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All the support has been awesome! Team Jenna is killin it, yo! Thanks guys :)
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+Jenna Ezarik It might be worth mentioning that us guys outside the US can take part too :) which will help you! You just have to sign in with a twitter/facebook account and then use a US phone number at the end of registration. I'll make my video tomorrow but keep up the good work and we'll all win this for you :)
+Cipher Adam Nope, at first I thought it was but you can still sign up :) just use a US phone number right at the end of the sign up form. I used the Apple Store 5th Ave NYC number, it worked!
+Jenna Ezarik Yeah whenever I have to sign up for something online and the forum "requires" a US number I just put in an Apple Store number from the states. I can see why Verizon wants a number due to marketing but isn't an email enough? :D I'll forward this post and tweet it etc! When do you find out when you have won something Jenna?
+Cipher Adam The Apple Store on 5th Ave is really nice but far far too crowded! Just like Covent Garden and Regent Street stores here in London!
LOL my mom saw this on my computer and thought it was porn!
If you don't have verizon, can you talk about what would happen if you did have verizon?
+Bernard Mesa Thats what I'm going to do. No Verizon here in the UK! Hmm I really should plan this and at least write a small script or something :)
Not only is Team Jenna the best team, but it also has the best prizes!
No what... I think I'm missing something...
What is it exactly do u do? And by the way... Did u add me yet? Didn't know if I had to ask or beg...?
Sign up and upload a video.
Video of what...of Jenna? For what... Just cause she's hot? Really...
+Jenna...then u email me the same G+ screen of u...seriously... I'm lost...
+Jenna Ezarik Ok, Ive just read the long winded rules properly now. "1. Eligibility. This Contest is open to legal U.S. residents eighteen (18) years of age or older" + "-All facts and circumstances described in the video must be truthful; falsification of any information is
a basis for immediate disqualification." :S Damn it :( But anyone outside the US still can sign up and vote for other peoples video on your team :)
So yeah, all you non-US'ers can still just sign up and vote ;)
No problem... Team Jenna gonna dominate the competition 
+Jenna Ezarik I just saw your vlog about some of the rules. You/we should be ok generally making stuff up (e.g if people dont have Verizon etc) but just be careful. After all we guys want is for you to win stuff :D
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