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I just read this reblogged from Tumblr - it's been shared over 23,000 times.

That's amazing.  But this is some powerful truth.

From Roger Ebert:

"“The day after Columbine, I was interviewed for the Tom Brokaw news program. The reporter had been assigned a theory and was seeking sound bites to support it. “Wouldn’t you say,” she asked, “that killings like this are influenced by violent movies?” No, I said, I wouldn’t say that. “But what about Basketball Diaries?” she asked. “Doesn’t that have a scene of a boy walking into a school with a machine gun?” The obscure 1995 Leonardo Di Caprio movie did indeed have a brief fantasy scene of that nature, I said, but the movie failed at the box office (it grossed only $2.5 million), and it’s unlikely the Columbine killers saw it. The reporter looked disappointed, so I offered her my theory. “Events like this,” I said, “if they are influenced by anything, are influenced by news programs like your own. When an unbalanced kid walks into a school and starts shooting, it becomes a major media event. Cable news drops ordinary programming and goes around the clock with it. The story is assigned a logo and a theme song; these two kids were packaged as the Trench Coat Mafia. The message is clear to other disturbed kids around the country: If I shoot up my school, I can be famous. The TV will talk about nothing else but me. Experts will try to figure out what I was thinking. The kids and teachers at school will see they shouldn’t have messed with me. I’ll go out in a blaze of glory.”

"In short, I said, events like Columbine are influenced far less by violent movies than by CNN, the NBC Nightly News and all the other news media, who glorify the killers in the guise of “explaining” them. I commended the policy at the Sun-Times, where our editor said the paper would no longer feature school killings on Page 1. The reporter thanked me and turned off the camera. Of course the interview was never used. They found plenty of talking heads to condemn violent movies, and everybody was happy.”
— Roger Ebert
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Brilliantly said, thank you for sharing that.
Way too much truth to put on the news. 
Thanks for the post, going to re-post it, I'm sure you won't mind.
I couldn't agree more.  The glorification of criminal activity is far worse in the so-called "news" programs; the worst thing about the American business model is we have made "news" an entertainment and profit division.
It is so true the media has been showing nothing but the shootings and talking about the guy that did it and not about the poor ppl who were injured or killed its really sad HLN and CNN are showing it right now and have been since it happened.....
No. That's just another version of the blame game.
I can't find supporting evidence for it.

It's not the weapons or the media.
It's that one single individual who sees no better purpose in life than to kill fellow human beings.

People who do this sorta shit want to end their life and go out in a blaze of (what they think is) glory. It has nothing to do with video games, TV, or movies. At all.
Yep, whether it's for political, social, or just mental illness, most nutjobs yearn for the notareity and infamy that the media bestows upon them for these horrific acts. I can hardly watch the news these days since it's filled with stories of murder, rape, pedophilia, kidnapping, violence, and pretty much the worst of human existence. Media salivates when something violent or abhorrent happens because it fills up an otherwise boring week of reporting. Granted, if people didn't watch, they'd have no audience, but just wish there was more good news to balance the bad.
There is violence everywhere, with parents paid more attention to children to give affection. But also sets limits on bad behavior, the situation was better.
I agree ! A sick person needs help not fame.
Thanks for sharing his words. Quite to the point.
It's all Hollywood's fault, everyone in history died in their bed of old age before pictures started moving.
I grew up with tom&jerry, roadrunner and laurel&hardy. No one bothered about the violence in them and I never went on a shooting rampage. Films don't make people do it.
This may have some truth, particularly with what happened in Auroa, Montreal and Norway recently. With school shootings/attack there is a side people forget, and with this I can speak from experience. 

Kids are horrible, they are the worse of humanity, there are a reflection of what the world would be like in an anarchist state, or a lawless state, it is a glimpse of human nature. We wish it wasn't this way but it is. From Kindergarten to Grade 5 or 6 kids learn there is minimal penalty for teasing. From about grade 6 until grade 11, and in some cases beyond into University kids have no issue torturing other students if it gives them a laugh. Kids who learn to behave properly move on to become decent citizens usually, and those that don't end up living in low income housing working low wage jobs and some fall into criminal behaviour. 

But there is the second side of it. The victims of other kids. The Kids that are afraid of talk to the teacher because they can't be protected, when others find out they ratted. These kids live in a nightmare, powerless, afraid to go to school, afraid to go out, they become isolated and totally alone during a period where do a major portion of social develop and we define our personalities. 

Kids in these situations, being teased, bullied, or tortured as I was for the better part of my school life, have very few options, teachers never help an issue, a detention only pisses people off, and is not effective. Worse often teachers will try to protect the bullies as they are often on sports teams, or academic teams and you aren't you are really of no importance to the teachers, the bullies are. In my case I was actually told if I fight back I'll be expelled. I was hit in the face with newspapers, had oranges thrown at me, I even had a used feminine hygiene pad shoved in my face. I have scars on my back and my hands from where I was gouged in the hallways or class, and a rib that was cracked by students, I've had my ankle sprained, I was even in a neck brace for two weeks are one point. All from other students. The worse a student ever got? a 2 day suspension. 

Kids that go through similar things, as I mention have very few options. They can commit suicide, and they do we hear about it much less then we should. In one case about 10 years ago, a young girl was harassed every day because she got into Wicca as many young girls did in the late 90s early 2000s, committed suicide at 13 directly because of the treatment of the other students. The Principal of the school actually said he didn't want the students to feel responsible. He didn't create an anti-bully group, or try to prevent future issues. He instead tried to teach these kids that they making this girl feel worthless to the point of suicide wasn't their fault. This is not an uncommon reaction. 

Other kids sometimes become very better and instead of committing suicide alone try to inflict vengeance, these kids are more like the kids in Columbine, going in trying to hurt as many kids as possible make everyone know what they did, and then they commit suicide either by their own hand of suicide by cop, as a giant.. I'll show them all. Alternately they often feel I'll am better then them, will just want to commit the act, spend the time in jail and come out with a Rep, that will, in their mind, mean no one will mess with them again. (as faulty as that is) 

I feel into the later, I gave serious consideration around early grade 11, to gassing my school, planned the whole thing. I thankfully never followed through as for me jail was never something I wanted as my plans for my life didn't allow for a record. I was lucky I had enough self worth that I hadn't given up. But not everyone does. 

Kids don't care about the news, they don't care about CNN, NBC, Fox, they don't care about living out a movie, or a video game. They may say wouldn't it be great if I could get even that way?, but they don't go from happy happy to gunning down classmates because they watched a movie. 

The go from a beautiful child, capable of anything in the world, to a child suicide, or a school shooting, because they can't take it anymore, the school failed them, parents failed them, the system failed them. They decided they wanted out, and they will either choose a public or private method to exit. 

People like me, who were never suicidal usually make it through, they usually have been lucky enough to be taught or have instilled in them a level of self worth independent of others opinions. At which point, one of two things will happen they will either make it through, often with psychological problems (I assume every nice thing people say to me is an underhanded insult, that people being nice is just a ploy to be mean, I suffer from panic and anxiety attacks, and social phobias, all of which I have to work on almost 2 decades later). 

I can say getting new coverage was never a thought to me. It was about revenge nothing more. 

Adults on the other hand that make it through school without coming to terms with it, without realizing that even though it was like that in high school it isn't like that in adult life. People aren't really out to get you. Those are the people as adults that decided to do stupid things like shoot up a movie theatre, dismember a lover and live. In case of the fellow in Norway I think he was like the Columbine kids, he just made it into adult hood and let all the fester, he didn't have the strength to end his own life, so he decided to leave a mark, and commit suicide by cop... but he ran out of ammo, and the cops didn't shoot.  

Media, looks everywhere but the right place for the answers to these things. It's not movies, video games, it's not even the media... it's society. It's us. We have to change for these stuff to change. 

Make bulling something that can force you to repeat a grade or get expelled. schools need to do this from the beginning though... Kindergarten, Grade one.. kids need to be taught being mean is wrong.. with something more serious then a time out. We need to provide children a social as well as intellectual education in school, until we do that, there will still be school shootings, there will still be suicides and we will still have adults that have to live with what they went through. 

I got really lucky, I had a mostly loving family, I had goals, and I moved so much, to know that it's not permanent, it'll get better.  Not everyone gets that and I'd really wish the Media would clue in to the real issue... but it's not good TV to blame kids, parents, and teachers. 

Sorry I know this is a bit off topic. 

But I do like what Roger had to say, it's a start in the right direction, and I'm glad he stood his ground. 
Do we really blame the news media outlets?  What about the guy who brought 4 guns into a theater and shot the place up?  Why don't we blame him.,
Mom started taking me to horror movies and such when I was a wee little boy. Do not judge her for that. She was such an awesome                        mom that my sister and I have never been in a fight. Oh, we fought eachother as kids of course, never fought anyone else. as for now, I have not said a harsh word to my sis in twenty or more years. 40 years old and never in a fight. I watch hella violent movies. I'm thinking it is how one is raised as a child.
As a psychologist, my research so far supports Mr. Ebert's claims.  Violent video games have also been blamed for such violence.  And given the way the media is, I'm honestly shocked that porn hasn't been blamed for the prevalence of teenage pregnancies and the increases in various sexually transmitted diseases. 

The simple problem is exactly as Mr. Ebert put it:  do a crime, and you WILL get your 15 minutes of fame simply because the media thinks it will increase their viewer ratings.  And it's those rating that these idiot killers are looking for.  After all, once their name leaks out into the media, the media will plaster it all over the place.
"In our lifetime those who kill, the news world hands them stardom." - MORRISSEY
Absolutely bang-on. And this is true world over, not just in the US. 
Well its nice to see someone with the ideals and fortitude to see it through. Well done.
If we say movies influence negatively then we have to acknowledge they influence positively too. While there are probably inspirational aspects of any movie, by and large a "normal" person will not act on those. 
I blame the prevalence of automatic rapid fire guns.
Well, mainly..
That is exactly what I thought too. The media takes advantage of these events for ratings and the would be potential killers sit and watch then believe they can do better than the next guy. It's maddening to think that these media conglomerates think they're doing us a service by presenting the news when at the same time they're showing easily influenced individuals to do more wrong. Something has to be done about that.
Spot on. Need I say more?
Follow-up: What is it about violent movies and news media coverage of violent events that entertain us? We have the choice to turn the tv off or not see the movie, but we do anyways. That is the core issue. Movies vs media is a cop out. 
We are to blame ourselves as adults and parents for the ills of society today , enough with sponebob and patrick and all the hollywood glitz and glamour, we are the destroyers of our own inhabitance and have now become wildbeast of some unknown herds
criminal activities are glorified not only in movies and news channels but also the game makers
And the truth shall set you free....
Good call Mr. Ebert! Hopefully others will catch on and stop blaming music, movies and video games. What was the scapegoat before things like Grand Theft Auto and Marilyn Manson?
That is so freaking true.You see the media needs to report, but they step over the line! Way to go Jennifer!!!!
+Rob Elliott Thank you so much for sharing your story.  I really appreciate that and I hope people read it (maybe make it a post yourself?)   I agree - Ebert's words open a new dialogue.  He's in the right direction and it is society as a whole.  Well said and again, thank you for sharing your story. /hugs
+Rob Elliott I congratulate you on getting through this difficult period in your life and still be able to see positive things!

I totally agree with you, it's not just the 15 minutes of fame these killers seek. It is mainly revenge on a society that turned a blind eye towards bullying and anti-social behaviour.

Also, the easy availablility of weapons especially in the United States helps these broken individuals cause more damage than they might otherwise be able to cause.

Society needs to wake up and deal with bullying and we need (stronger) anti-gun laws!
How about instead of blaming everyone else, how about parents not parenting!!!!
+Jennifer Bailey I prefer keeping my stories in obscure areas in case I ever go into politics ;) :P Always planning a head :) 
People act like they don't know what is the true
100% agree! You have said it so well, I hope everyone will read this and really think...
of course your interview wasn't used. that's the media. i agree with you though.
American Media is fucked like a whore on Friday night payday. They only want controversial stories that the couch ridden Walmart sheep watch to make themselves fell better about their useless lives. Then consume every last item advertised. Look at the recent success of HBO's "The Newsroom." The public desires an anchor that will report the truth and lead them in current events regardless the pain it might cause. I agree with this post. Fame for criminals is not helping the situation one bit.
Kids growing up a violent world where violence is seen as an acceptable way to solve conflicts and eye for an eye is still the social norm - - - will tend to reproduce that violence. The news sensationalizes it and the Hollywood culture glorifies it and makes it sexy. It's not one or the other. It's both.
In many aspects our civilized world is just as barbaric as past centuries. 
Great point of view. Some seek fame, or rather, infamy, while others want to go out in a blaze of glory. ( Look at me, look at me... being a prick for all to see. )
Hmmm... Could society have been more loving and connected around the shooter to make such a loner move less likely? Could a less cut throat capitalistic society have allowed him to get better nurtured as a child to have a lot more inner barriers to cross before going that evil? I see people having to work N jobs to make ends meet because some Romney clown is gaming the system in his favor and could fool enough people to vote against their own interests once more... Time to put 1 n 1 together folks. GOP is not for America. More guns, more cut throat, more hate.
My wife and i were having this same discussion, and ended with the same conclusion. Nice to now that others feel the same way
I believe businesses need favorable conditions to flourish and provide jobs. But workers too need favorable conditions to raise their families. Ignoring either side of the problem for too long creates a huge mess. I come from France where things are more socialistic, because we've been a nation for many more years than the USA. It is far from perfect either there. But i think it is ahead, just like Canada is ahead. The USA has to find its own mix but looking with outsider eyes, worker quality of life is horrible here. All in the name of the mighty profits. The car needs to steer left a couple more times before it steers right for balance and check.
It's pretty undeniable. If it wasn't for the major news exploitation, me and my friends wouldn't have gone around wearing trench coats in high school.
The news also help potential future victims learn what to do should this happen again, and to learn to be more aware. Cuts both ways.
Just like the Philippine movies before, they always make movies about the life of the notorious criminals in the Philippine history and it made huge profit for the producers. Then they stopped because of our protest, it was just like glorifying what they are doing, why not make movies of the heroes and the unsung? News media have a lot to do influencing the minds to other disturbed kids if they always highlight this killing minute after minute. 
+Buck Bradley ever compare BBC or Al Jazeera to Fox or CNN? One is articulate, the other is paid actors who are just talking heads respectively. Additionally often incorrect and simply looking for shock value. Reporting only bites that tow the viewer like fish on a line. The "liberal" show as you call it, success comes from its fan base wishes that news media had more anchors who could think beyond the corporations financial agenda for commercial slots.
I see google+ as a huge new factor in the world affairs in general, and i see this to be awesome. It is a new era folks. Brainpower and communication will change this world for the better.
That's completely accurate. Sure the movies could have an impact to a certain extent, but, I don't think it could drive them to a school shooting. And if they go shooting up students and teachers they know they will become famous even if it is for a terrible, terrible thing. And what teenager doesn't want to be famous?
What if the reason for most people to commit attrocities are a mix of 6 ingredients, all in varying quantities? Suffering, need for fame, need for revenge, lack of hope, opportunity (media), means (guns)...
U can't pin it on one single ingredient. Then what?
Back to basics, back to general happiness, morals, life structure. No quick fixes, just a hard but honest slog through.
Couldn't agree more. News Sensationalism it is.
You might consider the fact that both our political parties have led us to the point where taxation takes away so much of a family's purchasing power that for many of us, both parents HAVE to work.  This means no concerned parent to nurture, supervise and direct the upbringing of their child for much of the time.
There is an arrogance on behalf of our politicians at Local, State and Federal levels, in the assumption that they know better than we, how to spend our money and direct our lives.  
Remember that these people from both parties who promise to solve our problems have created most them.  The housing crisis began with Carter and was expanded by Clinton, Bush 43 spent money like a drunken sailor and while aware of the pending Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac problems did nothing.  Washington has long been a revolving door for politicians and Wall Street, (Beau Biden for example) and Obama has deeply indebted our future generations - so it goes on.  None is free of blame.
I would venture that 80% of the population believes in some of the policies that each party espouses but we aren't a nation of unreasoning extremists.  Why can't we be represented?  The post above makes no allowance for both the good and the bad in both ideologies. 
For our own good and most certainly for the good of this once great country we must move beyond the partisan politics that are dooming us as a nation.  To have to choose between the evil of two lessers leads to decline and fall for this empire as it has for all the others.
Absolutely horrendous, to go through that, but am sure this wont be the last we hear your name,all the luck in the world Jennifer thanks for the brilliant post!!
I cannot plus one this enough. True words from Roger Ebert.
Want the media to change? Stop rubbernecking at the car crashes. 
from Right its 4 & from left its 3.
Evening news is where they say "Good Evening" and then proceed to tell you why it isn't.
Very interesting point of view, but I don't blame the media.Too many of us watch news and don't set out to do monstrosities.
I like his opinion. The shooter would rather be someone in news than be someone in movie.
Keith B
I watched Free Willy nine times and now I can't seem to stop rescuing whales from captivity. It's a real problem. But at least it got me off my last obsession. After hours and hours of Tetris, I was always trying to stack things against the wall without any gaps. Drove my family crazy when I'd get a complete line and throw their stuff away.
+Jennifer Bailey ...what I've ALWAYS SAID AND KNOWN FOREVER: the government posts WHO,WHAT,WHEN they want you2know or have an opinion! Sure,it don't sell papers,but our society is so fucked up&eats up bad news,they r too programmed&blind2honestly want to know thee truth...sad,pathetic,but true....
Excellent point. Not surprised his interview wasn't used!
The Aurora shootings are being blamed on The Dark Knight Rises because the killer had red hair and the media assumed he was trying to emulate The Joker. The media isn't interested that he bought 6000 rounds of ammo online and no one asked any questions. 
Give up you're guns America and save lives.
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29,000 people die every day of starvation, although any loss of life is a tragedy, the hysteria is totally out of proportion when compared to a dozen who die while eating popcorn and hotdog's.
+Samantha Appleseed Any loss of life is a tragedy; that said, you may want to think about changing your profile pic to "HATE".
Except this never happens in other countries like Japan or England. In Canada it is like once in a 50 year event, and the gun probably came from America. What ever the inspiration, it is the easy access to deadly weapons that is the problem not movies or TV.
a result of society that makes people hate (and im not talking about that discrimination bullshit). 
The media is having a really bad influence on people .. I agree with the above article 100% ... its they way they show a news a 100 times a day .. because they wanna sell their news .. they want more and more gruesome news ... news involving murder .. killings and blood, so that their ratings go high .. so that the viewer count go high ... and they can make more n more $$$.. what they don't wanna realize is that this is leaving a negative influence on normal people to do abnormal things in their day to day lives!!!
Len B
We live in a very violent country with access to just about any weapon available.This is a very sad reality which I do not see changing any time soon.The NRA controls and dominates both political parties so that is why I see nothing changing.Many in the U.S believe strongly in the 2nd amendment which includes owning weapons designed specifically to kill people not animals.When was the last time you ever saw someone going hunting with an AR-15 unless you were hunting human beings.
Thoughts are things and the media constantly fills our heads with negativity, violence, etc., that manifests themselves into these "things."
Someone who wants to be on the news for these reasons must be sick in the mind. Hell anybody who kills like this guy did is sick in the mind. Something is wrong with the mental health of a number of our citizens in the nation.
Good read and thanks for being real. It's a harsh reality, but for those of us that have lived in this "reality" are dumbfounded at societies hypocritical indifference. At least that's my opinion on the subject.
So true! They are all looking to blame something that they believe could be a political stand like gun control but fail to look in the mirror!
Sincerely I would blame all society the real culprits of creating this people.
A brave comment...thanks for sharing. We don't hear enough about how the bullied feel...probably the most valuable insight that can be provided. Thanks again.
Absolutely true. Our human condition is a terrible condition, to feel the need to watch programs that show others that are worse off, or show others suffering in order to make ourselves feel better about ourselves, and give us something to gossip about around the water cooler at work. Most media is devoted to tragedy and not worth the time , although without an audience, there would be no media. 
Stay briefly informed, say a prayer for all humans, then get away from the "news" and go spend time with those you love, or need to be loved. - Thank you.
Boy! That read had some power to it!
Ebert is one of my favorites for a reason
I have seen enough violent movies and listened to enough violent music to be declared insane if I ever went on a rampage. But I'm certainly not insane or ever going to go about killing people. Entertainment is entertainment, crazy people were doing crazy things long before the entertainment explosion.
If anyone thinks that video games and/or movies "desensitize our youth" I would like to point out many things in history that prove, incontrovertibly, that isn't the case.

Before the advent of video games and films, our youth had no problems at all being violent and doing horrendous acts of cruelty.

Not so long ago, we used to watch public executions.  Not so long ago, we put guns into the hands of 16 year olds, called them men, and sent them to kill their own countrymen.
Not so long ago, there were lynchings of people of color all over the South.  Not so long ago, a whole country went along with a leader who wanted to wipe a race off the entire planet.

Not so long ago, there was an entire branch of the Catholic faith whose whole purpose was to torture people and to burn them at the stake.

I don't think video games cause our young people to be violent.

I think we teach them that well enough on our own.
Cause if it isn't bloody, violent, heart-stopping, shocking and visually attention grabbing, it just will not make the news, due to the fact that it "doesn't sell"! It would be nice if there were at leat one news group that would tell the true situation, even though it isn't what would be considered front page material.
Ask a group of people if the media influences people and shapes their thinking. Then show them one of those post-shooting programs with the talking heads condemning bad movies. Ask them if stuff like that should be banned, restricted or controlled. 
After a little discussion, see if you can steer the discussion to the biased, inflamed commentary, laced with violent film clips.

 Having agreed that media shapes peoples thinking, will the group concede that graphic images intercut with emotionally provocative commentary are even more manipulative and opinion shaping?

In my experience, folks will eagerly agree that media influence minds. They will not acknowledge that their minds were influenced by the program that makes these claims.
I've seen this demonstrated in classroom situations.

The example of from 'The Basketball Diaries' is really a great example, because of the way the film contrasts that brief fantasy with the total impotence of the central character.
I read Jim Carroll's book long ago, and did not see the film until years after. Until i actually saw it i was willing to believe that the movie some how glamorized the story.

But face it. Basketball Diaries, Monkeywrench Gang, and Waking Life have all been blamed for acts of public violence, and they all provoke independent thought.
An even more mind boggling pair are Catcher in the Rye and Taxi Driver.
'Double Plus' if your old enough to remember the violent acts that were linked to those two. :p
Perspectives seem to always be different whether or not one's head is up one's arsse. Mr Ebert seems to have his in the right place. Prayers to the victims of violence past present and future.
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That's a good post! +Roger Ebert sees things clearly, and the Sun-Times has a good policy.
+Jennifer Bailey 

"Not so long ago, there was an entire branch of the Catholic faith whose whole purpose was to torture people and to burn them at the stake."

This was a political issue in the 15th century and very misinterpreted. The purpose was to maintain order and stability in Catholic Spain; anarchy and religious struggles were upsetting the entire country after Isabel worked her entire life uniting Spain after the Moorish conquest. There were also abuses in the Inquisition itself, true, but that is why Isabel and the pope worked together to improve justice and fairness in the courts. Significantly more people died in the witch burning craze in England and Germany than in the Inquisition, and a very small number of those accused were actually executed. Torture was condemned and prisoners were treated well. Finally, the Middle Ages were a very brutal time and the Church was more humane than the rest of the world at the time. 

Just thought I'd point that out. Let it end there so we don't change the topic completely. 
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Couldn't agree more. Media plays a large part in shaping the society. Irresponsible journalism and those who make them are equally culpable. Then there is the failure of the so called "gate keepers" of the society who are caught napping while these incidents occur.
Thank you +Jennifer Bailey I have never read this before. And you are correct, this is the truth. Thank for bringing this post to us.
I feel and truly believe that music has a greater influence in the US certainly but perhaps beyond. In reference to our topic I would point out the song Jeremy has spoken, by Alternative band Perl Jam album Ten. Then, to add to this, the MTV video of the same song.
Haven't read the tumblr thing, but let me voice it here, that I have been saying the exact same thing since the very first time I saw school shooting being reported in the news.
And, personally, it's not only the glorification of the news portal, but giving young teens the whole idea that they CAN SUCCEED if they try doing this. Most bitter teens are too weak in character and afraid to attempt school shootings, but success stories like these can encourage them enough to attempt it.
Unfortunately there are probably some people out in the world that did the saaaame thing. It's funny though.
Good thing they didn't ask him about violent video games.
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Seems as if these killers gain more mention based on how heinous the crime they commit... The media should never air their image! Why glorify the murderers ? FOR RATINGS! THAT'S WHY!!
These crimes are committed by evil people, glorified by the media and exploited by opportunists.
Kevin A
Very true!!!!
Totally agree. today's reporters are more like actors than news men.
depending on your angle of vision tells what you see 3 then 4 this is very cool
Roger Ebert is epiphanic. The news media awaits to condemn any powerful entity such as movies, food industries, celebrities and especially politicians.
+rob Elliott thanks for sharing your story my friend, it must have been difficult for you and thank god you got through it. No one should go through what you went through and you are right something must be done about bullying in schools. I also agree with roger's article. Just today I lunched de CNN sight and there it was front page this monster's face and it's been there since the day of the shooting, and thought well he got what he wanted they are making him famous. The media loves this stories and they make it about trying to understand this creep's mind over analyzing his life as if he were someone important just for the ratings. They talk more about him than the victims and the horror they and their families went through. One more thing how the heck does a guy buys 6000 rounds of bullets on line?? That should not be allowed. Guns are not toys, and they should be tightly controlled no matter what the constitution or the dudes at the NRA say. That's my humble opinion.
Thank you+Jennifer Bailey. Our news media has broadcast nothing but the shooting in Aurora for the entire weekend. I did share your post.
Violent movies/games are always the scapegoat, these people want pandemonium. I dont know if there are any preventative measures. All i can do as a father/husband is protect mine. And if the circumstance were ever to arise, try my best to preserve human life. Its so insane that it has come to this, i really would hope that anyone that knows someone who exhibits any signs of anything strange would try to get them help.

I appreciate what Mr. Ebert said. He hit the nail square. "The guise of explaining."
Mass Murder, Suicide, and Murder seem to be connected in that the perp fantasizes about the attention he will get. You could blame that mistaken belief on the afterlife mythology that is part of religion, if you like. If death is total oblivion a person might not feel that he can gloat at the suffering he got if he can't enjoy the attention he is getting. The criminal who wants to survive his mayhem may know that.
The root of this crime lies deep in what we value as a people, I think. If that idea offends you than you have shadowed emotions to thank. It isn't guns or violent movies, it is something in all of us, perhaps it is how we DON"T notice others, especially those who are checking out and moving off into delusional thinking. This is related the the recent shocking announcement that 40% of us have shown signs of a major psychological disorder at sometime in our lives. Despite what the do-gooders and polyannas that seem to abound ( enneatype 2 and 3) there is something pathologic in the center of our civilization that may be the very things we most value. Think about that!
Another clue is that about 20 years ago I worked in Tech Support at a major mainframe company in Silicon Valley. As you can imagine that was a stressful job in which we had to defer to our customers who were influential. Every week or so a bunch of the people there liked to go and find the most violent action film to see, and there are plenty of those around to see, still are. I don't really like such films; I'm too affected by them, but what this says is that people are generally so numbed out, they are expected to keep their emotion under tight control that they need to find a release. I think that is why sports are so important. This could be a value that leads to explosions in people who are not practiced at finding constructive outlets for emotions, or who generally do not let their emotions show. The shooter in Co. is described as a "nerd", these are often type 5's on the Eneagram of Personality and they have trouble with this. It will come out that the guy had some crisis, but WRT my earlier comment, the significant thing about us generally is that we DIDN'T notice.
Yep. Fuckin yep. BA mainstream media
OK, this s still on my mind, but one more thought. I don't drive, poor eyesight, so walking around town I get to see the homeless who live even in the rich suburb I live in, not speaking for myself, believe me. What those people show is how invisible the problems that lead to  tragedy are to most people. Even if you could know which people were in danger, and we don't, it is far too easy not to notice them at all. So, that is what I'm getting at when I say that the problem is what we don't notice. That is why these events, and there are many lesser ones each day, seem to blindside people so.
That's true. The media glorifies all the wrong people. (:
Eh easy to get guns had nothing to do with it right?
Or perhaps this was just some socially misaligned crazy person who took their craziness out on innocent people? Please folks, lets not make this into something it's not. There are just somethings in life that you cannot prevent.
most def this is so true but a good violent song movie all adds up we all wanner be someone else sometime or other thats what comes out of being ignored to long we all wanner kill half the time some of us are just scared of the out come so we don,t do it but if we could and get away with it i personally would like to shoot half my rent office all the job centre people and thats just a few to mention lol stop talking and start listening if you did u would see the change in that person to be able to prevent these thing i,m sure all the signs were the just got ignored . 
Main stream media can desensitize us to anything, sex, drugs, bad language, and even violence. But who we are as individuals, our intelligence, and how we deal with the world around us, ergo how tightly your head is screwed on... That is what makes the difference. Most of us can tell the difference between TV and reality, and no mater how frustrated we might become things like this are never any more than an obscene fantasy locked tightly away in our minds and would never dare to make any of it reality. Our heads are screwed on tightly.
About six months ago I stopped watching any news program due to their idea that showing murder, rape and war were newsworthy. I haven't been happier!! If the news is massive, I guarantee someone will tell you about it, otherwise, why worry about everyone else's problems when you have your own to deal with? Not saying I don't care, but the best thing I can do in this world is take care of myself and help others at the same time. 
yah I think i would agree to Lucas James.. :)
morgs p
agreed, no news is good news
Network news is will promote any big story shamelessly. Natural events, plane crashes, criminal events of famous person , it doesn't matter as long as the talking heads can create urgency or an frantic fascination to mesmerize the viewers. Viewers = Money
Ebert is a dolt.   He calls for the end of the Second Amendment and he wouldn't have a job without it, because that one Amendment insures all others, stand.  

Media, along with, the lack of parental skills, do, work to cause apathy, as well as, aid in forming a fantasy-based life style for some.

He's profited from these films, so, can a rational person, truly, expect him to malign their influence?
This is possibly the first time I've ever said this. I agree with Roger Ebert. 
The problem is the news can not condemn itself, it would have restrictions on what it could do or say or when, that will be why this point of view will not be aired obtuse new programms
I do agree w u tho i must say violent movies music etc can influence or brainwash a unbalanced mind
this seems like a really convenient thing for roger ebert to believe.
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