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The Case of the Cursed Position
What can you do about a position that seems “cursed” with
chronic turnover? Before you resign yourself to affixing a permanent “just
visiting” sign over the desk, consider the following ideas. If you go to the
doctor’s office complaining of a chronic ailmen...

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The FAQs of Talent Management
How is talent management different from Human Resources? Comparing talent management to Human Resources is like comparing apples to oranges. Talent management is the complete system of designing, administering, implementing, and measuring the policies and p...

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Dialing Down Fear: Tips for Change Management
Change can be a very scary thing for many people, there's no doubt about it.  But change can also be an incredibly wonderful, empowering experience. In this week's blog we will look at a few easy tips that might lessen the fears that are connected with vent...

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Month in a Minute
Steve with the HR team at Atlantis, Bahamas Even though February is a short month, we have packed a lot into it busy with clients across the US, and even a trip to the Bahamas. I made a trip to Salt Lake City to work with Steve, and he made a trip to see us...

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Tough Advice
I am the one
who says comfort zone is the enemy of EQ and the way to greater happiness is by
putting yourself through moderate stress. Taking my own advice is miserable. I
am currently doing something that is making me feel very uncomfortable. I am
selling ...

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The Development Planning Process
Our topic this week is development plans, which is timely
for the start of a new year but also very appropriate when employees are asked
to do more with fewer resources. When times are lean, you need everyone working at peak
performance and learning new ski...

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Month in a Minute
In the Sandbox with the fabulous HR team at SNHU Meagan Flint and me at the CASE District1 Conference in Boston Since this our Month in a Minute for January, I am going to
say happy new year! Last year flew by and it seems this year is possibly going
even f...

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Creating New Habits
We are one month in to those wonderful New Year's
Resolutions . . . you know the ones that we are lucky to see, well, March 1st. The idea of a fresh start is alluring, which is why so many
people choose January 1st to make self-promises of improvement. Of c...

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Orientation vs Onboarding
Consider this interesting law of nature. A newly hatched duck will bond maternally with the first moving object it sees. This relationship is solidified during the first day or so after hatching, a brief window known as the critical period for bonding. As y...

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Motivation Matching
How is it that a person who came highly recommended as a
star performer in their previous company joins your team only to lose their
spark and fizzle out? Why does someone who has been an average performer one
place move positions or change bosses and reach...
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