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Jenn Thorson
Author by night, marketing writer by day. So like Batgirl but with less crime fighting and more carpal tunnel.
Author by night, marketing writer by day. So like Batgirl but with less crime fighting and more carpal tunnel.

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Oh no. I think I made my cat Harry a little pink. I have this great red lipstick that's pretty long-wear but not like my normal Covergirl Outlast that survives dental work. And though I took it off as well as I could when I got home, I think I got compelled by cute at some point and kissed him up. He's looking vaguely pink and black.

Sorry, little dude.

Oh, I love it! I'm working on my outline for my next book-- an intergalactic humorous ensemble caper tentatively called "Tsmorlood's Nine-and-a-Half," and as I tend to do, I put in dialogue ideas in my outline. Getting to write dialogue for my character Rozz again is SO much fun, and generally very liberating since she's blunt, slangy and doesn't hold back much.

This should be a good project. #amwriting

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My #Wonderland buddies might enjoy seeing really close ups of these teeny Alice figures from Japan. The detail is crazy-good for something that's 2 inches tall at most. 
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With my book THE CURIOUS CASE OF MARY ANN now successfully out in the world and about to have an audiobook version done, I am now back to writing from the perspective of a certain Greater Communicating Universe Underworld ex-pat and outlaw....

I believe many of you folks are well-familiar with him. :)

Exciting times ahead... Prepping the XJ-37 handlaser now.

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My friend, Alanda Calmus who did my beautiful Doctor Rabbit painting, also sent me a bunch of notecards including this one- which I particularly love. She'd taken an early landscape scene of hers and added...Godzilla. She did this with other landscapes of hers adding UFOs and Bigfoot and other surprises. And this is one reason why we're friends. 

I was dropping off some Little Free Library books for one of my out-of-town writer buddies and noticed MARY ANN was gone from three of the four boxes. Someone grabbed them! Yay!!

I tried to find out what Five Nights at Freddy's was from a little kid at a store, who was excited about the Freddy toys. Summary: "There's this bear...? And his name is Freddy...?"

That's as far as he got. Let's just say his grandmother and I were less than enlightened.

I eventually looked it up online. The story's pretty terrifying. Freddy is a possessed Chuck E Cheese-type animatronic character who kills people who work at the chain. I'm thinking that kid didn't tell us more because he had to block out most of it from trauma. He was, like, seven.

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Just opened auditions for THE CURIOUS CASE OF MARY ANN audiobook. I'm excited.

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There might be a problem in the space-time continuum. #doctorwho #funkopop Though buy one get one 50% off seemed pretty good to me. 

I'm happy that THE CURIOUS CASE OF MARY ANN seems to be enjoyed by folks unfamiliar with Wonderland, too. I tried to make it a fun, funny murder mystery adventure for everyone. Lewis Carroll fans will get some extra goodies out of it, of course. But it doesn't really affect the over-all tale. 
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