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Jennifer Bailey

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This was at the Caerphilly Big Cheese festival - a fun and really big event at Caerphilly Castle in June.  I don't know if they have it every year but it was going on when we visited and we had a great time.  There were reenactors and booths about medieval life and clothes and food, but also in the car park behind the Castle they had a faire set up with rides and games.  There were vendors with food and so many vendors selling various ...
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What a fantastic opportunity! Thanks for sharing the photos. 
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Jennifer Bailey

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I am not even sure where to begin with filling out this photo blog.  Some of the content is already on my woolgathering blog and I'm not altogether sure that I shouldn't just add it to there and be done with it.  But my rambles are so random that lopping in the odd travel piece with my photography is probably jarring.  Or maybe not this day and age.  I am just too varied a person to stick to one thing all the time.  My fingers are in ...
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Jennifer Bailey

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Absolutely excellent.
Why You Should Be Disturbed At College

Excellent food for thought.
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It's harder to escape a trap while scared.
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Ok genius interwebs people -- can someone explain to me the error that is happening at the bottom of this Google Webmaster Tools page here?

What is being blocked, who is doing the blocking?  Is this telling me there is a robots.txt file sneakily somewhere in my template that is telling Google somehow to not index my site?  HALP :)

(This is a follow-up to my last post about Squarespace not allowing full Google indexing in their templates)
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Damn I'm a bit crestfallen but not at all surprised.  My other WP photoblog is completely and totally indexed in 1 day by Google, images and all.  You can find my stuff, finally, if you type my name into search.  It didn't work like that before - I never even saw my own Google+ posts come up in search results -- but now that I've populated my Flickr, SmugMug, WP (and admittedly yes, Squarespace is all indexed with text only) my results are finally all over the place.

I cannot see my results WITHOUT my name attached to the search string -- but that will just be (hopefully) with time if they are ever found useful and linked to out there in the world.  I know how Google works :)

If we can only get this Squarespace thing figured out.

My personal site is merely a testing ground.  I really need a solution for my gigantic project.  Here's to hoping :)
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Jennifer Bailey

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Ok question -- is there an Map app that if I come near a previously entered location whilst traveling I can get a notification for it?  For example, we're just merrily driving down the motorway and don't really have a destination, or have a separate destination but we are within 20 miles (for example) of a previously entered site and the app/program can ping us with a "Hey! This is nearby!" kinda thing?

I wonder if IFTTT can do something like that...  Anyone have any ideas?
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I downloaded Field Trip, and while it's super cool (I found 2 historical markers within 3 miles of my house that I have no idea existed for the 13 years I've lived here!) it does not do what I want.

Thanks Mika, I am pretty sure I was clear in the original post :P but I will look at Google Keep and Now.  I just need to be able to have a customized radius.  We do not mind being notified if something is 10, 20 miles away.  That's pretty close actually.  Esp the kind of sites I'm aiming for.  
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PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: If you pay and use Squarespace - your images mostly likely are not being indexed by search engines. Yes, some of your images *might* be indexed.  But I've got the word from their own mouths they _know this is an issue_ and it will be fixed _in a future release_ sometime... with zero ETA. I could tell the whole story here, and it would be a long and arduous read.  But Google Webmaster Tools _does not l...
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No, I'm not. I don't use Google + for marketing as it does not reach my target audience.
I'm very curious, you seem to have a lot invested personally in G+. Do you or someone you know work for Google? Not a ding, I am seriously interested because the tone of your last post was rather condescending.
My other company is a marine wholesale company, we sell fish and coral. Also not very marketable on G+.

I truly like G+ for what I use it for. Guitar groups, conversing with other photographers and seeing their work (since it is usually very different from my own) as well as some tech info. Far more than Facebook actually, but G+ has never really risen to the popularity of the giant Face.
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Jennifer Bailey

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So we've been house hunting these past few weeks.  We aren't moving or anything - we just need and want a bigger space.  We're staying local though and it's a relaxed kind of looking.  We're using Zillow of course and it's easy, just plug in your "musts" and out comes a list of prospects. In our price range we're looking at in this area, everything starts to look pretty much exactly the same.  It's almost embarrassing.  Cookie cutter ...
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How much us it
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Jennifer Bailey

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©Jennifer Bailey 2013 Raglan Castle, Wales Raglan Castle is *huge* and imposing - and absolutely tucked away in a corner of Wales where you'd never expect.  Of course Britain is so (beautifully, perfectly, awesomely) rotten with castles they are littered everywhere.  I'm not complaining.  I would quite like to see one that hasn't been either ruined or tarted up, though.  Something altogether medieval and still, medieval.  I haven't c...
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so Beautiful
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Jennifer Bailey

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Just found this scathing report about the problem with their CDN that I myself only just stumbled onto.

Googling around - I've found that it's been going on since 2012.
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I don't know how difficult that would be for them to enact on their site, but yeah, from a basic web admin perspective CNAMEs are pretty trivial.  I'm not so enamored with Smugmug right now, but they support that, and I have a couple subdomains that way, plus stuff like Gmail for some of my domains.
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Jennifer Bailey

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Holy WOW - remember last week I shared the story about The Grid new web platform and how it's going to change things?  Or at least shake them up a little.

Watch the video.  It's very very cool, I am looking forward to June :)

Also if you want to sign up, use this link: :D
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Honestly I'm glad they are asking for real cash in a realistic price range.  That means they have done the footwork on the ground instead of the just fun pie in the sky stuff too.  It looks promising and dead easy to make beautiful sites.

I asked about if they used a CDN on Twitter and they said they used GitHub for hosting.  I really kind of have no idea what that means -- +Panah Rad can I ask you? :) 

If images are able to be indexed and the content we post ourselves authored to us, then this is a solution I'm seeing that the problem Squarespace is having.

Wordpress is just too clunky for words.  I want svelte webspace. :P
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Jennifer Bailey

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Okay well I finished this book last that I shared earlier and boy oh boy do I have to rescind my initial enthusiasm.  This happens so often with scholarly non-fiction that I'm beginning to get mighty cynical about them. It starts out so well, he has the veneer of someone who will attend to his subject with rigour.  But it falls apart very very quickly.  To put a very simple point on it, it looks like he believes everything he reads.  A...
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Thanks - I'm just glad my time wasn't completely wasted with the tail end of the book having some great stories attached.
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