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I just found these, hidden in a locked family-share only album! They were from our trip last year to the beach. We're headed out to the same beach again - except this year I'm going to be armed with 2 different lenses that I'm renting from I can't wait!

Anyone have any tips for dealing with the condensation between Air Conditioned inside versus super-humid outside? Leave the camera outside overnight? (eek!) I only got these two shots before that morning before my lens was covered in condensation - and it takes too long for it to wear off to get a sunrise/sunset in good time.
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Hello Jennifer,
Beautiful shot. Can I ask where this was?
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that's called ....beauti ov nature.....;)
Put the camera/lens in a zip lock bag and take outside that way. Give it say 15-20 minutes before opening the bag.
Sorry...stupid spell check picked own word..LOL. meant sunset shot.
What beautiful colours. The purples and blues are amazing
WOW that is such a beautiful picture u got ur so lucky u have that
Great photo. I've missed so many photos because of this. Living in Florida, it's always cold inside and hot/humid outside. I usually leave my camera outside for about 20-30 minutes ahead of time and that seems to do the trick.
Noa Fay
I don't know what he just said but I think that picture is muy, muy bonita ( that means pretty)
awesome photography
splendid i will like yo know more about u
very nice beautiful mood setting
Sweet photo! Our planet is so damn beautiful. 
Will W
What a stunning picture! I love it, wish I could have seen it with my own eyes.
Yay more photography! I'm so glad G+ is 80% photography. It's much easier on my short attention span to stare at a pretty picture than it is to engage in an intellectual conversation about an in depth topic. This is so much better than real content! Now resume the one word chant of comments "wow", "cool", and "pretty"...
a very lovely scene, and nice bird action the BEST scene yet! romantic
Fa M
Very nice.
Keep your camera warm. You can leave it outside - just keep it in a camera bag - maybe in the car?
The condensation issue can be mitigated by placing your camera in a ziplock bag before taking it outside. Once the camera warms closer to the outside temperature, remove it from the bag and shoot away!
wow, pretty cool
hubby is a professional film maker..he says camera needs to be in the atmospheric conditions at which you want to overnight..if dawn is your target..or you can go to a professional camera shop and buy sprays that can be used on the lens..however, if lens are not mounted properly, you can get condensation inside the lens..then you are in strife!!..

good the photo..
oh..that means sometimes hiring a camera assistant to camera sit over night or to heat the lens with a hair dryer before you leave air conditioned luxury..
If you can put your camera outside about 1 hour before you go out, that should allow it to acclimate and avoid condensation. Sometimes that is what my film crew and I have to do when we go from a refrigerated location to an outdoor environment, otherwise we get stuck having to stand out in the sun for am hour just waiting for the lenses to stop fogging over! Good luck.
Linda G
What about using a hairdryer on medium setting?
sunset.... I think, Kuta-Bali is on of the best place to enjoyed the sunset, the beach is very amazingggg
That's awesome! Like it
Just bring your gear outside about an hour before you want to shoot. That will also give you time to get everything set up the way you want too. After that, have fun and shoot away.
In the zoo in my hometown they have these blow-dryers that you find in restrooms to dry your hands in front of the tropical houses to warm up your camera before you go in. That works really well within seconds, so the blowdryer trick is probably the best solution if you don´t want to wait every morning for your camera to acclimate.
it's just a bird and water and a sunset
Very nice...Love the colors and composition.
wow it is very butiful like u jennifer
Thanks for all the advice for the condensation folks!! Setting out the camera in a plastic ziplock bag won't be a problem, or even setting up the tripod on the beach. It's really quiet during sunrise and there is hardly anyone out and about.

Sometimes the Carolina coast isn't the best for sunrises/sunsets. Very little cloud cover in June. I hope that I get some good opportunities this year :)

Also, +Titan Rain I find it interesting that you felt the need to come complain in my thread. You're more than welcome to go through my profile posts and see that in fact I post quite a bit more than simply photography. It's not my fault that it's what people respond to.
Wow. That's a beautiful place and a really good picture! 
That happens to me as well so I take the camera outside in the camera bag for a while before I take it out. Also in reverse before I go in to air conditioning I put camera in camera bag. Hope this helps. 
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Nice shot. If that is a snapshot, its a monster pic.
What memories are made from. Beautiful.
ms baily itz so pretty me grarygoose 100'000 il never come home
wowowowowowowowow!!!!!!! that is sooooooo beautiful!!!! where did you take that photo
it is amazing, beautiful , amused , fantastic
looks so peaceful...wish i could get away to a place like that sometimes then reality hits me in the face and mommy-mode kicks back into full gear.
Easy, I think... I would place my lens, and maybe the camera too, each into a gallon sized Ziploc bag with a silica packet or two. Leave that out of doors over night (in a safe place of course).

In the morning, you should have equipment that is temperature adjusted, and dry...

Also, if you do not have silica, you could use rice. Take a ladies stocking, and cut it into sections. Tie or rubber-band an end, put rice, then tie or rubber-band the other end. Rice absorbs moisture fairly quickly. I learned that from my local restaurateur. They put some grains of rice in the salt shakers with the salt, to keep it from clumping up on humid days.
Was this picture taken along the West Coast near Santa Rosa?
For all the people asking, it's the South Carolina coast :)
Leave the aircon off in the car. !!!
Amazing Picture..!
It looks worked on though... :p
Girl you have amazing talent .Love the purple .
Rawn Rackers:
I agree to get a seagull in flight is very hard, mine always end up bonking on the beach
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