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Here is our new member of the family - Leeloo

She's a Pomeranian - 10.5 weeks old :)

She's awesome! and sweet and really good. I will probably spoil her rotten
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It... looks like a fox that got shoved into a dryer on 'fluff' setting o_o That has to be the cutest thing ever

How old is Leeloo? :D
hahaha +Rebecca Blain she totally does, doesn't she?! :D

Her birthday was 2/29/12 so that'll be almost 11 weeks? I haven't actually counted.....
somebuddy spent WAY too much time in the dryer
Is she a puppy or just tiny? You can never tell with the small breeds.
+Jason ON she's a baby - 10.5 weeks - she will probably only max out at 5 pounds though :D
That's a tiny dog -- don't sit on her! Or feed her to the cat.
It's Hard to find that in Fiji, I wish I would have One, for Loving, Caring and Snuggling Purposes!!! :)
Congrats! She 's so beautiful
Pom's are about the only tiny dog I would own, they are fantastic pets.
Adorable, mine is 5lbs and spoiled rotten and loved by all. Congrats on the new fur baby
Cute dog.... Now you need a Feline....
chuchi ku......cute.....loveng it
isnt that dangerous? that little cute pomeranian.
yes! so sweet~!!Is it Pomeranian?
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.........i want to hug it.
very funny, if there is more bai cat out like this, I'll keep it :)
Hey Jennifer , This puppy of ur's is so adorable !!!
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