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peace, love and all things sciencey wincey
peace, love and all things sciencey wincey

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For DragonCon this year I think I need to cosplay +John Barrowman MBE who is cosplaying the TARDIS in honor of 13th Doctor. Hehe

Please click and watch video

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I was trying to do a bit of after work #yoga and someone decided she need attention #evilcat 
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On this day:
At 20th July of 1984, the movie "The NeverEnding Story" premiered in US theaters. "The NeverEnding Story" is a West German epic fantasy film based on the novel of the same name by Michael Ende, about a boy who reads a magical book that tells a story of a young warrior whose task is to stop a dark storm called the Nothing from engulfing a fantasy world. The film was later followed by two sequels. The film performed very well at the box office, grossing US$100 million worldwide against a production budget of DM 60 million (approximately US$27 million at the time).

A superb fantasy that never receives the credit it is due, Wolfgang Petersen's "The Neverending Story" is that rare children's film that transcends its own fantasy to give its viewers an insight on the role of fantasy in our lives. A German production carefully designed to avoid a specific nationality or time period, the film begins as a "reading is good for you" lesson but soon ratchets up several levels in interest. "The NeverEnding Story" appears at first to be a generic folk story, before developing into an entertaining analysis of its own genre.

Saddened by the death of his mother, young Bastian (Barret Oliver) is harassed by three bullies. He hides in an old store, where the proprietor interests him in an ancient book with a strange symbol on the cover. Bastian eventually installs himself in the attic of his school to read it. The book is concerned with a land called Fantasia, populated by strange creatures and ruled by an unseen child-empress.

But Fantasia is being slowly disintegrated by The Nothing, a shapeless energy storm. At the Ivory Tower, Cairon the major domo (Moses Gunn) announces that the Empress is dying and that only a warrior named Atreyu can save her, and Fantasia too. Atreyu (Noah Hathaway), who proves to be an adolescent, strikes out on his horse Artax to go beyond the boundaries of Fantasia to save the day, although he doesn't know how this will come about.

Atreyu is helped and hindered by several creatures on his quest, such as a giant turtle and a married pair of old gnomes who watch over a mystical place called The Oracle. Atreyu loses Artax to a deadly swamp but finds a new friend in Falkor (voice Alan Oppenheimer), a flying, furry dragon dog who can transport him to those outer reaches of Fantasia presently menaced by The Nothing.

But more to the point for the young reader Bastian, the story keeps referring to "a young boy" being the only one who can save Fantasia. The bookseller said that the story was very special, and Bastian slowly begins to realize that it seems to be about him, personally.

"The NeverEnding Story" begins in a rather generic place, with an insecure kid beset by rather unimpressive bullies; the film's ideal age bracket seems to be for tots between five and ten years. But the story then turns intriguingly dark, with the mission growing more hopeless. Atreyu's beloved horse is lost, and a host of other characters are said to be destroyed by The Nothing; a racing snail, a gnome called the Night Hob (Tilo Prückner) and a little fellow called Teeny Weeny (Deep Roy). Only an enormous rock man called The Rockbiter (voice Alan Oppenheimer) seems to survive.

Fantasia has beautiful landscapes (augmented by great matte paintings by Jim Danforth, among others) that grow creepy as Atreyu reaches the limits of Fantasia. The eerie Oracle is guarded by twin statues that shoot death rays from their eyes, as demonstrated when a knight on horseback is killed. Lost on a far off beach, Atreyu realizes that his mission is a failure.

As The Nothing closes in (it's represented by a giant dust storm that vacuums up Fantasia, rocks, earth and trees alike) Atreyu confronts G'mork (voice Alan Oppenheimer) a demonic wolf that loves chaos and cannot wait for The Nothing to wipe out this fantastic world. At the conclusion Bastian 'meets' the Empress, who turns out to be an impossibly beautiful child (played by an 11 year-old Iranian dancer, Tami Stronach). She has an otherworldly voice, apparently dubbed by an adult.

The soundtrack by Giorgio Moroder and Klaus Doldinger is pure genius. The entire score is instrumental aside Limahl's lovely song "Never Ending Story". The rest of the soundtrack appeals to the senses. Some of it sounds so sad and emotional that it causes eyes to get teary. Some of it, such as the Southern Oracle's Theme and the Sphinxes's Theme, sounds and feels so deep, intense and creepy that it sends chills down the spine. Some of it sounds so happy that it puts a smile on your face. This amazing film is a cinematic masterpiece and one of the finest ever, very worthy of belonging to any good movie collection.

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+Everyone Is Random reveals our latest goodie bag!! 

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John McCain Has Been Diagnosed With Brain Cancer - TIME


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Omg. This makes me so thrilled. So happy. 

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Despite the typo this is funny. 

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Who sent me this book?!
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