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New bookmarked page, lol.
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Whoa! Now that right there is awesome! Thanks for sharing this man!
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Updated to 5.1.1 and found out i'm due for a replacement.
The NVIDIA SHIELD tablet came out a year ago, and it was one of the best on the market at the time. Even now, it remains a solid way to spread Android acro... by Bertel King, Jr. in News, SHIELD Tablet
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Damn I need to update my son's and find out... 
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+Daniel Mortari want to use those free DFX tickets for this?
"Almost better than the new Mad Max" seriously!!! I was thinking about waiting to watch the new Mission Impossible. I might have to catch it sooner than I thought. 
1. I think if the Mission: Impossible franchise starred anyone other than Tom Cruise, we’d regard all these movies as classics. All five have been excellent in their own ways, but unlike any other franchise I can think of, each sequel is better than its predecessor. Each has a different director, and different settings, and different characters—Cruise and Ving Rhames are the only constants—and each takes on the style and personality of its direct...
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Helicopters are loud...wonder what's been going on lately.

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Aliens... if theres no straight out known answer it's always Aliens isnt it? And even if it is a straight out known answer it'sa conspiracy!!!!!
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A handy new feature in Motorola's Moto Display

I noticed this while using the new Moto G this week: You can now see and control certain types of media playback from the bubble that pops up when you move or pick up your phone. 

I've only seen it happen while Chromecasting from Netflix so far -- not even from YouTube -- but maybe broader support is on the way. And maybe, just maybe, the same feature will make its way to previous-gen Moto devices at some point as well (pretty please, +Motorola Mobility?).

Via my two-day Moto G journal: 48 hours with the new Moto G: How does this phone cost $180?! -
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such an obvious thing >_>;
I was working in Access the other day, when I built a query with the expression you see here in this screenshot. . I'm passing the [Profile Number] field through the RIGHT function to pad it with 10 zeros. When I try to run the query, I get this error telling me that a Circular Reference is ...
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Join the Pocket Beta and be the first to check out awesome new features we’re testing inside Pocket!
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It's not as organized as Destiny Item manager, but its better than the official app.
Packmule helps you manage your inventory so you can get back to slaying the...
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We started with a look at the most notorious cheaters that had been reported by other players. After a cross-reference against our own player-data, we gave the Banhammer a mighty swing. Contained in its blast radius were hundreds of people who have manipulated network traffic. If you don’t know what that means, we love you. Never change.

Maybe that's why you didn't see much lag +Cliff Wade.  I was actually pretty surprised to not hear much about lag in your games (though I saw someone just disappear right in front of you in one game), haha.
A scouting mission inside the Dreadnaught.
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Yes, and primarily iron banner/trials of osiris (probably).
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I love early deliveries.
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Eh, I'm good with my N7 haha
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They might actually do something about the red barring after all.
“Bans for network manipulation are being issued in the Crucible. More details tomorrow in the Weekly Update.”
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Rubbish just had three IB games with straight out cheating!!!. Bungie fix it
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Tech geek | Android | Moto X (2014/2nd Gen) | Nexus 6 | INTJ
I love technology.  Very much into Android and hope to someday understand and program it to the fullest.  Always tinkering with whatever I can.

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I have Destiny on the PS4 - play all the time.

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