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It's very nice that Google+ is doing so well, and I truly like the service. That said, I have to wonder about reports of its success when I follow nearly 250 people and only see a handful of posts per day. How useful are millions of members when very few use it regularly? (I'm genuinely wondering--maybe it's just that I'm not following people who post frequently!)
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+Jena Tesse Fox What are your interests? Perhaps we could recommend some people to suit specific things you'd like to read and interact with?
I think there's a certain amount of chicken-and-egg going on. The lower the traffic, the less likely I am to post here.

I'm not sure what to do about that other than to make it a point to be active, in the hopes that others will follow suit.
Thank you for the wonderful shout out +Denis Labelle . Don't forget to follow him, +Jena Tesse Fox, if you aren't already.

Other faves of mine, without rerpeating the mentions of Denis, are +Jennifer Bailey +Guy Kawasaki +P E Sharpe +Mara Mascaro +Marilyn Fenn +Roberta Murray +Eric Martindale +Al Ebnereza +Lucas Johnson +John Fanavans +Cliff Roth +Daria Musk +Randy Resnick and +Liza Sperling .

Not an all inclusive list, but a few names, interesting people that I enjoy reading posts from and folllowing...
+James Cronen Being active is the most important part of this network. There is a group of +Engagers that have really focused on engaging other users and making the gears of the network turn. Developing an audience for your content might take a while, but just keep on working at it and eventually people will start interacting. Marketing yourself is very important.
+Jena Tesse Fox Welcome! Once you find who you want to follow, you won't have that problem, I can guarantee that.
This said, 250 people isn't that many if they're spread across the globe. There are a lof of prolific posters out there in many fields. Some have been mentioned, but I didn't see +Alex Grossman who posts on a number of interesting topics and he has shared several lists based on these topics. I'm sure in no time you will be looking for the volume control to turn it all down :)
Wow--thanks for the suggestions, guys! I generally focus on two industries--theater and travel--so in addition to people I know personally (Hi, +James Cronen!) I generally look for people in those worlds to follow. But I'll definitely take a look at all of the suggestions and start adding more people to my circles. Once again, thanks for the many recommendations!
See, +Jena Tesse Fox? I saw your post, connected you with the right people on Google+ et voila .
Enjoy Google+.
+Samantha Villenave Thanks for the mention! +Jena Tesse Fox Welcome to G+! It really is an awesome networking experience, once you begin connecting with some of the "engagers" or start finding people who share your interests. Lots of great advice above!
Hey, all...I've actually been on G+ for several months, but just haven't seen a lot of posts from people in my various fields...hence my lament. I've been busy adding people to my circles today. :-)
I do try and post good things Jena, respect from Matty james....p.s hope you follow back too....cheers
Jena, you're right... I wonder if Googleplus will ever be as popular as Facebook. For me it's better, more flexible, and can be used for both, professional and personal lives thanks to the circles concept.
Anyway, as +Denis Labelle suggested, you may not be following the right people. Furthermore, it needs a bit of time. If I am not wrong, Facebook started back in 2004, but we can say that it wasn't until 2008 when it really started to be popular worldwide :)

By the way, I added you to my circles ;)
By the way, you studied in Seville and have lived in Spain, haven't you? Cool, what made you live here? :)
This is a common problem many people face, you are certainly not alone. I look at it like landing on top of a vast underground city. You have to know where the access points are to find any activity.
+Samantha Villenave Thank you for the mention. +Jena Tesse Fox - I've heard a lot of people say they think G+ is dumb, boring, whatever... I can't hardly believe it. This is the most intelligent, engaging community I've ever been involved in. I think you need to keep searching out interesting people with shared interested.
i do not understand how i treat with my account in google plz help me?
+James Cronen The chicken-and-egg similitude is spot-on. One key is not to have an expectation that G+ will be a carbon copy of Facebook. Following people whom you don't necessarily know, and who post publicly and respond to comments is the best way in my estimation to "start out". There are heaps of "follow lists" out there detailing people who do just that.
Jena - It all depends what your goal with G+ is. My primary usage is to gather news of interest and to follow others with similar interests, as such my feeds rock. Think about what you want to accomplish, then proceed accordingly.
+Jena Tesse Fox
::waves:: Hello +Jena Tesse Fox if I can be of assistance please do let me know, to get your feed to take off follow the advice of those above, I hope you enjoy your +Google+ flight!
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