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Hello Everyone
I have posted my introduction on my blog (with toMooc category), but like some others it has not turned up on the main board yet. Maybe it's still travelling through cyberspace & I am just too fast! 
Anyway here is the link to my blog -
I look forward to connecting and communicating with you over the coming weeks :)

P.S.  Hehe, Having completed the week 0 section and written my introduction I went on to read the week 1 section and came across the link to Chickering & Gamson 7 principles - so the image in my introduction is now even more relevant :) 

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Hello Greg & Debbie
My teaching approach is based on the principles of authentic learning (Herrington). Here is a link to her website.

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Hello Asher
Thank you for inviting me to join your green thumb grocer community. I thought this link might be useful for you for setting up your garden -

Humm...I was still in Sydney when I turned 18. But in the 80's, when I first came to Perth, we used to dance most of the night away in the nightclubs in Northbridge and then go to Uncle Vinces for chilli mussels at about 4am :)
My neice turned 18 last weekend and I think she has been checking out every "watering hole" the city has to offer!

Hello Carole
Thanks for the invitation.

P.S.  I am in Perth, Western Australia. Hello Jo - we meet a couple of years ago at a Westone EdTech day. 

Hello Everyone
Thanks for inviting me to join this group. I am not a school teacher, but I am doing my bit for the revolution :) I am a uni lecturer helping the next generation school teachers to think outside the box. Authentic learning using technology as cognitive tools is our focus. The unit I coordinate is called Living and learning with Technology.

Hello Everyone
Thanks for the invite. I look forward to connecting with you online.
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