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+Marion Harmon At long last, I've found some time to work on actual game stats for my cape (Prism). But I can't seem to locate information about what CSFP Level we should be designing for...?

I'm curious - is anything interesting going on in Hawaii or Alaska, as well as the inhabited "incorporated territories" of Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands of the US, the Northern Mariana Islands and American Samoa?

I'm wondering mainly because they are so far removed from the mainland (both Hawaii and Alaska were originally "incorporated territories" before becoming full-fledged states) and there are rumblings of discontent in some (consider the Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement,


I'd like to start a discussion, primarily with other Sentinel/Capes File backers who are thinking about a cape based in Canada, but I also welcome comments from others who are Canadian, who live in or have lived in Canada, or are just particularly interested in the story of Capes in Canada.

This is mainly because I'm interested in finding out who else my Cape might know or work with, but I'd also like to dig into how Canadian Capes were eventually organized, whether federally, provincially or locally, after the registration and internment laws were struck down.

If you could, please leave one reply that introduces yourself and (if you are a Sentinal/Cape File Backer with a Canadian Cape) your Cape before replying to join the conversation.

+Marion Harmon - Do you have a specific year in mind for when The Event occurred? I was reviewing the documents and it just gives a month and day, no year.

I'm asking because I'm trying to figure out how long after that happened Prism had her breakthrough, and that depends on the fact that the "Centre for Research in Photonics" at uOttawa was founded in 2002. Her background has her getting a Masters in Photonics from uOttawa and then becoming a PhD student and researcher at the Centre for two to three years before the breakthrough occurred. So the very earliest it could have happened would probably be 2005, but I don't know if that's really close to or long after The Event.

I'm a Cape Files backer (same name here and on Kickstarter), and this is where I'll be posting my B-Files character concept.

Character Name: Isobel "Izzy" McArdle
Codename: Prism
Height: 160 cm (5' 3")
Weight: 64.5 kg (142 lbs)
Hair: "Irish" Copper Red
Eyes: Grey-Blue, wears glasses
Skin: Fair w/ freckles

Breakthrough Abilities
Photokinesis - e.g., light manipulation. At it's most basic, Prism's powers allow her to control the behaviour of light, such as changing the direction of travel (as if reflected off or refracted through a surface) or stopping their propagation (as if absorbed by a surface). She effectively creates virtual (intangible), infinitely thin, surfaces in space that effectively have the optical properties (refraction, transmission, reflection and absorption) necessary to manipulate light how she desires. She can even define the optical properties of one side to be entirely different from the other side. Once created, her optical surfaces remain in place for about 8 hours, unless she dismisses them or consciously refreshes them. She can only refresh one that is within visible range - even when her surfaces are effectively invisible to the naked eye, she can always see where they are as long as nothing else blocks her view. With a small amount of concentration she can move or reshape any of her surfaces she can see, although the larger the size is, the faster it has to be modified, or the father away from her it is located, the more concentration this requires. With much more concentration and effort of will, she is also able to "pull" or "push" some or all of the light in an area - making the concentration of light appear to shift from the outer edges towards the centre (pull) or the centre towards the outer edges (push). The greater the amount of light she is trying to pull or push, the larger the region she wants to pull it from or push it into, or the farther away the centre point of the area is from her, the more effort it requires.

Prism can do some interesting things, beyond the obvious, with her powers.

Her favourite trick is her personal "invisibility cloak". A collection of surfaces tightly laid along outside her body, clothing and any small items she is carrying, with their optical properties set so that light is directed to flow around her rather than being reflected or absorbed. To anyone looking in her direction, it seems like there is nothing between them and whatever is on the opposite side as the light continues along its original trajectory. These surfaces are as physically close to her as is possible and as long as she's turned her cloak "on" it all keeps pace with her movements and so maintains her invisibility without additional thought. There is a small flaw, however, as the surfaces surrounding her must contain two holes, matching the size and location of her pupils, allowing light to enter her eyes so she can see while cloaked. Technically, someone could locate her while cloaked by noticing the two small, darkened spots where the light is being absorbed instead of "passing through", but unless she was standing perfectly still and they were looking in just the right direction this would be quite difficult to do.

She can use the "pull" ability to create a super bright flash by pulling ALL the light from a small area to its absolute centre. The resulting flash is omnidirectional, but by combining the flash with well placed virtual mirrors, she can make it directional.

She can create an area in 100% darkness by first surrounding the area with a surface in the shape of a sphere with an inner surface that allows light to transmit out, but with an outer surface that absorbs all light and then concentrating on "pushing" any light from inside the sphere out. Even if a light source is turned on inside the sphere, its light will be "sucked away" almost instantly.

She can temporarily change the colour and visual texture of any real world surface by overlaying it with a surface of her own.

She can (and does) create rainbows whenever she feels like it.

She can even start a fire by defining a closed surface in the shape of a convex lens with an appropriate refractive index and using it to focus the light from the sun!

Technically, Prism can use her powers to manipulate any electromagnetic energy, from the lowest frequency waves (radio) to the highest frequency waves (gamma radiation). However, she usually only concerns herself with the energy ranges of visible light (400 nm to 780 nm) plus the "black light" region of the ultraviolet (315 nm to 400 nm).

Isobel McArdle - Izzy to her friends and close colleagues - is originally from Fort St. John, in the northern part of British Columbia, Canada. She did quite well at school, especially with math and physics, and eventually realized that she wouldn't get very far ahead in life if she stayed in Fort St. John. So, after high school, Izzy left home for the "big city" (Vancouver) and worked her way through a Physics degree from the University of British Columbia.

After UBC, Izzy went east where she earned a Masters in Photonics (the science and technology of light) at the University of Ottawa. Her breakthrough happened a few years later, while she was still at uOttawa, but now as a researcher at the Centre for Research in Photonics and working towards her PhD.

(more to come!)

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Hey Bruce - how long will the campaign run for? I'm low on funds and Christmas is around the corner so the duration may partially determine whether I can afford to chip in or not...
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