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Good lunch time walk. W/30 Inc pups, 30 A2G squats. #WalkLikeAVagabond #JasonSieb #3s #AltShift · Embedded image. 7:50 AM - 25 Jan 2016. Reply to @JenellaHerring. Home · Sign up · Log in · Search · About. Not on Twitter? Sign up, tune into the things you care about, and get updates as they ...
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How about a little soul to start our Tuesday???

+Kimiko Kimikimms​thought you might appreciate...
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I'm down, love it!
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Crazy people...
Technically Incorrect: On New Year's Eve 2014, a Canadian doorman decided to record what revelry really looks like in a sane person's eyes. Now he's put it on YouTube.
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It seems it does not, +Kimiko Kimikimms !
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jenella herring

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IM chat with one of my 8 bosses:

Mike: Tell me some of the things you and the L1 and L2's too pertaining to your job. You configure switches, you troubleshoot cable issues, you make dns changes, you troubleshoot access points etc.. What else? tell me
Jenella: we save the world!!!!!! :)
Mike hahahaha

Mike [1:03 PM]: I got enough! thank you
Jenella R [1:03 PM]: Reroute wrong tickets and calls...occasionally to the right place
lol. you sure?
I can keep going
Mike [1:08 PM]: no more, otherwise your going to want a raise.


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jenella herring

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This guy will never get it..
And wth is the image of bill and Payton?
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SUPER DUPER IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Boys and girls, my peeps of all ages... this is it. We are on track and on target... Mental Graffiti is now available for pre-order in ebook format (soon in print format).
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In my house...
Dog Food Regulations: Do They Protect Our Dogs?

Dog food regulations happen at several levels, including federal, state, and often local. Here's the lowdown on what you need to know for dog food safety.
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Love it.
I Absolutely Love Dame Judi
I’m not sure Dame Judi has ever been more beautiful, and that may be because she does not look like a peeled, hardboiled egg or a waxed chipmunk, as so many older actresses do these days. There are pouches at her eyes and her jowls, a fine web of lines near her mouth. She is 77, and we have forgotten what 77 should look like. She looks old, and she looks gorgeous. These two things are not incompatible.

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#AgeGracefully   #BeautyIsFromWithin   #KeepItReal  
Judi Dench is 77, and we have forgotten what 77 should look like. She looks old, and she looks gorgeous
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I did that recently, I noticed I couldn't read fine print anymore. The eye doc was like, why are you here? I said, well, I'm not getting any younger. He said neither am I. So apparently, my loss of vision is perfectly normal :/
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jenella herring

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Inside the life of a female Muslim mixed martial artist on @AJ101East
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Just another person making their way through life the best they can.  I make all the mistakes and occasionally get things right as well.

I am from Louisiana but I dislike beans!!

I am a Paleo enthusiast!  Helping heal a variety of ailments.  It's also opening doors for better cooking and in general, just having more fun!

Most of what I post is info I want to pass along.  There are occasional updates on Blogger that you're welcome to view!

My life is a good life.  

I like it like that.  
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Snowed in

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51 Of The Most Beautiful Sentences In Literature

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Zilker Park: 350 acres of land, centuries of history and culture

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Bienvenue sur Facebook. Connectez-vous, inscrivez-vous ou découvrez !

Facebook est un réseau social qui vous relie à des amis, des collègues de travail, des camarades de classe ou d’autres personnes qui ont que

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Blame only the man who tragically decided to resist

Eric Garner and Michael Brown had much in common, not the least of which was this: On the last day of their lives, they made bad decisions.

A favored place for TexMex.
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2nd visit completed yesterday. Affordable and quality massages.
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Just left the Burnet road location and I'm disappointed in the quality. There are major bugs left on the grill, hood and side mirrors. Dirt left behind wheels and dog nose prints on the inside windows. I couldn't ask for another wash as I was on my lunch hour. I had hoped the negative reviews were wrong. :\ Can't post pictures here but did on Yelp for you to view.
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The best cracklings!!
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26 reviews
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Good stuff
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Not a bad place. Enchiladas were bad. They were nothing more than a warm tortilla with chicken breast inside it and a sauce poured over. Not really much flavor except in the sauce. The fajitas with the cream sauce was good. We ordered fajitas for 2, with half to be boxed to be taken home. The waiter told us he couldn't split the plate but gave us a box instead. Shrug.
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