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Camelot Unchained Kickstarter

Pure Player vs. Player massively multiplayer online RPG goodness!  By none other than the Developers who brought us Dark Age of Camelot.  
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I love the artwork for this game, but the "no PVE" concept just isn't up my alley.  I loved Dark Age of Camelot, but I tended to focus mostly on the PVE content.
When it hit 800k in a matter of hours, I thought it had it in the bag. Since then, donations have trickled to molasses, and at the rate it's going after that first day, it doesn't appear it'll hit its mark, unless there's another sudden infusion of backers. 

It's also interesting in how few low dollar donations there are to the game, though in retrospect, a niche game that appeals to the hardcore likely isn't going to garner casual interest. 

Here's hoping it beats the odds. I'd donate more, but one person can only do so much. :D
Ooh, that just might suck me back into MMORPGs. 
Indie games need to go multi-platform now for money. I really wish they would start releasing cash donations by OS so other developers would see the validity of developing for Linux. 

Linux users are already at about Mac user numbers on Steam. And Steam for Mac has had years. Developing only for Windows = Death to Indie Games. 
No worries I have not yet donated but I will. :-) 
As a real DAoC Fan from the original on up till the demise, I can't wait to see what they offer on this game.  I'm very interested in it, but I can't seem to pull myself from being tugged by Elder Scrolls Online either.  Argh!  It's going to be a tough one! :)
just wish i had the patience to wait two and a half years! 
You have a couple years +Robert Wright to play ESO before Camelot Unchained comes out.

If you read the whole post, those worried about it being too "niche" well, that is the entire point of the whole game - to create one for people who just want this kind of gameplay.

They say they can survive on 30k subs just fine and keep developing content, though they figure they will have more around 100k most likely.  

This game is for a niche market absolutely, but there is nothing at all wrong with that and I for one cannot wait to test it and play it.  I know how well they do games.
I hope they succeed. Niche is often negatively connotated, but it shouldn't. I know what trying to cater to the sharply defined audience "everyone" does to GW2. I hope TESO retains the more mature setting and style of the Elder Scrolls games and leaves gadget-building gnomes and extreme shoulderpads to WoW and weird looking legendary weapons and extreme pop culture references and gags like the "Super Adventure Box" to GW2.

From CU I expect Realm vs Realm. This won't be enough to keep the majority of players. But hopefully it prevents said RvR experience to be watered down by trying to cater to the casual gamer, the hardcore raider, the arena pvp only specialists or the no pvp ever audience.

This said, I truly regret that it isn't "more" on the other hand, as I would totally prefer an Arthurian/Norse/Celtic themed MMO world to Azeroth, Tyria or Tamriel.
There is a type of PvE but it's unlike anything we've seen before.  There is no loot at all, no tokens, no anything.  All gear is crafted. A Crafter is a class!

The Depths is like an AI dungeon.  It's got an opening to the Veil inside.  I mean... these guys do lore right in every possible way, I seriously cannot wait. 

Besides, RvR is the most fun, ever.  Taking keeps, choke holds on gates, defending towers/bridges/castles.  Gah, it is the best!
Then again I always played tactically - I sent out Scouts, I tried to get people thinking logistically whenever I was out in the Frontier.  If someone else was leading, I'd lieutenant, but I'd take the lead if the Frontier was leaderless.  Sometimes it worked - sometimes people just wanted to run teams of 8 and go get the leet RRs.  I was never into running teams of 8, I did it - but I preferred actual tactical combat.
Niche games usually ARE the best - for those in the niche.  Why? Because they embrace their niche-ness and don't dilute the game by trying to cater to all. :)
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+Jennifer Bailey - Oh yeah, what I meant was if I'm still playing TESO at the time this one comes out, it will be a tough call.  And yes, this is a Niche game indeed and it should be.  To me, gaming companies need to quit catering to the "Everyone" crowd and get back to what gaming used to be anyway.  That is, if you don't like it, you don't buy or play it, you get what you do like and go with that.

To me, this is what has watered down MMO's over the past 8 years or so.  They try to cater to everyone and that's impossible.  The old saying is "You can't please everyone, all the time.  So why try!"  which holds true for gaming in my opinion.  Having a game like this, that caters to a specific group of gamers is a good thing.

Back when DAoC was new, you only had really EQ that was huge but the PvP from what I can remember in EQ was nothing compared to DAoC which Mythic later ruined with ToA and could really never recover from it.  But I toughed it out almost 6 years in DAoC and miss it dearly, tried going back but I can't handle certain aspects of it.  So I'm EXTREMELY eager to see what they're offering. 
Yeah I wonder about that myself Amine - makes no sense why people wait to pledge.  But I think a lot of people wait til the very end for whatever reason.

If you pledge, you don't get charged a thing unless it funds.  /shrug  It's the best worry-free shopping there is!
+Jennifer Bailey - plz cam wit me. 

Sorry, I just had to poke fun at our indian/middle eastern friends. 

Anyway, this game looks very promising. Hopefully, this is will take off. I am probably going to pledge some money myself, even though I am not a huge MMO player. 
The comment about why wait is important because one of the 'knocks' against CU right now is it's relatively low backer number. One suggestion I heard from Xirrin of the Opposition Podcast was to simply pledge $5 now if you think you might be interested. That will help bump up the backer number and make it look more viable to people. Then the last couple days of the campaign you can either decide to increase to the $25 level which is basically a discounted pre-order or just roll with $5.

Also, ALL Kickstarter projects dwindle in pledges after the first few days. Even Torment, which now holds the title of highest backed video game on Kickstarter Ever with $4.1 million, had days in the sub $10k range. Per the Kickstarter site - 80% of projects that get at least 50% funded within the first week are successful. In the last two days of the project, as it looks like CU is getting close, you'll have current backers uping their pledge amount and people on the fence jumping in. Shouldn't be hard to literally pull down another $500k in the last two days alone based on other video game KS projects.

Anyways :-) Go support an indie developer (with 30 years experience) trying to SELF-PUBLISH a revolutionary MMO. This is how we are going to keep PC Gaming healthy folks!
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