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Every now and then someone writes an article that obsoletes a lot of my earlier thinking. This just changed how I think about federation versus centralisation.

#fsw #boom

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'Another bizarre feature of our early prototype was its propensity to respond with “I love you” to seemingly anything. As adorable as this sounds, it wasn’t really what we were hoping for.'

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The new weekly issue of The Economist is now available to view via our website and apps:

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August 8th – 14th 2015

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Linked to below is a press release by the association of universities in the Netherlands, about the failure to agree a Big Deal with Elsevier. What I find particularly encouraging about it is that they have decided that they are ready to call Elsevier's bluff and do without Elsevier journals, starting in January 2015. This comes at the same time as the French have finally (very recently) caved in and accepted a mega-deal that will cost them around 140 million 172 million Euros over the next five years.

We should all offer whatever encouragement we can to the Dutch to stand firm. If they can show that it is perfectly feasible to survive by subscribing to a few key journals, getting preprints off the internet, and writing to authors to ask for preprints of others, then it will be a shining example to other countries. The current UK contract ends at the end of 2016, and I am very much hoping that something similar will happen here, though it will be a lot of work to get the academic community on side and ready to put up with the potential inconvenience.

It goes without saying that we should all make our papers as accessible as possible, and if in early 2015 a Dutch academic asks you for a preprint, then whatever you do, send them the preprint immediately.

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Amazon is offering Active Directory as a service, based on Samba 4. Great to see it being picked up! :)
Today we are introducing AWS Directory Service: Connect to an existing on-premises directory or run a new Samba-based directory in the cloud.

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This is the Call for Papers for the Developer, Testing, Release and Continuous Integration Automation Miniconf at 2015 in Auckland.
This miniconf is all about improving the way we produce, collaborate, test and release software.
We want to cover tools and techniques to improve the way we work together to produce higher quality software:
– code review tools and techniques (e.g. gerrit)
– continuous integration tools (e.g. jenkins)
– CI techniques (e.g. gated trunk, zuul)
– testing tools and techniques (e.g. subunit, fuzz testing tools)
– release tools and techniques: daily builds, interacting with distributions, ensuring you test the software that you ship.
– applying CI in your workplace/project
We’re looking for talks about technology and the human side of this
Speakers at this miniconf can get a miniconf only pass, but to attend the main conference, you’ll need to organize that yourself.
There will be a projector, and there is a possibility the talk will be recorded (depending on if the conference A/V is up and running) – if recorded, talks will be posted with the same place with the same CC license as main LCA talks are.
CFP is open until midnight November 21st 2015.

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Theresa May once again attempts to call opinion "extremism", and freedom of speech "radicalisation of others". If she had been the Home Secretary 500 years ago, would she have attempted to ban printing presses, since they also can be used to spread opinions... ?

At least the Conservatives are clear, they want more blanket surveillance if they're re-elected. Let's hope the other parties can give a different vision, that I can vote for.
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