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Jeffrey Van Camp
Works at Digital Trends
Attended Michigan State University
Lives in New York, NY
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Microsoft has delivered, majorly, on Windows Phone 8.1. Really enjoying Cortana and notifications, among other things.
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Confide is a really interesting new app. It's aimed at business users, but anyone can try it. It's like snapchat for text, and even hides words you aren't reading.
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iOS 7 has been jailbroken, sort of. According to what we're seeing, the Evasion team have included a secret Chinese app store that featured pirated apps.
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Chinese stuff :/
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If you're looking to get a decent Android phone this holiday season, you're likely looking at the Moto X, LG G2, Nexus 5, Galaxy S4, or HTC One. Here's a breakdown of how they all compare.
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This Heartbleed OpenSSL bug stuff is driving me nuts. It just keeps getting worse. We might as well just give up!
Heartbleed affects pretty much everyone, any of your data could have been taken, and none of us were at fault. So why do we entrust our entire lives to this thing called 'the Internet' again?
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Hes a bit end-is-nigh-ish. Install a new cert, maybe fall back to 0.9 OpenSSL, that's still maintained, until they patch it officially... I mean, its not the end. The 66% attack surface was also doomsday, while it was actually about 20% actually affected. 20% is a ton, but move to the woods is a bit hyperbolic. If still unsure, there are alternatives like GNUTLS. 
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Jeffrey Van Camp

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This article isn't going to win me any favors with iPhone fans (of which I am one), but I tried to be fair. Numbers are numbers.
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I need HELP please!!! I took several screenshots of my calendar & very important text messages before doing a master reset on my Samsung galaxy S4 thinking I would not loose the screenshots. I have all my other pictures but ALL screenshots r GONE!!! I need important calendar info. I didn’t sync my calendar because I did not think I would loose the screenshots. I’ve tried a app called “Go Back” but no luck!! Please HELP!!!

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Jeffrey Van Camp

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This is one of the coolest pieces of tech I've seen lately. It's a new layer that will start being embedded in phone, tablet, and other small screens. It acts as a solar panel, charging your phone whenever there's light around, and it lets your device connect to Li-Fi, which is like Wi-Fi but the Internet data travels through light instead of radio waves. Put your phone under a certain light and it can open up a webpage or video.
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Big screen phones aren't my thing, but we've rounded up the best of them in this in-depth Android phablet face-off
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Hey !  Thanks for the scoop.
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