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Where my feet have wandered and my eyes have stopped.
Not here to make a buck, sell anything or gain popularity.  I don't schmooze, bullshit or suck up - in fact I'd be the opposite of a sycophant. 

"A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one." – Jojen Reed to Bran Stark 
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Jennifer Bailey

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So this is like a list of my favorite movies ever, basically.  I was BRED on these films, I drank them, lived them, watched them hundreds of times.  I love them all, all the camp, the cheese, the bad, they are PERFECT :D
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so surprised that Princess Bride wasn't number one. it's the perfect 80s fantasy movie, because even people who don't like fantasy love it.

and it's infinitely quotable.
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Jennifer Bailey

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My husband and I just finished watching Wolf Hall this Wednesday.  I'm still in a bit of a state of awe over it all to be honest.  I feel a bit bereft.  It was quite possibly the best period drama I've seen to date... and I really cannot explain why.  I was completely riveted -- to a story that I already knew upwards and down and backwards and forth.  But I could not take my eyes away. Each scene was a study in perfection and character...
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I sort of don't want to see him fall.  It isn't his fault -- it's only that he was at the whim of the vagaries of a selfish, petty King.  He chose to get close to him of course, but still.  Henry is just awful.
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Jennifer Bailey

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Another film that I was slow in seeing - another happy iTunes rental tucked away! Holy cow, did I love this one!  Sure, using a prostitute-nice girl as kindling for change is a tired and worn trope.  But everything that came after was great.  I wonder where writers come up for some of the clever things they make these ultra-secret-ex-spies do.  It's fantastic.  I've loved these stories since Sidney Sheldon in the 80s and I still love...
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This was a great "tv series to movie' film. Denzel was well cast for the part, too, which I'm not always convinced of.
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Jennifer Bailey

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I haven't even finished this article and it was so good I had to share it. Every male writer for ANY medium needs to read this. A thousand times. 
Does the focus on strong female characters in fiction lose sight of the big picture?
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Not if the woman is strong and forceful. My book out in May.
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Going through my old G+ posts to filter out what I want to stick on my blog and I found this -- a quote from Stephen King that is so full of right that I cannot find a superlative for it.
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Jen R
Oh yes. He's full of them. It's amazing. 
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I just finished watching #JohnWick  it's fucking badass I LOVED it.

I have loads to say but I think I'm going to go through all my movie reviews from Google+ and move them off to my website and make a reviews section.  I have so many that it'd be worth it.

And I realize that no one gives the tiniest shit about my reviews, but I wrote them and it'd be nice to have them all in once place all organized.

But yeah, this movie fucking ROCKED, omg, I loved it so much!
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Liked the movie but no where near as good as revenge movies like: Man on Fire, Law Abiding Citizen, Edge of Darkness, The Last Three Days & others. Reason - Keanu a one-trick pony - everything he does has the flavor of "The Matrix"' in it. Not a big fan of action/special effects kill 12 people with your bare hands type movies, but rather those with more compelling twists and turns and great plots - not just action style movies like "Wick". Worth the watch but not great. Just finished watching "Shattered" and it was terrific  5 Stars and blows away a movie like "John Wick".
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Jennifer Bailey

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Author Kate Elliott shares practical advice on how to treat all characters like human beings.
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Oh Kate Elliot! I just discovered her this last year. I could not put down her Crown of Stars series. Start to finish it was simply fantastic!
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Jennifer Bailey

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Belly laughed!

(btw, dumbs, it's a blue & black dress in warm light that's reflecting off some shiny lace.  lol you can thank the lens flare for fucking your terrible color acuity up if you think it's gold & white lol)

Look at this video for proof it's Blue & Black:

Video below is just a joke :)
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Jennifer Bailey

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Anyone who even knows me only a little would tell you that this film was going to be a winner for me from the get-go.  British, Secret Service, Comic-Book heroes, Colin Firth and Mark Strong?!  You'd have to be CRAZY not to love this. And of course I totally did.  It was good fun.  Samuel L. Jackson was weird with an affected lisp that he did so perfectly I had to give the guy props.  His whole demeanor was awkward and I think that w...
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+Jon Pearsall  Maybe those are 12-gauge umbrellas...?
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Jennifer Bailey

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Well this one was late in coming - usually I see hyped movies in the first couple of weeks they are out but I've been slack!   I am glad I rented this, though.  It was worth the 4 and change in iTunes. That isn't quite all I have to say about it, though.  I liked it.  It was brutal and quiet.  Good combo that isn't done enough.  Too slick, though and there was one gaping, huge problem for me but it was necessary for the story.  It's ...
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I'm sure the book is better - and probably starker and scarier too. :)
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Jennifer Bailey

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Who does research on what search engines crawl?  In the past few days I've tried (to no avail) to find my Google+ posts here over the past 3.5 years logged out of my Google account via Search.

Unless I type in sentences that match, I DO NOT FIND THEM.  So, I have to assume that Google+ is not actually indexed unless you are logged into your Google account.

Well this isn't satisfactory.

Also, incidentally, Flickr, 500px and Twitter images are not indexed either.  They do not show up on Search Results whilst logged out and doing a Google Image search.  I had my husband, whilst logged in, do the same search I did and he did not find my stuff either.  

We had to plug in the exact filename to find anything.

I don't think people realize this?  I think it's a little baffling how different the Internet is when you are logged out of your Google account.  I suppose Google wants everyone to have a Google account and in fact millions do -- but I am still bothered by the fact that all the content I spent years on is actually hidden and not indexed.

You know what does show up on a Google search?  Blogs.  Personal blogs.  And WordPress ones, Blogger less so. (I am a hipster and use Squarespace for my personal blog)

Guess what I've been spending my time doing the past few days?   Filling out my fucking blog.

/sigh.  Anyway - this was more a heads up to whoever gets to see this in their stream.

I'd love to think Smugmug is indexed.  It's not.  I'd love to think Flickr is indexed, but, alas, I cannot find my images.  See - I take pictures of not famous places and I still don't turn up in search results.  Instead, I'll see gross snapshots that people have taken on holidays that are on their blog.   /sigh

I just think people should know.  If you want the content that you have been slaving over for years to even be seen --  put it on a Blog.
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Not talking about Google+ searches :)
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Jennifer Bailey

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I saw this on Quora today - every book I've ever read has basically had the protagonist do all of these things (except possibly die gallantly, as they generally don't die - but of course someone else does).

Cracks me up.  And it's so true, all of it, of what we should aspire to know.  Jack of all Trades, master of none.

The really fun thing is, to realize that at 41, I could actually do almost all of these.  Set a bone and Conn a ship are out.  The building I'd design wouldn't be an engineered skyscraper, but I know enough to build a house that wouldn't fall down ;)  Oh and thanks, gaming and books, for teaching me that yeah - I could probably actually plan an invasion.

Sketchy on the programming a computer - but there is still time left :P
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Uh oh, I'd have to wing it with setting a bone. Have to admit I rock at planning invasions though. pats self on back
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