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Look! I got a new slide rule!
Look! I got a new slide rule!
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Navigating, configuring, and keeping current  on Google 'products' is like an amusement park where the bathrooms are rigged with land mines. Of course all soft drinks are free, but the passes for the mine- free restrooms are very expensive.
 Am I the only one that feels this way? Maybe I'm going at this with the wrong frame of mind or something. To share or not to share, and if so, with whom? Should I add a photo to my profile? Are there any high school friends out there looking for me, or people that I see at the grocery store that work for the same huge corporation where I have a desk?
So much to consider when letting the world know what I'm doing right now. I see younger generations embracing technology readily and easily. Is it a deep burning need in the human psyche to want to contribute what you're having for lunch, or is it the malleability of their young fabric.
 I think back to  the Jetson's cartoons from my childhood. They had videophones and they always had a low tech mask handy so they would appear to callers as the perfect person no matter how early it was in the morning. I don't think they had answering machines, voice mail,  caller ID, or wireless connectivity if I remember correctly.
Was I being deliberately misled and encouraged by example to hide the real me? Only now I'm being led to beleive that I should reveal, collaborate, and share.
It just occurred to me that it all boils down to one thing; Am I Googlephobic? Are there other Googlephobes? Should we form a support group? or a Hangout?
Will the 21st century be known as the Technological Divide? Where you're either a Techknow or a Technot.
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