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Today is a Led Zeppelin kinda morning. My husband has been playing this off and on all weekend and now I've got it careening around in my noggin. Love it, so visceral - pounds in your veins.

Painting this morning - been neglecting it! What is everyone up to?
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Starting the week with tons of work, but thats a good thing methinks

Best of luck this week!
I love the Zeppelin! Think I am going to carve today, and maybe shoot a Vlog!
a lot of work, and i'm still with my damn flu xDD but it's nice to start with good music everyday!!
I'm jealous you guys got to see them!!

Stairway to Heaven just started on my playlist of 250 songs when I started typing.... Zepp is following me! :P
Love Zeppelin have a fair amount of there stuff on my MP3 player.
I got to hear them first time on short wave radio from behind the iron curtain.
Oh every morning can be a Led Zeppelin morning.
Led Zeppelin - good for every morning and every evening ;)
coool..........!!!!!!!!!!!! lml
When I went to see them, Stairway to Heaven was just coming out, it was a great show! I saw them at the Sportitorium, in SOuth Florida.
led zeppelin..q grande pero a la vesese tipo estaba re empedernido,,,ajajaj
Wow +Gary McDaniel I grew up in Miami way back when, and saw hundreds of concerts (it feels like) at the Hollywood Sportitorium - including the very first time that many of those bands played in South Florida. Unfortunately, I missed the great one: Led Zeppelin
Great performance!!! I love this:)
jajajajajjjajajajjaja milie dawn
Hey do you the real title to Led Zepplin one?
like that song it takes back to the 70s
ahh!! one of my favs!! true classic
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