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#mybeautifulearth    Guess I better add something to the hashtag :)

Cornwall coast from Tintagel headland.
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Coders and programmers, I have a question :)  

I have been excited to post about this for awhile!  My youngest son is 15 and is interested in coding and programming.  His high school programming class has really sparked his interest so much that he wants to change his major from Chemistry to Comp Sci.

We of course just want him to be happy in his chosen profession and want to give him all the tools available and this is where my question comes in.

What kinds of things can he be doing right now to learn?   (More than one question coming!)   What kind of work avenues possible have science related applications?  I'm just thinking if he could tie his two passions into a lifelong career that would be optimal.

What's a project he could do over the summer to get him started?  Could he try writing an App?  What should he be learning at the start?

He's ridiculously capable of anything, he just needs a lil' nudge.  Can you guys help me help him? :)
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Programming :-) 
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Jennifer Bailey

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Interior, Warwick Castle

It was a little creepy, these rooms.  They had wax figures in them all.  I mean, I understand why you would do it - to show what people might be doing at the time - but there was also voice-over pumped through some sound system of the people talking.  It was slightly off-putting if I'm being honest.  But the rooms were grand and the natural light was beautiful.
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Hell, it creeps me out just looking at!
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Jennifer Bailey

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So I just finished HBO's True Detective.  

Couple things crossed my mind as I watched.  Well, many things.   I've determined unfortunately that once you have seen Law & Order SVU, every plot for an abduction case has been done.  I've seen them all.  Yes, SVU might be more cheese, but the plots are recycled.

The script was good.  People spoke intelligently when it was appropriate and like a dumbass when that was appropriate.  I liked that -- not enough shows are consistent in this way.

A lot of things used in the show to produce "horror" have been done in books.  A lot.  I saw so many tropes and overused stylizations.  I am beginning to be really disappointed with commercial content - and I find this a tragedy, since I enjoy consuming it so much.   Therein lies the problem.  I've read too many books and seen too many films!  

Another thing I've noticed about the genre - it's depressing.  I believe people enjoy watching other people's train wreck lives to make them feel less like a train wreck.  It's sad.  And empty.  

All in all, it's a well produced show.  Worthy of any acting accolades that comes it's way.  I enjoyed the way it was procedurally set up - the flashbacks and moving through the whole story.   But there were too many nods to other books/films/stories in it for any originality to bleed through.  The last episode in particular, I actually just sort of rolled my eyes at the 'underground lair' of the 'big bad' - it was drawn almost directly from Terry Goodkind's The Omen Machine Hex Mage's lair.  

Also, the use of creepy carnival music lilting behind the bad guy's scenes was...  well, I thought it hilarious and obvious.  Ah well.

Maybe next season HBO!  (Maybe, just maybe, consult people who have heard/read/seen all this stuff so you might actually stumble up on something new. :P)
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I never said I hated it +Jake Kern not sure why you would think that.  I watched the whole thing!  I just was mostly disappointed.
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Jennifer Bailey

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Because I always love to start my Sundays out with a little (a lot) controversy.  Hahaha :D
Interesting Experiment
My guess is the results of this aren't as extreme as this video indicates but I definitely think it reveals an accurate picture of society in relation to this particular issue.  Watch until the end.
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Laura L
I love this.. at first you think it's kind of obnoxious until you realize that almost NOBODY pays attention when he says HELP the poor.. but he definitely gets a reaction when he goes about it from a "negative" way. So if the end justifies the means, are the poor really getting fucked?
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2014 Mini Cooper Countryman

That's how I spent my Spring Break :)   The time between Minis is getting shorter and shorter.  I want to collect them like my desk top toys 8)
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My dream car.......
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Jennifer Bailey

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Got a new desk, situated my computer.  Turned it on - and my external HD -- with all my music and raw photos on it, decided to go tits up.  It's weird.  It renamed the drive to something basic (like when you plug it in for the first time) and then seemed to forget anything I've done to the drive for the past year.

So I have nothing from July 2013 on the drive.  But everything before is fine.

I lost every ounce of music I have.  Thankfully my husband has it all too.  I lost 8 months of photos.  I'm running a chkdsk right now - none of the undelete programs worked at all.  They found zero deleted files.  It's like when I plugged it in, it somehow reverted to a snapshot of the drive in July 2013. 

Technology pisses me off when it doesn't work.  I know it was something stupid that Windows did - like I plugged it back into a different USB slot and that made the computer fussy.  Weirder things have happened.

In any event, I'm a sad panda :/

(Actually really I'd just love to probably punch someone, repeatedly, til they bled.   That'd probably help :P )
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Does technology turn us all into gibbering wrecks trying to prevent that fatal blow?
My counter plan is growing. I love soft fruits and get really excited as the plants start to bud up. No stress in that. Unless you take into account watering! Have they got enough - too much? Do I need to prune?

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Jennifer Bailey

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Highgate Cemetery.  The east bit - the shoddy side, the new side that isn't as special as the west side that needs a booking.  I'll get to that one, one of these days, I love mausoleums :)  

It was cool to walk around here though - and by new I mean Victorian :)
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Very cool, very interesting..
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How many websites or social media accounts do you have?  

I tell ya - I've got three domains of my own.  For no reason, either.  Just hobbies.  One I've had for over 14 years.  One is my "brand" (jensketch) except, I don't really sell anything.  I was going to, but I can't be arsed.  Then, 'sketch' doesn't work for photography so I made 'jensnap' but, good gracious, big whoop.  I'm not selling anything there either. 

I've always heard all the "experts" (loosely used) exclaim mightily that you should keep just one subject on your website/blog.  I think I've trumpeted this BS myself before.

But I'm feeling differently now.  Let it fly to the wind. Who cares what you do on your own personal site?  SPAM it with whatever you want.  

No one looks at it anyway :D

(Thanks to +Markham Lane for the nice image.  I found it on a google image search for "social media and blog exhaustion" for what it's worth :) )
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I have come to the conclusion that what Google likes above all is chaos, so I just publish what I need to publish in terms of information and pay zero attention to SEO. As a result we have over 800 pages of content focused on North Carolina. And lo and behold it works. We have great SEO and our site produces 80% of our mid-seven figure revenue. My sense is that by the time you figure out what you are supposed to do the world has moved, so just do what you need to do :-)
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Jennifer Bailey

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Make a wish! 

The house next to us is for sale and they haven't taken very good care of the lawn in a while.  All the more wishes for us. :)
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when i was a little girl ,i would love to get these and blow the seeds away in the air 
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Why is this considered a landmark? It is probably the only reason it still gets business. It feels so dated inside, so tacky. I didn't find the charm in it at all. The food was inedible, I had the "Sardis shrimp" and it was absolutely terrible. I ate the bread and butter for my meal. Total waste of time as pre-theater dinner.
Food: Poor to fairService: Very goodDecor: Poor to fair
Public - 10 months ago
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Took my daughter and her friends here on a weekend for her 16th birthday - she wanted a French atmosphere and this fit the bill nicely. Not a bad walk from Times Square. We had the table right near the door, but had a view of the whole restaurant. It's a tight fit but the charming all the same. Food was very good and timing of the meal was well paced, we did not feel rushed or dragged out. Had an enjoyable time and would go again.
Food: Very goodService: Very goodDecor: Very good
Public - 10 months ago
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A staple of New York now - quite good food and if you eat late (past 9:30pm) it has a club atmosphere that is very cool, even past its prime as a "hot spot." They do a particularly good filet mignon here and their house salad dressing is spectacular.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Good
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My favorite place to eat in New York - mostly because the ambiance is just spectacular. Locals frequent this place and it has *zero* tourist flair. The food is excellent and the wait staff helpful, friendly and prompt.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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19 reviews
Great steaks, of course. Ambiance is a bit quiet and muted... that is never my favorite but it is comfortable.
Food: ExcellentDecor: GoodService: Good
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Very good food and the Prix Fixe menu is very reasonable. Comfortable and charming atmosphere - come to enjoy a relaxed four course meal and sit back and enjoy your coffee with good food and good conversation. Perfect place for one of those long relaxing dinners.
Food: Very goodService: Very goodDecor: Very good
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reviewed a year ago
Love it here, even if it is a bit obvious. Great fun atmosphere. Yes, it's loud but it's alive and happening and that's fun.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Good
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reviewed a year ago