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Jemila Abdulai
Writer, digital strategist and policy consultant
Writer, digital strategist and policy consultant

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Tomorrow is World Intellectual Property Day and I'll be talking plagiarism and copyright as part of +BloggingGhana's Twitter Chat. Join the conversation at 11am via #BloGH and #WorldIPDay.

Not sure what IP is or its relevance to Africa? Read this:

#Circumspecte #Blogging #Technology

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I had the pleasure of visiting the Legon Botanical Gardens yesterday. Why you shd def check it out!

#CirqVoyage #Ghana #Parks #Circumspecte #Travel

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Professional or entrepreneur in Ghana looking to use social media to network effectively? Attend the Go Social Gh social media workshop on April 29, organized by +Circumspecte and One Baobab. Register by April 24 at

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A bit of inspiration and a preview of our upcoming Visionnaire feature on Alfie Designs and Adjo Dede Asare. // Coming soon:

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A very fascinating topic: the future of work in #Africa! Join us tomorrow as we explore

#Careers #QlCareerFair #Circumspecte #Africa

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Ladies, today is #EqualPay Day. Many of us earn less in comparison to our male counterparts not because we are less qualified, but because we don't negotiate. Here's how to:

#Careers #Women #Circumspecte

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Who said there is no money in everyday Ghana /Africa? One woman is selling a sponge for $18 - and business seems to be booming! The packaging alone :)

#Ghana #Africa

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Before you blame a girl for dressing to attract the attention of men or boys, consider the fact that the first sexual experience for many girls and women is rape - a violation of who they are. They never get to define themselves in such a defining moment. Someone else defines that and by extension them. Many don't recover. And so the dice is cast: they consistently define who they are in relation to the men and boys they encounter. Usually that or they never actually had a healthy father-daughter relationship - daddy issues are real.

Vicious cycle ain't it? So guess what - we are all to blame. The question to ask her is why do you feel the need to dress like this? In many cases it's about fitting in, finding herself, shaping her identity, acceptance. In very few cases will it be to attract a boy to her - unless, again, her understanding of male and female relationships is rooted primarily in sex and sexuality. In which case, refer to paragraph one.

Rape and assault is never as simple as the clothes one wears.

More of my thoughts here:

#Ghana #Women #Relationships #Rape #Circumspecte

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African Women Build: Celebrating 5 Years of Sisterhood
In the last 5 years of documenting and branding the stories of African women, WCA has experienced our joys, triumphs, challenges and lessons learnt when it comes to building. So when I reflected on how to actually celebrate 5 years of building WCA no other ...

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Dakar - one of my favorite African cities and a go-to travel destination. Here are 8 things to explore in Senegal

#CirqVoyage #Travel #Senegal
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