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Jen Karner
Writer. Gypsy of a geeky persuasion. Epic in Training.
Writer. Gypsy of a geeky persuasion. Epic in Training.

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I got to play with the Moto G4 which was a great phone for anyone on a budget. 

Been a while since i've checked in over here. Gotta be more on top of that...

I went from 0 sewing projects in the last year and a half to joining up with a volunteer theater company as an assistant of costume, and making myself at least one new suit of garb. (battle dress, pants, half skirt, and possibly a jacket as well)

At least I don't do anything by half?

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This pen made me so sad. I wanted to love it, I just...couldn't. 

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I've gone and gotten suckered into Marvel: Avengers Academy and I got to write about it.

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you all have an awesome day. 

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Over the weekend I headed to Power Plant Live here in Baltimore for a friends birthday. PBR has an electronic bull, and being the person I am, I had to ride it. The always awesome +Russell Holly got video of it for me...
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Found Life after Death Star today. It's a remix album mixing the original score of Star Wars with music from Biggie Smalls, and it is crazy. By crazy, I mean mind blowing. If you're a fan of the score, or Biggie do yourself a solid and check it out.

It's also free for download from the website in case you get a case of 'I need this Naow' like I did. 

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The Samsung Gear VR is finally really here. If you've been excited about VR you should check it out. 
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