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How much of what you think about your brain is actually wrong? In this whistlestop tour of dis-proved science, Ben Ambridge walks through 10 popular ideas about psychology that have been proven wrong — and uncovers a few surprising truths about how our brains really work.

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While many parts of me have outgrown (or perhaps in truth, burnt out on) animated films, I will admit there is one area they succeed. In the overwhelming onslaught influx of HD and Blu-ray revitalization of the mass popular and cult classic movies of my youth,  the digital enhancements of animation seem to fair much better. 

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Paolo Nutini - Let Me Down Easy [Official Video]
New album.... he's such a lovely exhale....

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Go out into the cyber world my children and learn to make your own adventure. Then turn off the electronics and take that knowledge out into the world. It is good.
Microsoft wants the public to know two things: that its free-to-play game Project Spark is finally out of beta, and that boring decisions could put you at risk of being eaten by a bear. The...

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Don't you love when you come across someone speaking your frustrated rants in ways that are said so well?

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I'm in a public mood lately. You'll notice, if you're not in my circles, that my feed is quiet then I go through waves. I'll probably get quiet again soon, at least publicly. Let's just say, I enjoy the ability to limit who sees what. It's not that I'm paranoid really. The truth is, I try to limit the negative and snarky inflow. I rant enough as it is. Don't take it personally world. You see, I don't really care for humanity as a species so for my own enjoyment of a more positive outlook of the ever dwindling breaths I have left her, I exercises boundaries and limitations.

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Not just blood red this time but they're predicting turquoise shading to make this a spectacular view worth being awake for.
Total Lunar Eclipse eclipse on Wednesday, October 8, 2014 – What time and where it can be seen.
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hoping to see it.

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Sir Thomas More on Diplomacy and War
<em>"In no victory do they glory so much as in that which is gained by dexterity and good conduct without bloodshed." </em> -Sir Thomas More, from <em>Utopia </em>(1515) Thomas More's utopian vision featured (among other things) an adherence to non-violence, a simple and fair legal code, and a reasonable ...
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It's when we stop seeing different as negative that it ends.
You hear it a lot from me lately, the 10 finger mentality that helps me focus when life gets a bit to chaotic. Here it is, in print. Ten fingers.


When stuck, I come back to my ten fingers on hands that are becoming more and more useless every day. As long as they hold those ten words, they are invaluable.
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Finally, we can reveal our first project: a game called… Below is the press release for the project, all professional like, with quotes and

My Gratitude Journal

What's the secret to happiness?It's not having specific material things. It's not reaching a certain level of success either. Those who are

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Warm day

. . .hopefully not the last warm day. Spent some time wandering campus today, snapping purdy pichers:

Discontinued Wood Bloom design

The below measurements are approximate: 8g thru 2g are 1-3/4" tall 0g and 00g are 2-1/2" tall 1/2" and up are 3" tall

Kidney Bean Leaves 1, Bedbugs 0 | IdeaFeed | Big Think

Researchers turned to an old Balkan folk remedy to create synthetic surfaces that employ tiny hair-like fibers to trap the insects.

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The brain imaging technique "everyone's been waiting for" has arrived, and may speed up brain anatomy research "by 10 to 100 times."


Because it was fun:

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One of my favorite things to do is to make random shadow pictures in paint. Normally I just do creepy half-shaded faces, but this time I dec

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There’s something inherently eerie about abandoned theme parks—silent, decaying, and left to nature’s devices.

Artists | Pro Tone Pedals

Artists. Angertea Eric J. Morgan-A Pale Horse Named Death /voodooNOUVEAU. The Absence Arkaea Deftones Blasko. 30 Seconds To Mars Brett Micha

Google+ hits 20 million visitors after just 3 weeks | VentureBeat

Google+ has accumulated a grand total of 20 million unique visitors since its launch three weeks ago. According to data from comScore, the U

WATCH: Beatles In The Unemployment Office?

Even the most ardent "flash mob" haters have to admit that a band spontaneously playing "Here Comes the Sun" by the Beatles in a Spanish une

“There's no wiggle room in their pricing format but for the lack of custom pricing you get an excellent, well organized and speedily efficient service. The online customer service chat was a very pleasant experience. The person chatting with me was kind and patient, answering all my questions before I began. I contacted them several times with questions regarding packaging and shipping as well, and received the same excellent service. However, what's going to bring me back, should I ever need this again, was the organized way I was kept informed of every step of the process. Email communication was beyond my expectations. Every charge, every step, every consideration was communicated prior to the work, via email. Each completed step was followed up with a timeline, information about success rate and what I could expect next. This is a well oiled machine that gets the job done plain and simple. Turn around time was exactly as they speculated. The entire process was 2 weeks from start to finish, including my initial days of research and question asking before I actually mailed off my failed HD. ”
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