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Jenn Le Roy (River Song)
peace, love and all things sciencey wincey
peace, love and all things sciencey wincey

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I forget now who alerted me of this tshirt on sale at teefury, but I bought it. 

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Must locate. Must buy. 

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#evilcat likes her grass. Hehe
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Someone Chained A Cross To Gay Street In NY. What Happened Next Was Beautiful.

This makes my heart smile. 

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Ms. Frizzle Made The March For Science Protests Magical - The Huffington Post

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So, I just found out I'm going to have like a week off. I can't afford to be off for a week. Anyone anywhere got any work for someone who can learn anything, and will work his ass off? If the money is right, I'll travel. If the money's REALLY right, I'll move.
I can do rough and hard labor, or I can do professional and customer facing.
I am 100% willing to shave if it's necessary.

If you don't have anything, but know someone who does, get them in touch with me, please.

Edit: I've had to mention this several times, so I'll add it here... I currently drive all over the southeast for my job. I'm willing to go anywhere I'm needed, so long as it makes sense, financially.
If someone has a full time gig that pays enough, I'm willing to move, so long as it makes financial sense.
I'm willing to work in any field, and do anything that needs doing for the right price. I'm trying to make sure my family has food to eat, and a home to eat it in. 
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From a FB friend...

In the midst of unicorn drink hysteria, I think I'll take this opportunity to out myself. As the somewhat-crunchy-and-health-conscious-yet-striving-to-still-function-like-a-normal-and-not-paranoid-person, person that I actually am.

Some thoughts.

1. I think the unicorn frap looks amazing and I'm totally gonna get one. 🦄🦄🦄 (cue the unsubscribes to my health blog.)

2. I thought it must have had tons of gross dyes and food coloring too (which would have made me not want it), but it took me two seconds to look it up and learn that it doesn't contain artificial dyes at all. Props to Starbucks for that, really.

3. I do not give even an eighth of a 💩 that it has 76 grams of sugar. First, that's for a VENTI size--24 freaking ounces. It's a large volume of something that's not water. Guess how much sugar is in 24 ounces of orange juice? 63 grams. There's even a fairly-hefty 36 grams of sugar in 24 ounces of skim milk. Also? There's 75 grams of sugar in 24 ounces of Coke, but I'm not seeing memes about that being shared 80 thousand times on social media...🤔🤔

4. The reasonable size of a tall 12 ounce unicorn frap has 39 grams of sugar. That's less than the sugar in a cup of Haagen Dazs. It's not an outrageous amount for something that's a special treat.

5. It's completely okay to have treats.

6. If I were to drink 24 ounces of something really sugary on a daily basis, you'd be justified in judging me as someone who's kinda clueless about their diet. If I had a reasonably balanced diet making a conscious effort to eat a variety of nutrients (I do) and want to get one of these ridiculous unicorn things, that does not an unhealthy lifestyle make.

7. Yesterday I had a homemade smoothie made with mangos, berries, spinach, plain yogurt, coconut milk, probiotics and collagen powder. Today I think I'm gonna go for a deliciously satisfying Target run complete with one of these unicorn drinks in my hand, while probably giving a few sips to my two year old to keep her happy as I stroll down the aisles buying crap I don't need. Because balance. (Also #toddlermomlife)

8. I appreciate an expertly-executed marketing campaign and I kinda wish I had stock in SBUX right about now.

You do you, hardcore health crusaders, and I'll do this swirly mess of colorful syrupy sour crap today. Because unicorns. And bandwagons. And living a little. And it sounds way better to me than three snickers bars.✌🏼️

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#lularoe #leggings #irma #wedges #lookinggood

Also. Relaxing while I wait on ex to come pick up boys. Drake did well at TKD belt testing this morning. I'll post his action shots later. 
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