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If you are like me, you make very good use of Google Reader. Well, now you've got to choose an alternative. I chose Netvibes because it has a similar layout and the key shortcuts are almost entirely the same. Also, importation is super easy.
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(from reddit) $499 / month for additional features that I use?

I think the dominant strategy is to wait. You are not going to lose anything by waiting, but probably will waste time (say mastering one feed reader) if you have to switch.
If you are referring to the search function, GReader stopped having a functional one (or at least stopped indexing posts to it) about two months ago. Since then, I've created an ITTT (If This Then That) action to compensate.
What about automatically posting to twitter while shortening the url or sendto readability or Instapaper or Pocket? How about the chrome bufferapp plugin? or pocket plugin?
I don't use any of those functions. But, coincidently, all of them can also be taken care of with ITTT actions.

Also, I believe each of those are add-ons to GReader and not part of the basic availability. I know I have a Send To Pocket and a Send to Facebook that I created, but it wasn't clearly documented how to do it and was clearly not supported by Google.
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