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Do not miss the Showtime 60 Minutes Sports feature of The Brooklyn Red Hook Criterium. Started my one guy in 2008 this all out sprint on a fix wheel bicycles only has become perhaps the single most exciting cycling event in the US. In just 7 years it has grown and spread to cities around the world. Here's a link to the show. If you don't have Showtime find a way to see this somehow.

As we drift into fall and as Spinning season is going crazy, did you know we have over 20 different models of cycling and spinning shoes in stock?  Check them out at and more importantly, come in to learn more about them and get an expert fitting. Your feet will thank you!

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Volvo developed this amazing product to help protect cyclists at night. It's completely invisible in daylight but illuminates your bike in the dark. I think it could revolutionize night riding. Would you use it?
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