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Jenn Thorson
Author by night, marketing writer by day. So like Batgirl but with less crime fighting and more carpal tunnel.
Author by night, marketing writer by day. So like Batgirl but with less crime fighting and more carpal tunnel.

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I seem to have invented the double-footed monkey last night. In my dream, this monkey had regular feet, then a set of sideways feet an inch or two above those feet, for extra tree-grippy-ness.

Phew! Heard from my last beta reader on THE CURIOUS CASE OF MARY ANN, and she'll be giving me notes on it tomorrow. But fortunately, she told me today that she LOVED it, so I don't need to spend the next 24 hours in a hell of my own making wondering what the verdict is. As I tend to do. :)

Every time I hear the name "Starlord" I think my character Rollie would be telling him to get over himself. :)

‪Not entirely sure what I was going for when I wrote "Obi Wan Canapé" in my notes to myself. O_o ‬

Dreamt I was my own character last night. I'm a bit weary from hiking through soggy nature in Victorian button boots. :)

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Just chilling... being a handsome example of Cat. 

Boy, there are days being a writer is not for the weak of heart. You get so many opinions from so many sides, and even when someone likes your work, they're also likely to say how it fell short somewhere. (Or, at least, this is my experience.) And yet, if you care about the craft, you just have to sally forth and summon a sense that it's still worthwhile for the DOING, if not the actual response. It seems like madness in itself. But there it is.

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My backyard #Wonderland has been all tidied up and ready for summer adventure. I need to fix my directional sign. The This Way and That Way fell off over the winter.
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Just a quick, lazy doodle/watercolor of my rather sad Red Knight character, Rufus. Funny, I intentionally based him on Benedict Cumberbatch and it was somewhat easier than when I was actually trying to draw a portrait of Benedict Cumberbatch. 

Very weird dream. I had to get through an area with about seven super tall, scary bearded Appalachian guys brandishing chainsaws... but like a bad movie they waited to fight me one at a time, and even in the dream I thought that was stupid. 
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