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Jeffrey Young (lilazndude)
Tech geek | Android | Destiny | Pixel | INTJ
Tech geek | Android | Destiny | Pixel | INTJ

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messing with the elgato hd60 and trying to finish up weekly crucible bounties.

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it's available o_o


If I had room for something like this....

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I'm getting it on 3 platforms probably, but I'm a sucker for this game, so I got all the things. Everyone else is sold out of the collectors edition.

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waiting for a pre-order link.....

250.00 though o.o; what? I still want.

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Guess I can say I can vouch for this glass. It's a really nice cut for it, but I did pay twice the price (14.99) I guess. I'm emailing the vendor about that, but it is a nicely cut protector.

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Damn, I really like the look of this phone...

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Tempered glass applied and pretty well. Only a tiny tiny piece of dust that's barely noticeable, but whatever. Pretty good cut on this glass too.
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