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This is Feng Zhu, exceptional professional Concept artist for a myriad type of projects; film, TV and games.  I love his skill with loose painting.

Because he's got mounds of knowledge about value, contrast, composition and color - his work looks excellent even in this sketched and loose manner.  In fact this video is about doing 4 thumbnails in about 2 hours to show to an Art Director for MMO landscapes.

You can find his work here  He also runs a school :)
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I would guess so - that makes sense :)  It's sped up of course, so it goes fast and you can't see the PS menus but yeah, probably.
Great share. Amazing :)
Because the video is sped up it gives the impression of layers Gary, if you listen in at 36:51 he gives his reasoning why. Cheers, Robert 
I know right?  He's soo so so good.  I love that he does so many videos!
Absolutely - if I could get away to Singapore for a year?  I'd go.  In a _heartbeat_ 
I liked how he used the flip and skew to see different views and find discrepancies.
Wonder what you would call his style?, modern tech impressionist?
excellent stuff!
Haha, Gary -- you'd call it 'Concept Art' for film and games -- that's exactly what it is ;)
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