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South Africa is a country? No Way!
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Well, I'm glad we cleared that up... I had such a case of mistaken country identity...
Now tell her Lesotho is inside South Africa... 
Oh please, please let me sit in the room when you try to explain the old TBVC countries to her... Please... I am begging here...
And then extra points if she can pronounce them!
I have had online friends from America who don't realise that Africa is not the united States of Africa. That it's like saying north America is one big country
Now she's panicking because she has to get a passport, she's planning to go to New Mexico...
{singing in best Monty Python voice} SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM
thats bcz..... dummies. .....Africa is a freakin continent and fucking south africa is 1 of the country in dat continent. ......
bwahahaha... and the top voted comment is:
Video flagged for spam...
Give the girl some credit. She takes precautions and avoids having offspring. At least, that is clever!!
Finding that realy silly. I'm from South Africa btw and most people are very ill informed about our country. Next thing i'll hear is we're living out in the wild with the lions or something....... lol. 
Very funny Kara, but obviously not. You can see game and wild in nature reserves, national parks and zoo's just like anywhere else in the world. 
Well I hope the rest of this forum is wearing condoms. I don't know how this got started!?
+Kara Marie Rawson Agreed. Oh there is a place not 20min drive from where i stay where i can play with lion cubs, but that's as good as it gets. ;-)
Why I gave up Facebook. Its worse than smoking. See your doctor, quit today.
im just laughing because of the word "witch".
We really don't need people like that breeding do we?
I don't want to live on this planet anymore
lol ofcause south africa is a country :)
im then now is in south africa lmao its a beautiful country with lots of animals
sarah shouldn't use condom, so that she will find out what is africa
It is amazing how little some people know about the world!!
Mike M
Stupid people should not be able to reproduce. This should be what I call the selective snipping program. 
Why does everyone hide the identity of people who post on public forums?
south africa is such a big/huge country howcum some people know so little about?
I don't want to live on this planet anymore!!!!
is anyone of you here from south africa?
+Pieter Joubert You're talking crap. The Zambezi flows nowhere near SA, it's thousands of miles north, and provides no border to biodiversity. 
halo wat hoor julle nie wat ek se nie?
Reminds me that one time I tried explaining to some 15 year old how America was not a country.
glad I stayed till the end way to go Jen lol
Wait until she hears that the UK has 4 countries in it!
In her world South Africa is just another insignificant place.
Wow, isn't it amazing what happens when your post hits the What's Hot lists?
+Phil Fearless Contrary to popular opinion, not everything in facebook is public. And if her name was made public, everyone here (well me anyway) would find her and take the mickey!
Laughing at other peoples' apparent ignorance is very rude and a sign of inferiority complex. It's also very risky : I doubt it would take much to catch any of you with your pants down. It is also rude 
+Robert Jordaan I was wondering WTF happened! And South Africa is trending too. Coincidence? Aaaah the POWER!!!
oh jesus..i don't want to live on this planet anymore!!
+John Lawrence Its not a sign of an inferiority complex. Its a sign that this situation is funny. That's it, nothing more. Seeing as you think its very rude, risky and also rude, a profile picture looking up your nose is not exactly in good taste either. Pot meet kettle!
Do you mean that you don't know that Africa is a continent & that South Africa is a just a country within her.
+Trevor Pagel You're from CT so I assume you're not talking about ZA (otherwise be prepared for a bit of fallout!)
+Jason Schwab , funny fact, the Animaniacs song that you mention left out three countries, one of them was South Africa. (it has since become even more inaccurate as countries come and go.)
Hilarious part is actually down below in the conversation between her and Joseph.. lol
Thats if youre a rapist, murderer or corrupt politician.
Maybe her mom and dad "should have" used condoms. 
+Trevor Pagel, you are trolling for a bruising buddy... We have our problems but there is no better country in the WORLD!
+Trevor Pagel Well why don't you just piss off so the rest of us can enjoy living in our beautiful country and try to make it even better with less negativity!
+John Lawrence
good point John, I bet there's some 'obvious' information that each of us doesn't know....cyber bullying if you think about it.
Joseph rocks!! She is not helping smart blonds to get away with blond joke.
This thread has it all. I think every type if person on the interwebs was represented. I saw the moral compass, the grammar teacher (almost from me), the joke explainer, Mr obvious who explains the joke, the researcher, the spammer since retracted, the Facebook haters. 
aksh its only to reduce  linage of stupidity who ask if S.A is a country in this day and age?
Joseph is hoping this women does not breed as she is clearly a bit silly and cannot spell.
The whole Africa have fifty two state and all my life I was wondering if it's a continents
Well, Phil Fearless, you can learn as you go along or you can carry on being a person who laughs at others because you have nothing interesting or original to say - take your pick !
Bwahahaha... +Richard Wooding, sarcasm much...

On a side note though I am actually amazed by how this thread has degenerated...
I died a little inside when I first saw this.
south africa is a country for those who likes peace secondly we have everything and most off all free from every threats oh by the way south africa is in Africa continent
Africa is a county and is made up of about 33 country`s. Did you go to school?
Thanks for sharing your thoughts jflappan Malaysia nice to know you and
have fantastic weekend happy holidays richardwoooding
It makes me cry when I am reminded people like this still exist. Social responsibility has destroyed natural selection! 
Neil : I think you're right. What is surprising is there actually seem to be some adults participating in it!
can somebody help the poor here in Nigeria?
just cut it short its country for every one WE UNITE THE WORLD we dont divide the WORLD 
Since you're from Pretoria robertjordaan can be better person who knows all
about Africa
You don't give up easy do you Jen! Can be unwise, that 
I believe I was quite the snark with the soon-to-be-emigrating fella above....
ha ha ha........n she also thinks that africa is a
Holy crap that's amazing! Who knew? You learn something new everyday
I meant I can't believe that she doesn't know that Africa is a continent with 52 countries, 
dont worry about her she must be bored i wud like to see her face why is she hiding
Wow... So many comments full of spelling errors making fun of someone who was open enough to share her joy in learning something new. I bet this will really make her want to learn more... 
Who the fuck r u talking to bitch this is chads wife
Neil Sullivan who I addressed my previous comment to said this thread is cyber-bullying and I agree with him, and I think Google should do something about it. If you are an adult you are setting young people a bad example and you should be ashamed of yourself: some of the commenters have acknowledged the truth of my original comment and are grateful for my guiding presence on this nasty little post 
SA , a country um one would never have guest so . 
If I could pay for her to go to south Africa, and Kenya, just to see how awesome are these counties...
We shouldn't tip toe around idiocy - It doesn't deserve special respect or protections - point it out when we see it
Sadly stupidity isn't hereditary but acquired.  If one chose to be ignorant then one shall be stupid.
if people wants to learn the first thing they should learn is that the world is so small thanks to Google Tech Team
For over hundred million people who can but the government of Nigeria can
because lots of oil and gas production state in Africa. Thanks jflappan
Jen, the country is very much there, its well-known leader: NELSON MANDELA
If it hasn't been mentioned before can we try the Vatican state or San Marino on this person please?
Did everyone miss the irony of using South African in this idiotic comment? In fact, there is a country entirely inside South Africa: Lesotho. 
+Mike Elgan we actually had four independent states and a country within our borders at one stage about 20 years ago, thus the hilarity around the comment from the SAffas...
I'm off now you'll be delighted to hear. One final word though - if you are a mum, please don't laugh when your small child makes a silly mistake out of its innocence : I see a lot of parents do that and it's a rotten irresponsible thing to do.
By now!
So lame, what planet you're from? 
well tell her to get a Globe or atleast a world map
Jen sutherland more than friends in this email
I am from South Africa and you would be amazed how often i get asked where that is....
It,s just need 2 think .it,s long story?
i love kids they are so funny energetic there s always something about them they always lift you up u look at them you see the bright side they are Angels
+John Lawrence let's not make excuses for the ignorant. We need to point it out and make it visible.

It's does not deserve respect or special treatment.

(As a small child I was well aware of all the continents, thank you very much)
+Jen Sutherland I was all laughing and smiling until I saw you post that "easy" is not in your vocabulary... now why did you have to go ruin my day like that... ;)

.. is glad his GF is not on G+ :)
In other words please don't breed
+Raymond Bleach I wonder how many tourists to London ask for the address of 10 Downing Street. 
I thought South Africa was a myth.... LOL
+Richard Wooding Ed zackery. She has the interwebs. If I'm about to post something I make sure I'm not talking kak or making an ass of myself. 
Don't tell her that the Vatican is a country inside Italy inside Europe inside Earth .... Lol
I learned something from +John Lawrence today. Wait, no I didn't. Humorless people are just that. Everything is serious and nothing is PC enough. 
Let's look at the upside here. Thanks for viral social sharing, morons get a massive blast of shame and ridicule in response to idiotic comments. And that's a good thing. 
Do all South Africans dress and act like Die Antwood? Ha 
thaks sarah for entertaining us......u must b
+Mark Mccurdy I forgot about that. Yes! We have no legs, carry guns and have squeaky voices. Ay ee ay ee ay I am your butterfly. 
Yup. Frontal lobotomy neede. I just hope its not contagious or next we hear something worse
It's possible that their kid could come out smart. I know a couple who are both idiots but their kid is a borderline genius. Go figure. Maybe intelligence genes work on a scale, once you get below a certain point your offspring start from the top. lol. 
The puzzle started by jensutherland who will solved it
Just to reinforce my view of the average Facebook conversation
Hold up...WHAT THE FUCK!!!! you guys are really ignorant to whats outside of your world. South Africa is a country in Africa, remember that.
By the way, we Texans aren't dumb. It's the young tweens that make it to TV and the lamebook sites that are lacking. 
Ok I just found out that America is a country AND its also part of North America which makes no sense.....
Hey mikeelgan thanks man but why some readers insulated and make fun of
Lol. This is as bad as my buddy from church. He had to do a project of nations flags for Africa. He thought Africa was a country, and realized it was a continent when there was more than one flag.
I agree with Joseph. Thank God they use condoms. 
Because it's America not Africa bradscharf every body scared to offence
Hello! How are you? I really want to meet this immense continent. Laughter ...
Jensutherland please go back to grade one
Garethsmith you mean vetican is country right
South Africa has it's share of problems, but is a beautiful place I'm proud to call home. 
Jensutherland started the joke but joke on mr
+John Lawrence you are just all butthurt since everyone here slapped you down.

On a serious point about cyber bullying to address your altruistic & empathic concerns. This is not cyber bullying. Its laughing at a potentially fabricated FB post with potentially fabricated people (like a lot of profiles on FB). There is no person identified in anyway whatsoever so it might as well be a cartoon depicting a silly situation. People are allowed to laugh. You should get over yourself... and trim your nose hair.

+Jen Sutherland I'm amazed at your wit and ability to levitate! Teach me!
SOUTH AFRICA is a country and AFRICA is a continent.FOR YOUR INFO
+Phil Fearless That's the 4th little known fact about Saffers - we can levitate. While we're out with our pet lions of course. 
Well that's because Africa is a continent, not a country.
Come to SA we have no legs, carry guns, levitate and have squeaky voices... +Phil Fearless oh and pet lions don't forget the pet lions...
+Jen Sutherland it's a bit of a downer but if you look at the rate of Rhino going down this year you're not far off... 
Speaking of condoms. The USA news says that South Africans refuse to use condoms. Therefore AIDS is common there.
I don't know if this is true. I don't live there
+Jen Sutherland, after witnessing the dumb on this post today I think you can give this man a Bells... I kinda need it!
Africa is a continent and last time I checked countries are on continents.

+Robert Jordaan Comin' right up. And a nice BIG glass of red wine for me (speaking of which, I got my wine-of-the-month delivery yesterday, which included a Baldrick Shiraz. Damn this Chateau Lafite...)
Sigh... here we go again... +James Morris, if you scroll up to the second comment... you would find droid comment you are looking for....
+Jen Sutherland I'll take any Guiness if you have it. And +Maurice Smith , no, people use condoms here. The Health Ministry did sort of get its act together and start pushing for condom usage and ant-retrovirals for pregnant mothers with AIDS.
Good grief, are there really people like that. 
Its kinda sad in most funny way . Poor thing .
How can that possibly happen during this google era... she'd dissapointed them, theyve put so much work and time in google map
Sad maybe, but at there is always going to be plenty of material for the
comics out there.
That depends entirely on which witch you wish for.
+Joshua Lagare-Howard I don't think they ever showed a map in the movie - just really bad eccents - maybe they should. Make movies fun and educational!
I think something more than condoms is necessary in this case.
When I came back from a visit to Egypt, someone asked me if I had ever been to Africa. I smiled, and said that I was just in Egypt. She said,"I know, but what about Africa?"

I don't knock people for not knowing such stuff. We mostly tend to know our own little corners of the world. In the US, we tend to know about our neighboring states on the map, but not the rest. Not because it is not taught, but because it is not part of our 'everyday' experience or environment.

Of course, even though I understand their plight of not knowing something, it is still funny to joke about.
sexy shanti dynamite creating HIV AIDS Awareness in this video for 2.31 million people infected in India.
aids awareness
In general, American people are so STUPID regarding USA outside issues, as International History and Geografy.
I agree with you Yash. Americans do seem to be fairly ignorant of most things outside of the USA. 
Don't hate Americans for being stupid we have lousy schools. Our minds might be empty but they are open. 
D.M. D
So right, majority of Americans haven't a clue. Ignorant! 
You are so wrong +Brian Shea most of us know more then our little world. It is not acceptable, but essential that we point out this sort of ignorance. It is funny. 
obviously she didn't do geography or else she wud know the difference between continent and country
As a biology major..... Natural selection is at hand. 
pm tang
I am sorry, we, American is not ignorant, we are naive, innocent and not yet corrupted.
And I thought that I have problems with geography.
j In a class room.
Girl: Who gets more angry, boys or girls?
Boy: Girls.
Girl: How?

Boy: If I kiss you, you'll get angry;
But when you kiss me, I'll never get angry.
The only problem with geography is when you forget where you live. 
D.M. D
Well one can conclude one thing from this little burst, (hopefully) we all learned something new today. 
Oh dear lord it makes me sad in my heart place. The funny thing is that she would get soooo defensive if she knew she was being made fun of. If only stupid people knew they were stupid. But none of them/you think they are. Like I said, it makes me sad
Poor girl,I'm South African & I feel bad for everyone that knows you......dealing with idiocy on an enormous scale.
+Brian Shea Agree with +Richard Wooding - I know all the US states and most of their capitals (OK, some of their capitals). Just because it's not part of your day doesn't mean it shouldn't spark some interest. If I hear a place mentioned that I don't know, I whip out Google Maps (or my trusty atlas) and look. Where is the curiosity?? 
The only problem with most people is to forget where they come from and where they are heading too,so do not be victim
+Brian Shea you're a better man than me. I would have raged so hard....
I wonder what she would say about Lesotho.
Reminds me of a conversation I had with a FedEx employee. I was tracking a package from SA and she kept trying to find what country. I repeated South Africa is the country. No sir, I am trying to find the country, it is definitely coming from Southern Africa but I'm not sure which Country .
Jen, Ive noticed as well a lot of young people from overseas who dont have basic education, yet pretending to writers. Its shocking the dumbing down of America!
She is blonde. It can't be a coincidence. 
+Mitch Stokely I'm not in a position to comment on the ins and outs of US education, but it seems to me that it's very insular (almost selfish) and the instant-satisfaction culture perpetrated by movies doesn't help. We're by no means perfect - our education system has some serious flaws - but I'd think the average South African has more curiosity about stuff. 
Please do not let dumbasses procreate. PLEASE!
I just LOVE the comments 'you and your boyfriend use condoms right?' 'Thank god' Haha - hilarious. 
South Africa is better than Great Fire Wall at least....
Oh dear. The thought of someone like that reproducing sends chills down my spine. Horrifying...
I saw a Nelson Mandella movie. It made me cry like a baby. I hope to purchase a Springbok jersey one day. 
why are so many people in this world ignorant and lacking common sense?!?
Sadly her boyfriend probably wears the condom on his finger. You know the way some were taught in
+Jen Sutherland Its a global problem actually. Kids born and raised in a country or culture that values education generally get this right...look at your own parents. They probably know more than most parents from third world countries. Kids born elsewhere devalue education. Their parents dont value it.

Thats one thing holding back the world....countries, cultures, and religions that either devalue education or value lies, money, and power over knowledge. People not born in America falsely assume we value those things when we value education and intellectualism.

Its a serious threat....the dumming down effect in the world and failed value systems.
The point of condom is to prevent reproducing such stupidity... ccc, Byron, Byron... :D :D
+Jen Sutherland . Yes. I really could feel that. I finally could understand a bit about him. He is a great man. The second time that I saw that movie I cried again. I began to see that the Africanners might not all be so bad. I remember Pit Botha and some of the other leaders
+Mitch Stokely Absolutely. And the culture of avoiding the  responsibility of educating one's children (delegating to young, inexperienced, equally insular teachers) doesn't help. 
She answered "ya" but do they know where the condom goes, Nebojsa?
Pffff... can you understand the point of condom in question of that person whose chat with Sarah.... please, don't ask me anything more about this...
perhaps you should learn English pretty well !
I live South Africa, Africa is a continent filled with many countries... I disagree with blaming politicians for the laxity of knowing about the world. People are only as oblivious as they choose to be. 
It's important that you understand what I say... in other case you wouldn't post anything.... BTW. SORYY TO ALL PEOPLE HERE, MY ENGLISH IS WEAK... ok?
Ill add America's case, we are strong as a country and have the best Universities in the world because of immigrants and smart educated people that flock here.

But we also suffer from ignorant people that come here. I look at my grandparents generation that lived here when it was a wilderness and who invented flight, went to the moon, invented the Internet. Amazing! I dont see Mexico or Libya or even China doing anything close to that. Its clearly not brains....its cultural as there are smart people all over the world. We need to change the culture, otherwise someday no one will know where Africa is on a map!
btw. why i should learn english?! give me some reason. You try to learn serbian... so idiotic comment.
I've been reading this thread as an outsider & lmfao but I just had to chime in. In my travels I have met quite a few South Africans & they are some of the most beautiful people on the planet in every sense of the word. As far as stereotyping goes, I'm from Louisiana. North Louisiana. Nothing to do with swamps or cajuns but everyone I meet automatically assumes that I must live on the bayou & love crawfish & jambalaya, 'witch' I don't, lol. O, btw, +Jen Sutherland , u have got to be the wittyest, funniest, most badass trender I've run across on Google+. Don't know if all the references were intended the way I took em, but they sure gave me a good laugh.
That's not only on FB , is everywhere. Congress too. Google Hank Johnson speech about Guam tipping over...
Stupidity is part of human nature.. Well some of us have a case of extreme stupidity like her. 
+Mike Poole {curtsies} why thank you kind sir :)
And also for the comments about South Africans. That's something lots of people say abut us! Hmmm.. I think there was a South African movie called Beautiful People. Now y'all know why :)
Its the ciiiiiiiircle of liiiiiiiiiife! (fortunately interrupted) 
Ignorance is everywhere. Don't go far. What about Joe " Whistle" Salazar (defending) women.....
O, just so no one gets confused, North Louisiana is NOT a country! It's just a section of the state of Louisiana which (witch) is in the country United States of America witch (which) is on the continent North America which (witch) also includes the countries Canada & Mexico.
I will add you Jen you have people post from all over .have a nice day
I'm suddenly saddened by the realization that Sarah (whoever she may be) is wholly and unknowingly responsible for a large amount of unproductive hours spent ridiculing her (and the denizens of the What's Hot stream)... I would like to take a moment just to acknowledge the hilarious fun I've had today at her expense...
England is a country and it's also part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, which is also a country.
hallo south africa is a country ok you cant tell me about my own place
Home time! It's been an awesome (unproductive) day making friends (and a couple of enemies!). Now that we've put South Africa (and Africa) on the map, I've you're interested in chatting more with us about seeing this amazing place - more than Oscar and Reeva - then join one or both of these communities of passionate people who enjoy experiencing and sharing pieces of this wonderful country.

Travel South Africa:
South Africa is Awesome:

Until next time, TOTSIENS!!
WOW! Am speechless
you know south africa is also one of the most beautifulist places.
I remeber once arguing with a couple of english girls who believed South Africa was not a country but infact was a continent. And also i think one of them was a bit surprsed to know that i did not live in a mud house back home in India.
you know south africa is also one of the most beautifulist places.
Hahaha , you got to love FB convos ; thanks for throwing a quick laugh our way +Jen Sutherland :)
If I could "plus 1" just Joseph's comments in that image, I would.
A country in another country! 哈哈,这叫国中之国!
Lesotho and Swaziland they are inside South Africa how about that.
No muter what peopel can say but GOD is in control 
If you ask me, 'South Africa' is a very unimaginative name for a country. No wonder this poor girl was confused her whole life.
Not defending her, just adding another perspective to this. Obviously she should be ashamed that she didn't know that already, but still South Africa, how about getting an actual name instead of just a general coordinate ;) 
It was supposed to be renamed Azania when apartheid ended. Don't know what happened. Either the govt did not have funds to reprint their stationery or they figured they were fooling themselves, apartheid is not really over! Which ever side you lean on do so thoughtfully. The difference might be the same!
+Mario Jarquin where are you from, i happen to be from South Africa and think that its perfect in many ways and happen to love the name. In case you have not realized the United States of America is not a name either. 
Somebody please correct her spelling, it's not 'witch ' but which. And people, please stop talking about Africa as if it's a country. It is offensive to the people who come from the many countries in Africa. And having said that, let me also say that calling the baseball league a world series is utterly misleading. It's only played in one country! IRB Sevens Rugby doesn't even boast but it's played in all continents! 
LOL...I love the person who commented on there because he is so far above and beyond her intelligence level that all he cares about is helping human kind by making sure she doesn't not procreate...and she doesn't get it
Couldn't pay me enough to live there. It's propped up by the world bank and foreign investment as it is. Can you imagine the violence when the rape capital of the world loses its western crutch.
Oh I am quite certain God is the reason why condoms aren't used, why babies are born to retarded parents, why the babies are then made to be retarded with love, and He's literally the only reason why humans are retarded in the first place. He is Yahweh the literal God of War. And love. And no, the two aren't paradoxical so much as synonymous. God bless.
Try and explain to how her the United Kingdom works, she would break! 
LOL -- how embarrassing.  And probably from the US, unfortunately.
+Kipkoech Choge much as we like bashing Americans I think - and correct me if I'm wrong - the World Series was originally named after "the World" newspaper (or something like that)
+Jason Beacham remind me again which country has one of the strongest financial systems in the world and which country's financial system recently took a tour in the toilet?
it's gonna be awkward for her when she realises "America" as she calls it isn't actually America but USA.
+Allriot So long as she can do a curtsy when introduced to her Queen, that's all she really needs to know. Splitting legs comes naturally. She has guys to help her with the complicated stuff like car doors and dining room chairs and other forms of being treated Right. What more could she have use for? Until the buns burn in the oven.
Go back to yoga jenn. These topics exceed your ability.
ter nea
Sounds like they have a new Republican presidential candidate in the wings! OMG!
+Jonny Vincent  Damn a little strong but you're right...although it isn't God (whatever that is) per say it's more about the version of the word of God which is widely known as religion that makes humans is also a generational thing where parents who are religious nuts teach their kids to be religious nuts and therefore the kids continue the trend...
Is this day and age with all of the obvious scientific data and evidence for anyone to believe in things like the sea parting, burning bushes that speak to you, walking on water and giving a blind person vision by simply touching them is to believe in a SyFy Channel movie...
Wow!! There goes the perception that americans are well schooled!! You heard of europe before? Did you know the cold war is over? We also dont have lions an other wild animals walking around on our streets, which is another misperception of our country. 
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