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New bookmarked page, lol.
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Whoa! Now that right there is awesome! Thanks for sharing this man!
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+Destiny the Game fix your servers.  This sucks.  DIM is slow and I got kicked once and couldn't login for a couple attempts.
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I wonder if this will make me red bar in +Destiny the Game :P
Is your Windows still not giving you the option to download Windows 10? Here's a way around that.
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+Jeffrey Young ahhhhhhh 
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Not a bad price.....I already have headphones though >_<
Turn up the way you listen to music and say hello to #MotoSurround and #MotoPulse. Letting you enjoy music properly:
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For some reason before I came on I predicted you would find a deal on headphones
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It does drop!!!!! Yay!
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+Brantley Lansing this is why I won't use Thorn unless absolutely needed...fuck that gun (if you're getting shot by it).

+Glenn Caldwell those wolfpack rounds pack a punch in PvP still.  You just switch out weapons right before the heavy drops, all while making sure no one comes and nova bombs everyone around.
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Google Contributor live to US web users, contribute monthly to see fewer ads across the web

The confluence of several different events – the great shift to mobile computing where there’s little screen real-estate, a spurning of display ads, to name just two – is causing content creators and consumers alike to rethink how today’s media gets…
The confluence of several different events – the great shift to mobile computing where there's little screen real-estate, a spurning of display ads, to name just two – is causing content creators a...
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+Cliff Wade I guess Iron Banner does start today!  Also, I don't remember the last time they actually specified xbox one for a bungie bounty, lol.

Another thing....did they just re-use last week's weekly?  I'm pretty sure it was the archon priest last week....Taniks for the nightfall isn't bad with arc burn.

Skolas doesn't have lightswitch (brawler/juggler) \o/
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I saw that about the XBox One bounty. Pretty upset about that, but oh well.

And yeah, weekly seems to be the same. Guess they are running out of things to swap between. LOL
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They might actually do something about the red barring after all.
“Bans for network manipulation are being issued in the Crucible. More details tomorrow in the Weekly Update.”
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Rubbish just had three IB games with straight out cheating!!!. Bungie fix it
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365'd Ghorn. Now I can go to sleep...
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Now that's what I'm talking about.
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NES Piano. Check.
Genius musical talent. Check.
Mario melodies. Check.
Zelda outfit. Check. 
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Got those wolfpack rounds enabled. Now I can go to bed. Lol. I ran through the weekly real quick to try it out...pretty nice. I'll probably fully level it tomorrow with iron banner bounties and maybe with rocket launcher telemetries.
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Do you ever find yourself trying to avoid long lines or wondering when is the best time to go grocery shopping, pick up coffee or hit the gym (hint: avoid Monday after work)? You’re in luck!

Now, you can avoid the wait and see the busiest times of the week at millions of places and businesses around the world directly from Google Search. For example, just search for "Blue Bottle Williamsburg", tap on the title and see how busy it gets throughout the day. Enjoy your extra time!
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It is, but i'm trying to figure out what places have that available, lol.
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I love technology.  Very much into Android and hope to someday understand and program it to the fullest.  Always tinkering with whatever I can.

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