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Here is our new member of the family - Leeloo

She's a Pomeranian - 10.5 weeks old :)

She's awesome! and sweet and really good. I will probably spoil her rotten
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It... looks like a fox that got shoved into a dryer on 'fluff' setting o_o That has to be the cutest thing ever

How old is Leeloo? :D
hahaha +Rebecca Blain she totally does, doesn't she?! :D

Her birthday was 2/29/12 so that'll be almost 11 weeks? I haven't actually counted.....
somebuddy spent WAY too much time in the dryer
Is she a puppy or just tiny? You can never tell with the small breeds.
+Jason ON she's a baby - 10.5 weeks - she will probably only max out at 5 pounds though :D
That's a tiny dog -- don't sit on her! Or feed her to the cat.
Congrats! She 's so beautiful
más lindo ese perito
Adorable, mine is 5lbs and spoiled rotten and loved by all. Congrats on the new fur baby
Cute dog.... Now you need a Feline....
chuchi ku......cute.....loveng it
isnt that dangerous? that little cute pomeranian.
yes! so sweet~!!Is it Pomeranian?
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.........i want to hug it.
very funny, if there is more bai cat out like this, I'll keep it :)
Hey Jennifer , This puppy of ur's is so adorable !!!
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