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A prayerful Good Friday to those observing Lent! 
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Jeneba JJ Ghatt

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Yup! #Pawn #idealist 
In a staged encounter on Russian television, the NSA whistleblower asks Putin if the Kremlin’s surveillance is as bad as Washington’s. Putin, lying with a smile, says no.
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Tech Attorney | Social Media Butterfly | Advocate | Blogger | Citizen Journalist | Entrepreneur

The word according to the Book of JJ

In the year....

1992 - Took a  college job creating content for one of the earliest websites in history while working at the University of Maryland Office of Technology.

1994 – Got ambitious and applied for a coveted intern slot at U.S. News & World Report and was the only non-Ivy-league student awarded a plum spot. It was there I realized I didn’t want to become a journalist after all. Maybe my dad was right. I argue a lot. Law is my field.

1995 - Enrolled in law school at the Catholic University, destined to be a top telecom lawyer.

1998 –Scored a gig teaching advocacy to Georgetown University Law Students after graduating from law school. Was great. I got to be a big fish in a small pond.

2000 – Saw the ocean across the way and left the small pond and headed to a big sea and became an Associate at an international law firm. I was the only black lawyer in our DC office.

2002- Dubbed my professor years, guest spoke at Yale Law, taught media Law at my alma matter U of MD and lectured at Penn State.

2004 -Convinced 6 of my college girlfriends to start our own blog where we’d talk about our passions: handbags, shoes and politics.  We were going to blow up, I told them. Gig on the Side was its name

2005- Jilted by the failure to become a super blogger, I became Asst General Counsel and at one time was the only communications regulator for the District of Columbia. I negotiated franchise agreements on behalf of then Mayor Anthony Williams and lobbied future Mayor Adrian Fenty.

2005- Struck it on my own, formed a law firm and PR firm. I repped national communications companies and nonprofits

2007 – Started plotting world online domination. Dubbed myself a social butterfly and commenced to joining , moderating, leading, writing, antagonizing, stoking and agitating my way through various blogs.

2010- Went to the White House and was 1 of 22 bloggers at the first African American Online Summit

2011- Served as amici counsel before US Supreme Court on behalf of a coalition of national organizations including Public Knowledge, Media Access Project The NAACP, RainbowPUSH, NOW, The Urban League and others. 

Social Media me

1 Number of Foursquare, Google+, Tumblr, Orkut, Stumble, BeHance & number other social media accounts I have

2- Number of Linked In Groups I manage (Gtown Law & Catholic Comm Insitute)

3 – Number of Blogs I actively write (Bellyitch, Politics of Raising Children & Jenebaspeaks)

4 – Number of Active Twitter Accounts I have

Bragging rights
Am one of the only True Super Moms out there. The others moms got nothing on me
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