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So, um, when you have a tooth pulled, and then wait three weeks (extenuating circumstances) before getting the bone graft?

Uh, OW
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Awwwwww, nuts. Sympathy and a refuah sheleimah to you. Have that nice man who lives with you take good care of you.
He's at a symposium or something, but the kids are with Grandma, so Iced Tea and I will just sit here on the couch and moan for twenty minutes until Percocet comes to play :-)

refuah sheleimah - I don't speak Hebrew (although I'd like to - languages are fun!) - it's it, um... "best wishes"? "Get well soon"?

Or is it not Hebrew? Google Translate is stumped.
+Jenn Kirkland refuah sheleimah is a term of endearment meaning - do not bite on a piece of aluminum foil
Hope you feel better!
Bad transliteration FTW! It means "a complete healing."

Iced Tea? The R&B star? Whoa, the ol' man might have an issue with that....
No, no, no.... the real thing. +Laston Kirkland understands the value of Iced Tea as a vehicle for caffeine.

I have... other celebrity beverages (there's a certain long tall drink of water... that I...) oh boy, I guess the Percocet is here, 'cause I just typed that out loud...