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One Love
Love, like everything else, exists in a spectrum. Love of another, love of the world, love of God, all these loves are really one love in different degrees of light and density. ~Roger Housden,
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I know that yar onlly one love yar aother no
I have found some peace reading your words. 
Thank You!
Jesse H
I love that. 
God always says to me to put him first
nice water...................
Highest of all is the communion between the soul and god
nothing  to  say  but  one  thing  cute  profile
It depending the natura of people. Who he is trate''
Lov like fish loves water. U take her out of water she dies n u eat her it still asks 4 water. Chinese Say so!
Sure,beutiful than eva,God bles you so much. 
Wen lov beckons 2 u, follow him,
Though his ways r hard n steep
And wen his wings enfold u yielď 2 him,
Though d sword hidden among his pinions may wound u
Raji R
Very nice
love is respect, understanding, sharing, commitment, responsibility and truthfullness
Lov givs not but itself n takes not but frm itself
Lov possesses not nor wud it b possessed
4 lov is sufficient un2 lov
And think not u can direct d Course of lov
4 lov, if it finds u worthy, directs ur course.

The mind is restless and is difficult to contol, but is subdued by practice.
co;;tcted by-ashok
Even as lov crowns u so shall he crucify u.
Even as he is 4 ur growth so is he 4 ur pruning.
Evn as he ascends 2 ur height n caresses ur tenderst branches
that quiver in d sun,
So shall he descend 2 ur roots n shake them in their clinging 2 the earth.
Like sheaves of corn he gathrs u un2 himslf.
He threshes u 2 make u naked.
He sifts u 2 free u frm ur husks.
He grinds u 2 whiteness.
He kneads u until u r pliant;
And then he assigns u 2 his sacred fire, that u may bcome sacred bread 4 God's sacred feast.
All these things lov shall do un2 u that u may know d secrets of ur heart, and in that knowledge bcome a fragment of life,s heart.
K Gibran
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