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Where my feet have wandered and my eyes have stopped.
Not here to make a buck, sell anything or gain popularity.  I don't schmooze, bullshit or suck up - in fact I'd be the opposite of a sycophant. 

"A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one." – Jojen Reed to Bran Stark 
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Jennifer Bailey

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Okay tech people -- I love advice (and I mostly listen to you awesome people, too!) These are the options that Time Warner Cable has on offer for my modem (I use a NetGear Router on top of whatever this will be, this one down here will be bridged)  BUT; which one should I tell them I want??
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Jennifer Bailey

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This medieval castle in Cumbria is just a stately ruin now - but it was a Border Castle for centuries, a bastion against the wild Scots to the North.  At least that's how the English Heritage signs put it, sprinkled around the ruins of the castle to talk about it's history.   I have to admit I bristled quite a bit reading about it there and the obvious slant the historical panels describe - I'm not denying the Scots came down and rai...
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love you as freand hi
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Jennifer Bailey

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Do you understand the gravity of this achievement?  This is something to be noted.

Achievements in Science like this seem to happen so much that people just don't take notice anymore unless you can make extra lives happen in Candy Crush Saga.  This is is truly something people.  Read the article.

Even if you don't understand evolutionary biology, or even if you don't believe it - read the article.  A computer AI solved a problem humans could not solve for 120 years.

An AI helped us further our understanding of regenerative gene therapies based of a previously not understood planaria gene algorithm.

This is beautiful.
For the first time ever a computer has managed to develop a new scientific theory using only its artificial intelligence, and with no help from human beings
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The process described is very very similar to the one that some companies have been using to design WiFi antennas for the last decade or so. Virtually all genetic algorithmic modelling, when applied to an appropriately scoped model and given enough flexibility works this way. The real victory will be replicating some key portion of the results in a more "rigid" manner, to validate it in the way of all accepted science. (For instance, testing for the appropriately-timed presence of said "newly discovered" proteins.) Otherwise, it is just a rather rigorously analyzed meta-hypothesis generated using an algorithmic modeling tool that was controlled by a genetic algorithm running in a second system.... just the same as all meta-hypotheses generated by mankind "hand" running similar simulation tools.

Now, not to rain on anybody's parade here, but here's a bit of a reality check: most of those genetically modeled antennas turn out to work worse in the real world (not a simulation) than something built by a human. They do however provide ideas for exploration and experimentation, which usually results eventually in a better product.

The key lesson isn't that computers are displacing humans, it is that humans are learning to drop their biases about what they can achieve when they open their minds to knowledge from other fields of thought and are actually trying new things. We're still going to need lots of expensive human time, some people will just be using that time more effectively by discarding the boxes that hemmed in their imaginations and reaching out to others.
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Jennifer Bailey

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My daughter after watching Jorah Mormont in the credits of Game of Thrones:

"Jorah Mormont, actual Disney Prince."

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This season was trully a pain, a kind of boring fantasy soap opera. And yes - last episode finally gave us a thrill. But Jorah is keeping up all the time :)
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Jennifer Bailey

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Just saw this on StumbleUpon - probably one of my favorite genres of Concept Art <3
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Kind of reminds me of Midgar. Awesome picture
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Jennifer Bailey

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After visiting two spots on Hadrians Wall, we traveled back south towards the Lake District and had a late stopover in the village of Eamont Bridge to visit King Arthur's Round Table, a neolithic henge monument and a discovery, Mayburgh Henge, just across the street. You can tell that people really don't care much about the neolithic monuments in Britain beyond Stonehenge.  They don't have much beyond a trifling sign, stating "this i...
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lokin good
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Jennifer Bailey

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Look at all the junk orbiting Earth

Dang. -_-
Points marked in green represent active satellites. Points marked in gray are inactive satellites that are still intact. Points marked as red are tracked pieces of space debris. Up and down arrows zoom in and out. Use the mouse to rotate. Source data provided by Analytical Graphics, Inc., ...
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I would like to do something about it. Who feels the same?
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Jennifer Bailey

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Okay Network Gurus can this be done:

Is it possible to set up a home system where every room (that we choose) has a hardline?  Can you bridge multiple routers from one modem so each room has a hardline connection?

The ideal set up (if this is possible) is one modem and 4 or 5 routers w/ a hardline.

I would rather do this difficult thing than just have a sparse wifi signal with signal boosters in my new home.  Signal Boosters have never been very good/reliable and my new home is.... large, very very large.

Is this possible??
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Jennifer Bailey

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Find this Table for me (so I can buy it!) and you get a fee (paid by me!) from The Hunt website :)
I've done a google image search but it's such a popular tumblr/pinterest photo -- I just don't have the time to hunt down the vendor. Should be at least 96" long and exactly this table
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You clearly do not understand design :P
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Jennifer Bailey

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For all you App developers out there - become a founding member of The Grid and get cracking as soon as beta invites roll out! <--- sign up here   
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Jennifer Bailey

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My husband and I sometimes just hop in the car and drive around our state of North Carolina (and sometimes dip down into South Carolina too, seeing as we're in Charlotte and right on the border). He had surprised me for my birthday with a new lens - the delicious new Canon 11-24mm <3  It is the most beautiful thing ever.  Heavier than my other landscape (erstwhile 16-35mm 2.8 Canon lens) but wow.  Just. Wow.  I'll never need another l...
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Jennifer Bailey

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So this just happened like literally 15 minutes ago;

I am driving along, minding my own business when this woman pulls out in front of me from a subdivision, oblivious because I need to SLAM on my brakes to avoid hitting her.   

Not only does she do that, but she then only speeds up to about 30 MPH on a 45 MPH speed limit road and is just oblivious.

So I'm right behind her, because yeah I had to slam on my brakes.  She nearly the stops her car and looks in the rear view mirror and takes out her phone and starts taking pictures of me.

She continues to mess with her phone while driving - which is actually illegal in the state, but whatever.   We come to a red light and she takes more photos of me.  I flip her off in the photo -- because that's just my jam.  lol

Anyway, I'm just going the way I normally go -- which just happens to be the way she is going.   But I'm sure at this point her un-hinged wild mind thinks I'm following her.  She is going really slowly in the lane, there is no passing.   So I'm just toodling along.  We both make right turns at the next light.  It's just the way I'm going lol  

That opens up to a two-lane and she pulls over to the left - which is the fast lane - but she slows down and almost stops her car.  I'm assuming (wrongly) that she wants to say something to me so I roll down my window and hollar, "Do you have a problem?  Are you crazy?"  She isn't even looking at me.  She is looking away, but filming me with her phone.   

Actually - she was talking a Selfie film.  Of herself and me.  It was so psychotic!  I immediately got this horrible creeped out vibe from her.  She freaked me out - it was so creepy.   I drove on and just went on my errand.

I called the Sheriff's Office right after - but they told me if she wasn't actively doing it RIGHT then, there was nothing they could do.

What the hell is wrong with people???
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Yeah I think England may have the some of the same issues with unleashed drivers used to sitting in traffic (tiny heavily populated country). They also get used to driving on small roads (never designed for cars) and with, on average, smaller cars. But there are some horrific accidents due to speed over there especially with cyclists. Hence all the speed cameras but that tends to lead to even more erratic driving as folks speed between the cameras.

Yes even locals don't drive in London (I didn't very often and when I did i needed weeks to recover mentally) and I felt the same was true of NYC in the U.S. which felt similarly insane.

I had no idea about the Lake District. Makes me glad I survived cycling there.
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