade Runner, a lot of the lustre was lost.  I stopped it mid-way and try to forget how much they cut corners and cheated... yeah I just like my films with full illusion=on :D
Totally agree. I loved it for all the same reasons. I think it can stand alone and would love to see the "next" installment.
A story or movie containing events that precede those of an existing work.
Here is why I say it was a prequel: 
It was most definitely a story that took place in the same [Alien] Universe and did not seem to contradict anything happening later in Alien. In fact, everything I saw not only fit into the "Alien" Universe of 1979 but was confirmation. For example, the alien ships were identical. I didn't even realize that until I watched this 1979 preview of Alien: 
Alien (1979) Trailer
The only inconsistencies I saw were minor character behavior issues. But those things did not spoil it for me. I noticed one person in this thread didn't like how similar to Alien this movie was, as far as certain things happening and maybe even having a strong central female character. I LOVED that they were able to sculpt a prequel so that it was a story on its own, yet also had those parallels and nods to the 1979 movie.

I loved the look of the pre-human or whatever that guy is. I loved the way the tech of that ship looked and worked. 

Stuff like that, as well as what I felt was superior acting, kept me enjoying it. I actually felt like it went by just a bit too fast. That's how good it was for me. I will chime in on 3D. I didn't really notice. For me, so far (with exception of Avatar), 3D has been a waste of time, comfort, and money.

Slightly embarrassed to admit one thing I didn't figure out and want to know: In the very beginning when the badass looking pre-human was standing on the edge of the river and imbibing and changing. I don't understand why he did that, what his intention was, what really happened to him, and how it related to the rest of the story. I've thought of a few potential scenarios but none of them seem to fit completely. Help?

[spaces here so you don't click "Expand this comment" if you haven't seen the movie]

[spaces here so you don't click "Expand this comment" if you haven't seen the movie]

[spaces here so you don't click "Expand this comment" if you haven't seen the movie]

[spaces here so you don't click "Expand this comment" if you haven't seen the movie]

For example: One guess about that "pre-human" in the beginning is merely that he realized he was infected and the only way to destroy the infection was to destroy himself via complete genetic dissolution. Yet something about that seems too simple. Ideas?
Given the physical size and scale of the pre-human, anyone draw any references re the Watchers and/or Nephilim myths etc?
Yeah I don't understand why anyone could watch this (that also watched Alien movies) and not see that it's a direct prequel. I watched the first Alien move directly after just to see the correlations. Simple story line - DONT READ IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED -
Basically , the engineers created us and decided they didn't want us to live (that we were a mistake). So they were develop biological weapons as a way of irradiating populations out of existence. The creatures you see in Prometheus were examples and so were the Aliens in the Alien movies. Fortunately for us, the creatures turned on them and killed them in the process of attack. They ram the Prometheus into on of the ships stopping it from going to Earth. At the start of Alien they encounter another of these ships that has crashed because of the same "creatures turned on us" scenario. That's why they find an Engineer in his exo suit on and with his stomach exploded. Same characters, same story line....
All awesome movies!

I want to address some of the plot holes and inconsistencies. Most inconsistencies I saw were minor character behavior issues. But those things did not spoil it for me. But I acknowledge their existence.

Some people didn't like how similar to Alien this movie was, as far as certain things happening and maybe even having a strong central female character. I LOVED that they were able to sculpt a prequel so that it was a story on its own, yet also had many interesting / coincidental parallels and nods to the 1979 movie. Some might logically say that many coincidences make for a film with too many improbabilities and thus flawed. I chose to see those coincidences as intentional art.
Saw it today, and it was AWESOME! Love the movie!
+Edward Woods thank you so much for that link. Reading that article shifted my perspective from "movie I really enjoyed" into: work of genius, a Creator (Ridley Scott) whom I know respect even more than after seeing Bladerunner! Oh! And... Now I really want to spend time in that Universe! It's like my fascination with the Dune Universe where I almost felt compelled to read everything I could find by Frank Herbert and even a few of his son's books. So thanks!
Oh! And +Edward Woods - that article also helped me see many new ways to value that film! And you can bet im eager to share this information with my cynical friend who thought he had found holes in the plot, ha!
I had no idea this was a prequel to the Alien series. Thanks for the heads-up!
They mostly come @ night...mostly
After reading that entire long article that was linked (it was pretty good) I've come to the conclusion that I quite like it when filmmakers and authors take our "hallowed" myths and legends and turn them upside down on their head.

I've always loved "Engineer" tales ever since I saw that one episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation that explored that idea.

Yes, there have been many dozens that I've read since then, but that was the first time I'd ever really been exposed to it, I think.  15+ years ago is a little hazy in my memory :D
If you really want your mind blown +Edward Woods I'd read City at the End of Time by Greg Bear and Marooned in Realtime by Vernor Vinge :)
**Pseudo spoilers ahead, expand comments at your own risk**

I don't get why people are confused about the opening scene.  It's quite obvious what is happening there.  The "Engineer" is seeding the planet with his genetic material.  By drinking the "primordial ooze" it catalyzes the process that breaks his body down to the basic genetic material which in turn grows into new life using the genetic blueprint of whatever organism it stems from.  I.E.  The sacrifice of the "Engineer" results in the creation of our species through thousands of years of evolution.

As far as my take on the movie proper; I am torn between the incredible vision that this movie portrays on a grander scale and some of the more technical blunders that the movie stumbles on.

Oh, and on whether or not this is a prequel to Alien - It is and it isn't.  It exists in the same universe as Alien, and the events happen on a timeline before the events in Alien, but it isn't directly related to the events in Alien.  The planet they visit in Prometheus is not the same planet that the Nostromo investigates in Alien.  So we are left to connect what we learn about the Engineers in Prometheus with the mystery of the Space Jockey from Alien but they are not one in the same.  From this we can infer that there is a lot more going on with the creation of the iconic Xenomorph than what we see in Prometheus.
+Carl Luoma to confirm what you said, Ridley Scott confirmed that he didn't want to do a real prequel in which you already know the end (cough Star Wars cough). So there may be a connection, but one we can only speculate on.

Spoiler ahead
I would say however that the Deacon (the alien coming out of the Engineer at the end) really reminds me of an Alien Queen
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