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The dark secret!
Under the ,"Who knew?" category, researchers reported back in 1993 that lady bugs have a dark secret. They are the first insect identified to carry a sexually transmitted disease (STD). The disease is transmitted to the ladybugs by a tiny mite that hangs out near the insects genitals and is transferred during sexual reproduction. The disease is caused by a bacterium carried by the mites, and causes the death of male offspring in the egg. Infected female ladybugs produce only female offspring; male eggs fail to hatch and newly emergent females eat the eggs containing potential brothers.
Spotless lady bugs spotted by Project Noah member Viz Tech:
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That's a fabulous idea. If you'd like to write something original for The STD Project, we'd be delighted to showcase your perspective, but I do see you have your own platform, so certainly do not feel pressured to do so. Just know, we'd love to include your views as well. :)
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