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You're telling me the women's team gymnastics FINAL isn't even being broadcast on TV live.  If I want to watch it, I have to stream this bullshit.

Holy.  Shit.  +NBC You could not suck more.
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they could suck more but it would involve them streaming it only over at&t and only to iPhones...
The streaming isn't as bad as the broadcasting ...they don't talk in most cases.  But yeah ..NBC is blowing it.  2 weeks from now there will be an announcement that this was the lowest rated Olympics on television and then blame it on the online streaming. 
It's all about the ad revenue slots, unfortunately...
Wait... the olympics are happening right now?  /sarcasm?
I know what it is, they are going to broadcast it tonight during Primetime.

Stupid.  Stupid.  Stupid.

Sorry +YouTube sucks in large ways and I'm buffering 50% of the time on a 50mb/s down 10mb/s up broadband.
yeah ..they went with the cheapest and ugliest streaming out there as to drive people into a frenzy to watch the HD version in Primetime. 
just shows that Comcast is not very good at programming even with their new toy NBC  bet it is on pay per view 
I had the Red, White, Blue PPV that one year and LOVED it talking, just sport 24/7.  
There are fucking ads on the YouTube stream- even after I had to login to my PAID Cable provider.

Oh holy hell.  Fuck you straight up +NBC I've been a loyal NBC watcher for decades and this is really, seriously disappointing in so many ways.

The worst though?  How you removed the dance/song in memory of the London Underground bombing victims in the US Primetime broadcast.   /smh
#NBCfail   #NBCLame  I could think of countless more for this one.  My best friend here is very ticked off, he's an Olympic fan like none other that I know personally.  What a crock! :\
want to get really miffed ? I have yet to see one podium. Not one national anthem of any country.  They NEVER show the medal awarding if it's not for swimming, gymnastics or something historical. 
One more reason we don't watch national TV. We don't subscribe to cable or any of that stuff.
The thing that really annoys me is that 90% of Americans probably don't even give a shit.  They're clueless about any of it. 

Ugh, I want to defect sometimes.
yes, I know +Sheilia Millier and I think that's complete bullshit.  Tape Delayed, edited.

I'm watching the YouTube stream, after logging into my paid cable provider, and being interrupted by ads every 5 minutes. 

It's a gigantic fail.
NBC's entire coverage of the Olympics is a fucking fail. 
Or just watch the news before the evening broadcast. NBC News: Now with Olympic Spoilers!
I haven't seen any ads yet on the streaming of the archery competitions. Maybe the ads are limited to certain high profile events or perhaps the cable company is associated with it?
+Jennifer Bailey I couldn't agree more, I haven't paid for Cable / Satellite or any of that stuff in years now.  I use Netflix for movies ( Mostly on my phone when having to play the waiting game some place ), but I've refused to give money to companies that have just done nothing but bend you over and..... I'll stop there ;p  Don't wish to offend anyone.  But you get my meaning.
I've got an ad playing right now on my archery feed (Chi. Taipei womens) and I have DIRECT TV.  

and I bet you solid money, that the most broadcast event in these olympics is Women's Beach Volleyball.  I bet every match they can is put on broadcast. 
NBC has failed with their coverage since last Friday. It is what it is. 
It was funny to see an advertisement for Panasonic and then have an overlay ad for The Lorax appear on it.
^^^ I'm in no fucking mood for this bullshit.
Tony - damn, my post is supposed to be under Rodrigos.  Cut and paste :p  lol
NBC Blows! all the events are pre recorded then played over the different channels they control.  I just have been watching the medal count through yahoo sports
yep. their apps are pretty pathetic too. 
Jennifer - I kind of figured that. No worries.
OH my god which Gymnast has Loreena McKennitt for the floor exercise music, I love her just because of that <3 (It's playing right now but in the background)
And the cable networks wonder why people are dropping them left and right. Live sporting events are the only thing they have left, and they fuck that up too.

I bet +J.P. Harvey is right, though.
Live TV coverage in Canada
I can't get to it - probably because I'm in the US
Careful publishing negative comments about the coverage +Jennifer Bailey you might have your account suspended like Guy Adams who is a  writer for the UK’s Independent... Lost his twiter account.
That was Twitter because Twitter and NBC are in bed together.  Google isn't.
First Olympics in my 44 years that I am NOT watching..  I recorded the Opening Ceremony to watch, but before I did, saw that NBC decided NOT to show the tribute....I deleted the opening and never saw it.  I will no longer support any show on NBC...which sucks, since I LOVE Biggest Loser (only show I watch on NBC anyways..) ... Oh well..  I am done with NBC.  Period!
Was just at the mechanic getting my car looked at, it was on the TV there. 

But I'm in Canada, so... you know. eh.
Feeling a little jipped by NBC. I was under the impression that they would be live streaming on NBCOlympics and YouTube. All it is just archive footage of stuff already aired like swimmng. I understand were about six to eight hours behind from Britian but this is just like the Vancouver covering not cool. Frankly the only cool thing I caught live so far is basketball, water polo, and beach volleyball.
The Live Streams are on YouTube.  It totally blows.
All that matters is swimming and volleyball apparently...I went to watch Fencing online and the link took me to women's soccer, go figure.
Thank you Jennifer for the prompt and courteous correction
+Tony Miller I've been watching a lot of Judo, Fencing, and Archery and I'm getting tons of ads.  They are a bit more tactful of where to put them in Archery though, since the rounds are so quick.  Judo I'll come back to the start of a match though T_T
+Renee Hupp YouTube is not Complete without those ads we hold dear :)
So far the Fencing medal live stream has been ad free.

I am really liking it.  The people in the audience know what they're watching and react accordingly.

It's really nasty and visceral. I dig it :D
I'm on a trip in the us and I can't stream teh Olympics for jack shit
This isn't the youtube one!  This is the NBC/Comcast one!  I figure I'm paying for comcast I may as well use it to the fullest extent...although I wish there was ANY other cable company where I live that offered the channels I watch.
+Jennifer Bailey Pretty much.  Also, crappy work Mac + crappy work internet so if there is one thing I do have to give NBC is that they have a better Compression rate...I don't have to wait every five seconds for buffering.
+Mark Adams I was hoping that we would be getting something here on BBCA...but nothing
Not only is it live and commercial free on several regular BBC channels, the BBC added 25 extra channels (for free) just for the Olympics, so not a single event is missed. I'm watching from Spain on   our free satellite service.
Sorry hate to rub salt in the wound.
We're living in the end times when Canada has better media coverage of the Olympics than the USA.  And I'm saying this as a baffled Canadian.
Damn I missed the Swimming results while watching Fencing gold medal match.  Grrr - who won>
All I'm getting from my end is not Phelps XD
Its a ratings game. They are replaying all the big events that people want to see in the evening when most people are home to watch.
Are you going to youtube to watch +Jennifer Bailey ?  I'm watching the live stream from NBColympics and am not getting adds (I do have to log in via satellite provider).

I still am upset they are not airing live, but am liking that I can watch the sports I want streamed.  And with little or no commentary.  I'm still mad at NBC's #nbcfail  of the Vancouver Olympics.  We didn't even get to see it live even when it was in our own time zone.  
And if you want to stream it you need to have cable which is ridiculous. Net neutrality my ass.... will get you LIVE access to the games.
Well at least for some of this, it pushed us over the edge to cut out cable.  
I have to agree... I'm in South Africa and we have like 8 dedicated channels on the paid provider and the free one shows it live if a South African is in the semi or final... It's quite ridiculous. I watched the gymnastics final live!
because at the end of th eday, people still go back and watch anyway just to see it
VPNed BBC coverage is 10x better than NBC and cost 5 bucks a month or a little more. 
That's what I do Rarian! Of course BBC is a non-profit organization. NBC doesn't have that luxury.
PBS should be well funded enough to be doing the same thing. 
The Republicans would never allow that!
That is a Democrat fault! They messes with everything!
Yup not only do you have to stream it, but your ISP will have to give you a login so you can stream it. A login that allows your cable provider/ISP to control content. Content that they don't even own. But NBC is OK with that because they exchange millions of dollars on a regular basis. You see, the Olympics this year is part of a business plan to allow our ISPs to control online content. Because they want to put Hulu, Netflix, and similar out of business.
The irony is, NBC has content on the streaming services that the ISPs want to put out of business. NBC needs to wake the fuck up and get a clue.
+Fred Bulger Please tell me you are being sarcastic.
+George Salgueiro You want to try that sentence again?
+Jennifer Bailey not everything is broadcasted. There's only one body that films it and they aren't NBC. But NBC may choose to not show the footage they receive.
The big problem is really the IOC International Olympics Committee. It shouldn't allow a monopoly on broadcasting, because lack of competition generates things like this. I truly believe the IOC should be producing an independent unbiased Internet TV stream of all the events and heats freely available to everyone in the world, so we have a choice of whether to watch a neutral broadcast or a biased patriotic broadcast from any of the competing countries. #internationalolympicscommittee #IOC  
Indeed, it's hard to reconcile the status quo with the IOC Charter, which reads, "The IOC takes all necessary steps in order to ensure the fullest coverage by the different media and the widest possible audience in the world for the Olympic Games."
are you sure that isn't from their manual from 40 years ago? They seem more anti-fullest coverage and anti-widest audience these days.
but yes, I truly believe that the Olympics, World Cup and any other top events need a minimum of 2 broadcast national stations presenting it., and a world unbiased presentation from the governing body.
One body that I can think of that is doing this, there are probably more, is the Eurovision Song Contest that takes place in May. It's all about putting on a show for the people (unlike #ioc ) and has the central internet broadcast, and most competing nations have their own national broadcast.
I think Americans might be getting a raw deal on this whole NBC thing...

The BBC set up an extra 24 Live channels that are broadcast free on freesat; unfortunately only one is available on freeview; but all are available online to everyone for free via iPlayer... I think that makes 26 channels total or something that cover the olympics. Not sure though.
+Andy Reeves You are correct - I think there might be 27 though with BBC One, BBC Three and I think BBC HD is broadcasting separately to BBC Two (and is sometimes in 3D) and then the 24 HD streams on Astra/Eutelsat (Freesat/Sky/Ordinary receiver).

NBC has to be the worst Olympic broadcaster, but the BBC has to be the best!
I just stumbled on your replies (I happened to open up "all notifications")... I'm apparently getting a raw deal on G+ notifications too..... I don't think I even got Ian's direct notification?....
I'm sure there must be loads of replies to me other places too - but G+ notifications drop down isn't quite up to the job.

Although I'm sure the BBC's doing a great job at it, I still treat their Olympic coverage a monopoly too. The IOC needs to provide it to at least 2 of the UK broadcasters. Why should all that fun (and effort) be limited to the BBC?
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