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Jihadists in the ultraorthodox branch of Islam have been tied to terror attacks—including those in Paris—but most Salafists see politics as a distraction from religion. Photographer Paolo Pellegrin gained rare access to a group of Salafists in Egypt. Here is what he found.
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So...Google. You're messing up.

I've had a new model Nexus phone for several yrs now. Always taking advantage of Sprint's deals to upgrade and paying little up front out of pocket.

Well now, I can't do that because the new Nexus' are not being sent to carriers. You can only buy them via Google.

Ok, cool. So, Google has the ability to 'finance' the phone, much like Sprint does but they run a credit check. I'm not really wanting to shell out several hundred dollars for a phone.

Ok, Cool. Shouldn't be a problem. I'm around 700ish and don't really get told no when I want to finance something.


Googles....I love you. You have my first born. But you're acting more and more like the evil business you state you don't want to be.

My N6 is running fine and has Marshmallow. But I like new toys, damnit.

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It could also be an issue with outstanding debt, even if you keep up with payments on time. 
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Ok, this sucks ass.

I've met you here and a few of you have carried over to FB, which is fine. But I met you here because you shared something that caught my attention. A joke, an image, an article, a comment, etc. I like the openness that is +Google+ and the sharing of interests...or things I didn't know I was interested in that I now am.

I realize this is just 1 article on the subject, but I have to agree that these changes don't bode well...I came here to meet you and your interest. Don't take that away.

Facebook has become a friends/family crapshot of shit. And while I post there, my interactions with the people on it are dwindling.

Now this.

Bah fuckin' humbug, +Google

"The changes amount to a simple admission that Facebook has nailed the business of connecting people online and Google must move on, according to Mark Traphagen, senior director of online marketing at Stone Temple Consulting.

“People don’t need another place to connect and chat with friends. That’s what they get on Facebook already,” he added.

That leaves Google to focus on facilitating less personal ways to connect online, said Mr. Traphagen, who used to be a big fan of Google Plus."
Google has dramatically scaled back its ambitions in social networking.
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I'd much more prefer they sort out the stupid flow of posts chronologically. I hate getting 2wk old posts today.
For the layout...I like it. Different is doable.

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jenella herring

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pay off my debt, esp CC debt.
Enjoy the remainder of my life. 
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People need to get their priorities straight. 
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+Kimberly Elaine
Nola Bear and The Bugs. 
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Look at these sweetie pies.
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Here piggy piggy
Natural farrow nursing. Outdoors, no gestation crates, nice little solar gain shelter with hay 'n straw. Happy pigs!
#farrow #weepigs #nofarrowingcrates
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Like the new interface...
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My Chrome desktop just got the update this AM.....Checking it out..

Hangouts is gone/moved somewhere else...

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+Rebekah Saryn​!!
Big happy birthday to you!!!!! Hope its perfectly what you want!!!

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Aww! Thanks janella!! 😚
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Radar images of the Mauritanian desert have revealed a river stretching for more than 500km and suggest plants and wildlife once thrived there
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Infra Red is also useful at this.
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Bless her sweet heart.
Can you imagine what it must be like for a dog who has spent most of his life in a shelter to finally feel what it’s like to have a home? I can just imagine all the happy emotions that …
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I like it like that.  
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2nd visit completed yesterday. Affordable and quality massages.
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Good stuff
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Not a bad place. Enchiladas were bad. They were nothing more than a warm tortilla with chicken breast inside it and a sauce poured over. Not really much flavor except in the sauce. The fajitas with the cream sauce was good. We ordered fajitas for 2, with half to be boxed to be taken home. The waiter told us he couldn't split the plate but gave us a box instead. Shrug.
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25 reviews
Just left the Burnet road location and I'm disappointed in the quality. There are major bugs left on the grill, hood and side mirrors. Dirt left behind wheels and dog nose prints on the inside windows. I couldn't ask for another wash as I was on my lunch hour. I had hoped the negative reviews were wrong. :\ Can't post pictures here but did on Yelp for you to view.
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The best cracklings!!
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Great! They had my motorcycle battery in stock and at the best rate in town!
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