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Jennifer Bailey

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©jennifer bailey scorhill stone circle, dartmoor This is probably my favorite shot of my recent trip to England, or well, at least one of them. :)  The walk to this place, while seeming wild and remote, is not very far - probably less than a mile to find it.  The wonderful thing about Dartmoor is that all you need to do is crest a hill and you feel as if you've left all civilization behind. This stone circle is newer, built in the B...
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Jennifer Bailey

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So, I'm trying to figure out why Bernie Sanders panties are in a bunch.  It's quite evident that the top 20% pays most of the taxes already.  He wants more inequality then??
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+Leonard Suskin The numbers are different because their scope is different. CBO focuses solely on federal government activities whereas the TF analysis attempts to assess the impact at the federal, state and local level. The net tax point made by the OP is relevant even when looking at the CBO data. The bottom 60% is paying no net tax. 
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Jennifer Bailey

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I cannot share my other website - yet - it's incomplete and I'm just not ready for people to be poking around yet!   However, when I have a site that I've photographed that has Folklore associations it goes to that site, not to my photo blog and so, I still wanted to share this photo because this location is so unique.

This is Wistman's Wood in Dartmoor - one of the last remnant ancient high altitude oakwoods on the moor.  It is well documented and has been written about for hundreds of years, it's quite famous and the walk to see it isn't very long or arduous, just under two miles.

I'm not writing very much about it because it's all on my other site :P
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green in all of the shades
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Jennifer Bailey

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I just want to share...   that if you ever wonder about me or think my interests are vague or niche.. well, they are.   ;)  I found this article today thanks to Google Trends, a few keywords I have saved.

I could have written this book.  I'm a bit annoyed/surprised/delighted (yes, all those) someone decided to.  I thought those of that ilk were pretty rare indeed, let alone a publishing house deciding to print something related to it.  Dash it all, I lost my chance ;)

But no, seriously.... I could have written this book. <3
The Land of the Green Man by Carolyne Larrington shows how supernatural stories can help us understand reality.
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That is the nature of science. We change our understanding of things based on new evidence.
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Jennifer Bailey

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This was our view out from the cottage we stayed at in the Scottish Highlands in May.  You can see Blair Castle bright and blaring in the middle of the glen, reflecting it's bright white for all the surrounding area to see.  I just love how castles command the area they reside in presence. This was the one lucky morning that graced the glen we stayed in with sunlight.  It was just after dawn, crisp and cold and utterly silent.  Bir...
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Lol. Excellent Point . 
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Jennifer Bailey

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I love this account so much.  I have seen this kind of pretentious bullshit for years, Instagram doesn't have a corner market on people acting like douches and pretending to be superior to everyone else.

People who act like this Hipster Barbie is mocking = we know you're full of shit.  We're laughing at you.
Spoof social media account mocks "fake" lifestyles of smartphone shutterbugs
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Is there any other way? #sophomoricplatitude   #dalailamaquotegoeshere  
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Jennifer Bailey

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The last day of our recent trip to the UK my husband decided to take off work so we could get a little bit more adventuring in.  We had been in London so rented a car from Heathrow and hit the road long before dawn - so we could make it out here in time. The clouds were in full force when we first got there - but there wasn't another soul.  We walked all around Avebury and Avebury Stone Row, all the while plagued with clouds.  We act...
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And of course the copse of trees at also in this list.
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Jennifer Bailey

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About a half a mile walk up a tall hill in the beautiful Cotswolds of England will find you here in this secluded site, bordered by a forest and on the other side, a field.  This is the short side of the long barrow, but it's truly gigantic and quite taller than a person standing up.  My wide-angle lens flattens it even more still.  It's really quite impressive. ©jennifer bailey 2015 belas knap long barrow There is a false entrance ...
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We have so much we don't understand about humankind's history and so much we still have to rediscover.  I hope we can re-learn it without disturbing the history (especially for those sites that may have remains buried in them - I'm not sure if all barrows do or not).
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Jennifer Bailey

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Dartmoor Ponies are a protected breed, as their numbers are vastly lower than what they once were at their height.  But they are indeed wild, even if they are incredible friendly and docile.  This beautiful white mare was heavy with foal, but chomped on the grass quite companionably for me to take some pictures of her.  You really can get quite close to them, they will let you touch them and are acclimated to people (this was on a roa...
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Apples and ham

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Jennifer Bailey

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Why do people enjoy poor quality writing so much?  Is it because it's "easier" to digest?  That has to be it, right?  I just cannot fathom it.

Been looking for a book to read, Fantasy genre -  I just finished a book from Bernard Cornwell and was monumentally underwhelmed by his prose I will not be cracking another book by him, ever.  So I see that this fellow Patrick Rothfuss is popular.  So I look him up on Goodreads and see this review at the top:

I have no interest in imagining I'm someone who is stronger, deadlier, smarter, sexier, etc. than myself - a famed hero in a milqtoast world little different from modern North America.

I read fantasy to immerse myself in strange worlds ripe with danger and conflict. To uncork primal wonders. And there is none of that in Rothfuss' book. 

His world is about as strange and dangerous as a mashed potato sandwich. His protagonist is comically overblown wish fullfillment for people who weren't popular in college. I'm absolutely mystified that this novel is so highly regarded by so many.

I welcome fans of the book to explain its appeal. Specifically:

Writing quality. I found the quality of the prose very poor. Cliches abound, the author tells rather than shows, and the language is neither poetic nor elegant. So for those who find the writing quality high, I'd like to hear some examples of writing they feel is poor quality.

Content. I have no interest in wish fullfilment in fiction. So what other content does this novel offer me as a reader? Is there something in the plot or setting that makes this novel stand out to you as exceptional?

And no one could answer reasonably. People just screamed at him, butthurt. Which is more telling than anything else, truth be told.  There was an even longer, better review that just makes me think that basically this is 50 shades of grey for the male Fantasy fan.  (Not S&M, just bad pulp writing with bad plot, bad prose and shallow characters)

But these books remain wildly popular and on lists of "Best" series out there.  I feel like I'm insane.

I think the reason why Twilight, 50 Shades and Bernard Cornwell and Rothfuss are popular HAS to be because of the level of reading comprehension required to consume it.  Right?  I mean...  there is no accounting for taste but... I'm just trying to reconcile.  

Maybe I'll try and put it into context of film.  I enjoy stupid fare like Transformers, because it's brainless eye candy entertainment.  

This possibly the same kind of thing?
The only reason I hold out with skepticism is because of the protestations of most of the reviews -- they claim it's one of the BEST THINGS EVER WRITTEN and I just have to scratch my head.  Wha??
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Well said +Michael O'Reilly !!
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Jennifer Bailey

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We stopped here on our last day in Scotland - it was a dreary grey and rainy day.  It rained a LOT in Scotland, despite all my efforts at trying to plan our trip during the (historically) driest time of the year. Ah well, it was a really great trip anyway :) Glamis Castle (pronounced glahms) is really quite something.  It's been in the same family since the 14th century and it's still owned by them.  Similar to most other privately o...
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So beautiful 
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Jennifer Bailey

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This castle is nestled right in the middle of the village of Blair Atholl, in Glen Garry.  I was not able to take any photographs of the interior - they would much rather you purchase the book.  It wasn't very grand, truth be told.  It was a home, despite how marvelous it looks on the outside.  It did have some magnificent artifacts inside.  If you love Scottish history, this is definitely a place to see. This Castle is pretty steepe...
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Just'a good ol' boys
Never meanin' no harm.
Beats all you never saw
Been in trouble with the law
Since the day they was born
Staightnin' the curves
Flatnin the hills
Someday the mountain might get 'em
But the law never will
Makin' their way
The only way they know how
That's just a little bit more
Than the law will allow.
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